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  • here are my birthday(celebration of the day I was born) comics if you want to check them out:
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  • ...his comic I really would like to test it in reality. But I think the sound of the mother will ruin everything (shout out warnings). ...rolled someone after looking at this comic? I did. {{unsigned|Overlord of oddities|06:29, 24 January 2020}}
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  • ...high quality) Hungarian passport - in addition to some other suspect items of questionable legality. {{unsigned ip|}} : I think it would be an acceptable sacrifice of randomness in purchases to put a few "forbidden" key words in your purchase
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  • Since it seems like we've explained every possible interpretation of the title, I'm removing the "incomplete" tag. [[User:Neito|Neito]] ([[User ...[User:Overlord of oddities|Overlord of oddities]] ([[User talk:Overlord of oddities|talk]]) 22:58, 21 May 2020 (UTC)
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  • ...[User:Overlord of oddities|Overlord of oddities]] ([[User talk:Overlord of oddities|talk]]) 00:35, 21 May 2020 (UTC)
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  • ...en software quality assurance) legitimately contacting the author/creator (of the universe/Earth/Humanity) to submit a bug report in the same way he woul ...sonal belief that the majority of the 95% (or whatever the true figure is) of Americans who believe in God do so only to the extent that they will answer
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  • :*God: <nowiki>[[outside of scene, as voice from above]]</nowiki> YES! ::The power of staples is greater than what your mortal mind can comprehend. [[User:RedHat
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  • ...ortion of Star Wars comics that Randall has posted out of the total number of comics that he has posted, I believe Randall could be statistically termed ...[User:Overlord of oddities|Overlord of oddities]] ([[User talk:Overlord of oddities|talk]]) 21:56, 16 May 2020 (UTC)
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  • ...hem part of their personal experience. This also explains Trump's "memory" of celebrations in Jersey City mentioned by [[User:Matchups|Matchups]]. If so : The comic does not imply that all the voters of that age won't remember 9/11. Clearly there will be some, but not all peopl
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  • If this goes on next we should say this is a series. {{unsigned|Overlord of oddities}} Changed the name used to the scientific name of the species. Gotta promote the real name before it's too late.[[Special:Con
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  • ...calculus which actually provides the results on the table; i.e, some sort of bijective homomorphism that maps v: V*V --> V ...n larger numbers? Even numbers multiply to odd numbers?! How?!?! What sort of illiterate alien declared this to be the multiplication table?! [[Special:C
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