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Hi! I'm Ryan. Nice to see you on my page.

I'm a (totally) regular teenager in Toronto who likes xkcd. And editing wikis. And spending wayyyy too much time thinking about dating. anyway.

Of course, with that, my favourite comic is 314 (Dating Pools) and Black Hat is my role model.

Anyway. I've wasted way too much of your time. Leave my page and read more xkcd comics! I'm really busy with summatives right now, and I might edit more in the summer. But for now... i'm inactive.

Here be tables.

Last day (Top 10)

Last 2 days (Top 10)

Last 3 days (Top 10)

Last 4 days (Top 10)

Last 5 days (Top 10)

Last 6 days (Top 10)

Last 70,000 days (Top 10)