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; sysop one-time tasks
; sysop one-time tasks
* Style the wiki! Example of what can be done: http://setiquest.org/wiki
* Style the wiki! Example of what can be done: http://setiquest.org/wiki
* Edit text shown when someone tries to edit the main page to say that the actual comic page can be changed
* Add Menu-to-tabs gadget
* Add Menu-to-tabs gadget
* Add 6tabs gadget
* Add 6tabs gadget

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I'm User:Waldir on several Wikimedia projects and I started following explainxkcd.com back when it was a blog, where I commented as "Waldir". Due to my Wikimedia background, I was one of several commenters who insisted in turning the blog into a wiki. The move was eventually made, and was announced on the blog on 31 July 2012. Two days later, I registered my wiki account, and since then I've made 5,980 edits.

My favorite comics:


sysop one-time tasks
  • Style the wiki! Example of what can be done: http://setiquest.org/wiki
  • Add Menu-to-tabs gadget
  • Add 6tabs gadget
  • Links to add to sidebar: Browse comics (category:comics)
non-sysop one-time tasks
  • Use a local help/FAQ page and link it from the sidebar rather than mediawiki's vanilla help which isn't very friendly.
  • {{comic}} should add a zero-padded DEFAULTSORT
meta content
  • Topics to cover/mention: our twitter account the xkcd irc channel (and its wiki), the blag, the forum, other sites explaining xkcd ([1], [2], [3], [4], maybe invite members+content of the other wikis in once we're established?), etc.
  • make sure the contents of the blog posts in the wikipedia category have all been included in this wiki's pages. Also make sure all such entries are properly categorized under Category:Wikipedia.
bot edits
  • rename comic pages to "number: title" (on hold until consensus in page title format is reached)
  • rename section "Description" to "Explanation"
  • add {{Comic discussion}} to all comic pages
  • remove unused imagesize= parameter from {{comic}} (it's on the documentation in case anyone needs it)
  • add redirects from 1.png, etc, to the actual filenames
  • Add links to original comics from xkcd (and hotlink to images). Also, format image pages in standard fashion (comic images, characters...)
  • Extension:Comments
  • Try to get a rendered feed of Special:NewPages, instead of [5]
    • Maybe it would really be a good idea to move comics to a comic namespace, otherwise spam pages would crop up. Besides, even without spam, other non-comic but otherwise valid wiki pages would show too... An alternative solution is using a custom rendering engine other than mediawiki, then page title patterns could be enforced. Finally, add RSS link on sidebar.
  • Related to above: a "comic" namespace would allow us to set global protection of main namespace against anonymous edits, thus hopefully cutting down on spam.
recurring maintenance tasks