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I think the wave equation is wrong based on units, but it's been a while. The wave speed ought to be squared. Of course, c could be a squared speed, but it's usually not. 01:22, 22 July 2021 (UTC)

I agree, normally it's written as C squared... The equations in order are 1: Gravitational Attraction, 2: Einstein's Mass / Energy Conversion, 3: Pythagorean Theorem (triangle side relations), 4: Area of a Circle, 5: Entropy equation, 6: Ideal Gas Law, 7: Euler's Identity, 8: Newtons Second law, 9: Wave equation, 10: The derivative of a function f, and, 11: The Quadratic Equation... I don't understand the linguistic rules being applied to the names, but they seem to be visual as much as anything 02:04, 22 July 2021 (UTC)

The equation for the thing I have as what it was made by is L = i ψ ¯ γ μ ∂ μ ψ − e ψ ¯ γ μ ( A μ + B μ ) ψ − m ψ ¯ ψ − 1 4 F μ ν F μ ν . {\displaystyle {\mathcal {L}}=i{\bar {\psi }}\gamma ^{\mu }\partial _{\mu }\psi -e{\bar {\psi }}\gamma ^{\mu }(A_{\mu }+B_{\mu })\psi -m{\bar {\psi }}\psi -{\frac {1}{4}}F_{\mu \nu }F^{\mu \nu }.}

when copy-pasted from Wikipedia. here is the link: These are both the links. For archival, this is the thing: LAGRONJ EYSIBARYMOODMOOSIOYLERSIBRYMOOAMOOBAMOOSIMASIBRSIQORTFAHMOOVYFAHMOOVY. 4D4850 (talk) 02:22, 22 July 2021 (UTC)