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  • | caption = Beret Guy '''Beret Guy''' is a [[stick figure]] character in [[xkcd]]. He is distinguished by his
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  • ...the comic of that name, where Black Hat describes how he aspires to become just such a Classhole. ...and [[493: Actuarial]], Black Hat is referred to as "the hat guy" and "Hat guy" respectively. In [[1139: Rubber and Glue]] a young [[Hairy]] also gave him
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  • ...ll later asks him to watch closely, holding his phone up to show the other guy what he is doing. ...ible (but that do agree with him). These conspiracy ".net" pages typically just have a black background and use several different sizes of fonts, the large
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  • ...terviewer wait around for 5 years without moving to find out. And as Beret Guy expected they stayed exactly where they were. (This could be suggesting tha The title text is a continuation of their conversation in which Beret Guy turns down the job because he wants to find out what happened in the last 5
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  • | caption = Beret Guy '''Beret Guy''' is a [[stick figure]] character in [[xkcd]]. He is distinguished by his
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  • ...lace around the time Hitler would have taken his own life anyway, possibly just a few moments before. ...ifference at all. This is typical Black Hat behavior, going out of his way just to troll people like Cueball and cause horrible things to happen, in this c
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  • ...we could ask for—including an incredible medical team—and we’ve had some really good moments during these months, but it’s still a terrifying and ...ancer}}. He doesn't care about many things like politics anymore, there is just his fiancée's cancer and his romance with her. This is one of many [[:Cate
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  • In this image [[Beret Guy]] shouts out '''The apocalypse!''' And then he continues to explain what th After Beret Guy has announced this, he runs into [[Cueball]] who has heard part of this, bu
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  • ...I climb things, open strange doors, and go to goth clubs dressed as a frat guy so I can stand around and look terribly uncomfortable. At frat parties I do ...responding to theoretical questions (many of which are physics-based, but some of which simply cater to his skills in research, and general scientific and
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  • ...hands another Cueball-like guy an apple calling it a ''snapple.'' When the guy bites into it, his teeth go ''clink'' against the apple's metal surface; Cu ...s is another early xkcd comic in which [[Cueball]] characters are drawn in some panels with faces.
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  • A Cueball-like guy asks [[Cueball]], the store manager, how they keep the store so clean, and
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  • that the character dismisses the significant and serious comment he has just made by returning to the sketch as if nothing happened. ...ntemporary version of this might be ''{{w|The Simpsons}}'' or ''{{w|Family Guy}}'' quote frenzies.
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  • ...where they do not meet. The same goes for the other white hat guy, [[Beret Guy]]. See more on how little these three interact in xkcd in the explanation f ...y appeared in his normal hat three times before that comic, and Safari Hat guy has never been shown again, except in [[1000: 1000 Comics]].
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  • ...cur. This way, the code can be referenced to tech support so that there is some feedback from the program as to what is wrong (akin to a car dashboard with ...rror "-41", but cannot tell even what program it comes from. So, the other guy decides to look up the code in a book apparently called ''Error Codes''. Th
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  • ...s no influence on the maximum achievable loudness. The highest mark could just as easily be labelled 'Maximum', which would then accurately describe the m * The normal guy understands that using eleven is silly, and wants to know what is wrong wit
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  • ...t the Holocaust was an acceptable alternative. It's no secret that the hat guy is closely based on Aram, from Men in Hats. ...preferred the Holocaust to have occurred rather than allow Hitler to make some bad paintings. Such a comment that God could be so callous would surely be
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  • ...remember being entertained by both the sequels while in the theater. They just don't hold up nearly as well in later comparison. ...airbun]]; and a security guard in the third scene, as another Cueball-like guy.
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  • ...} and thus makes it self-referential, the sentence is now funny! The other guy (also a Cueball-like character), producing a fake laugh, is probably not so
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  • | titletext = I'm just worried that we'll all leave and you won't get to come along! ...indication is that these planets are habitable enough for humans, even if just for a visit.
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  • ...[[Cueball]], in true nerd fashion, thinks in base-2, saying that there are just 24 to go until a "big round-number milestone". The joke is that during prog :Cueball: Wow—Just 24 to go until a big round-number milestone!
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  • ...ysadmin): "[This] comic isn't available everywhere and it can come up i[n] some situation[s] only for recognized browsers." In the tweet feed, there are three tweets about some podcast on the top, followed by the tweet containing link they clicked on t
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