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Jeudi Violist
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Hey, look at you! You're here. Congratulations! Good job!

Something About Myself[edit]

  • I'm studying medical device design in university. (Well. I'm a PhD student, and my degree will actually be in Mechanical Engineering, but...) Biomechanics is pretty cool; you should look into it.
  • I've worked so far on several devices, but I can't talk about all of them. ;p Ever notice how the p in this font look weird? Anyway, in general, they've usually got to do with things like prostheses, implants, medical tools, x-ray machines, figure skating stuff, stovetop ovens, &c &c.
  • I'm also a musician. I love me that dang Celtic music and them bluegrasses. Bossa nova is actually pretty lit, also. Not to mention blah blah blah, seriously I like them all so I could talk for hours about this.
  • I do pretty much everything. If it's a thing, I do it. Fencing, Capoeira, mountain climbing, hiking, staring at the clouds, reading, writing, 'rithmatic, painting, translation, cursive, trying to transcribe things in languages I've never known, sports, wearing leather jackets, doing handstands and gymnastics, parkour, figure skating, climbing trees, mountain climbing, talking with people, dancing, breaking out into musicals at random, all the musics, anatomy, watching Disney movies, ... Literally, if it's a thing, then it's a thing.
  • Apparently I'm a Slytherin, and an Aires, and of the Amnity faction, and a Thunderbird too. My patronus would be a stoat (which are literally the cutest ravenous bunny-eaters ever) and my wand would be a 12" Apple wood Unicorn-hair cored wand with slightly yielding flexibility. Also, I like the color green.

Favorite Comics[edit]

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External Links[edit]

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