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I totally agree with Kudo's to the Rimu Team. It was obuovis from the traffic that you were in the middle of it. I have been more than pleased with the reliability & support from RImuhosting. Obviously, your team knows what did and did not work on a "black" startup and will work to fix those things.I would suggest giving some consideration to planning client communcations in a disaster situation such as this. As is always the case when watching disasters from the sidelines, the information never comes often enough or accurately enough. I became a fan of Twitter for these types of episodes. It seems that campfire was good but got overloaded? I guess my biggest suggestion is that some planning should be given to how & what to communicate so that it is a little more structured. A lot of people seemed to be taking your information as absolute (based on Rimu's great support track record). Only to find out that the "7PM ETA" was for power restoration not server restoration which came several hours later. Getting the right information out in the "fog of battle" can make the difference between a minor disaster and a major fiasco.One of the key issues that drew me to Rimu and has kept me here is that the support is up front and does not pull any punches. I am not suggesting you try to script a disaster. I am suggesting that you plan how information is gathered, verified and distributed. If you can't verify a piece of information but feel it needs to be distributed be clear that the information is tenative, etc.According to the information distributed during the event, Colo4 has installed/rigged a temporary ATS and will need to replace that ATS which means another power outage. Can we get some updates on when and how long that will be?Is someone doing a root cause analysis to determine what happened with the ATS and what needs to be done to prevent a recurrance?