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  • ...w|Frodo Baggins}} and {{w|Samwise Gamgee}} were led to Cirith Ungol by {{w|Gollum}} and to the lair of the ancient spider {{w|Shelob}}.
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  • ...the Black Gate except Eowyn and Faramir. Sam and Frodo destroy the Ring, Gollum dies and everyone who is still alive is there for Aragorn's coronation. Eve *Gollum [dark green line, emerging via a dotted line]
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  • ...of the King|last LOTR film}} where {{w|Frodo Baggins|Frodo}} fails and {{w|Gollum}} attacks inside the volcano {{w|Mount Doom}}, thus making it clear that th ...a line in the movie (about "bringing someone to me") that reminds allot of Gollum when he talks about "the ring coming to me". Of course Randall would not ha
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