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Tumbleweed.gif (I'm going to keep this I like it)

Main account (a beanie is the British version of a knit cap). Second account is Knit cap.

Reading all comics

I am going through all the comics on (and editing the page, if necessary). Comic up to so far: 1350

Knit Cap

I'm cleaning up Lorenz fully, not just Knit Cap. This will take days (I have a lot of free time ok).

  • After that, I will read the other 1138 comics.
    • After that, I will turn my focus to the page Knit Cap.
  • Update: it is taking a lot longer than I thought due to mock exams. They are over now, so I have a lot of free time again.


Edits done: 1,229
Pages edited: 535
My edits


  • I am a grammar nazi, which is probably a good thing for wikis.
    • Leading on from earlier, why did Lorenz demonstrate such bad grammar throughout the page?