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Hello! I'm theusaf. I enjoy reading XKCD, watching anime, and programming (sometimes). I am an admin.

ExplainXKCD bot

I have created my own MediaWiki explainXKCD bot (User:TheusafBOT)!

You can find its source here:

It is similar to the DgbrtBOT, except it is written in NodeJS - Requires Node 14+

In addition, it is less likely to fail as it does not scrape the website but uses the JSON API to fetch the comic's information.


If you find an issue with the bot, feel free to create issues or pull requests. I will try to respond to them when I can.

The bot also can be left running for a long time, with built-in intervals to re-check XKCD. It checks less often on days Randall does not usually upload.

Unless something major, such as the wiki going offline, or the XKCD URIs change, the bot should stay online.