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Is it just me, or does the caption cast a shadow?

I didn't spot it, but when I zoomed in, yup, there's a grey "shadow", particularly the top line, particularly "onto" and the W in "law" (looks like the black version the W is sloppier). I think Randal does a draft first - in physical form this would be pencil, not sure if XKCD is purely digital - to plan out, like checking letter spacing, then does the final version over the draft, and the grey is that draft. NiceGuy1 (talk) 05:04, 5 August 2023 (UTC)
Aye, we've seen it before, possibly even enough for it to be Catagoried. I suspect he does (at least one) draft-layer for text (as well as whatever layers he uses to plan and redraw the lines/other artwork, e.g. to replicate actual acurately generated maps "in line-drawn approximation" style) and then sometimes only drags the transparency up to the high-0%s/opacity into low single digit%s rather than the whole way. Or perhaps he normally drags them to "still notably visible" which reminds him to de-visible/delete the unwanted layers, but the remaining 'onion skin' effect is too muted to remind him. Obviously, we only get to see the flattened image not the 'working copy', so it's speculation (does he even say he uses a particular software, Photoshop/GIMP/whatever, as well as what technique he employs?), but this might well be considered a revealing detail (of interest to those who are interested in such details, tautologically) worth at least this quick Talk-page ramble. ;) 09:08, 5 August 2023 (UTC)

The DMB song referenced in the tooltip is "Crash Into Me" Jdavis103 (talk) 20:53, 4 August 2023 (UTC)

Okay, other than name-dropping Reseda, Ventura Blvd., and Mulholland, I'm not sure how those lyrics would translate to THAT flight path, :) (for example, why is THAT "the shadows"? Looks mountainous, is that a name/nickname for those mountains? Why is the skywriting incident THERE, and spirals?) And WEIRD coincidence, lately I've been looking into a Family Guy joke about Dave Matthews! Peter has Dave's head as a punching bag, punching it does a scat I find familiar, I'm sure it's famous, but I'm having trouble identifying it (then he switches it for David Lee Roth doing Just A Gigolo, THAT one is easy) NiceGuy1 (talk) 05:12, 5 August 2023 (UTC)

Those are the western mountains. The song takes place later in the day presumably ('it's a long day livin' in Reseda' implies the day is ending) so the sun would be setting in the west, mountains to the east would be in sunlight, the mountains to the west would cast shadows into the area of the map. Time of day is further supported by the vampires moving west down Ventura, as vampires are not normally cool with bright sunlight. The skywriting part takes place immediately after gliding over Mulholland If you assume the song is in chronological order. The line 'I wanna glide down over Mulholland' is immediately followed by the line 'I wanna write her name in the sky' -- 13:36, 5 August 2023 (UTC)
Yeah, okay, that tracks. I don't know the song enough to know the lyrics off the top of my head (though enough to recognize them, particularly the names mentioned), and didn't want to look them up then flip back and forth between tabs. Still, "shadows" seems a bit reaching as a reference, like he's trying too hard to mention another lyric, :) NiceGuy1 (talk) 04:29, 12 August 2023 (UTC)

Any relation to ? Villemoes (talk) 06:50, 7 August 2023 (UTC)

I can see why you might guess that, but being nearly two years later means the timing doesn't work as an inspiration that way, and now being still a few months from the anniversary means not THAT way either... Meaning the only correlation is crashing a small plane. And that they're both California - though it talks about Mammoth Mountains, which look way east from the cities which may be the one in the song (I only barely know they're California, I think L.A.). It's SOMETHING, but too vague to consider it a definite connection, IMHO. NiceGuy1 (talk) 04:29, 12 August 2023 (UTC)