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Hello, I am a big xkcd fan.

My introduction as xkcd fan

My random list of favourite Comics by Randall: Combination Vision Test, Up_Goer_Five and of course that tiny rover never coming home: Spirit

I'm not native English

...and I do not like "typos". So many THANKS for helping on this issue or even more important: Wrong grammar <-I don't like this errors I didn't see.

As a German native speaker I had to learn something like "Oxford English" in school, and I did hate it. My knowledge about the (American, British, more...) English language mostly belong to later experiences. International contacts, science (especially physics), programming (Randall does not know how funny IBM does translate to German, "Copy from To" is in German just "Copy Until"), AND the main language at the internet of course is English.

Also I was even bad on the German language sessions at school. But that's just an other story.

I'm happy about corrections on my typos and grammar, but on essential content I will discuss.