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What kind of lasers are used in mass spectroscopy? 10:58, 11 September 2021 (UTC)

SFAIK, none. Electron beams can be used, but not sure laser-ablation is a big thing in this subfeld. So I just edited that detail out and added what a plain (i.e. light) spectrometer is. (More likely, this being a laser-lab perhaps making use of novel materials, not a primarily materials-analysis one) is.)
Any actual Laser Lab-Persons reading this might know otherwise, of course, if they can stop melting things for fun and bother to explain things to us... 18:09, 11 September 2021 (UTC)


This is new:

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...popover on the page. Didn't seem to stop me editing/previewing. Is it in response from all the (other) Cloudflare errors we've been getting recently, someone activiting a safety-net? 18:09, 11 September 2021 (UTC)