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Nitpick: The refracting telescope, drawn correctly, has a mirror in the optical path (image inverter), but it is made with a special vampire reflecting material Ichorium. Doesn't the one in this image have a mirror too? at the bottom to make the image come out at the side instead of the end? Something went wrong on my comment - only the part after "doesn't" is from me, the part before was what i was commenting on, idk why it is not seperated

That's a good point: as drawn, the refracting telescope still has a mirror and also wouldn't be able to see space vampires. However, the refracting telescope doesn't have to have a secondary mirror, and there are plenty that don't, so it is more the drawing that is wrong rather than the text of the comic.Cmancone (talk) 14:31, 27 January 2017 (UTC)