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Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the often esoteric and obscure references in the popular webcomic, xkcd. Given the breadth of the science, technology and culture references used in the comic, many viewers find at least a few punchlines to sail over their heads.

Our viewers mostly speak English, as xkcd is an English webcomic, and our distribution of male, college educated users is higher than the average for sites on the internet. Approximately a third of our 1.7 million monthly page hits come from Google search results, another ~10% coming from social media recommendations and the rest coming from return visits and newcomers binge-reading our entire back-catalogue.

Explain xkcd uses a bidding system called Project Wonderful for its ads. Project Wonderful makes it easy for prospective advertisers like your company to buy space on the wiki. Project Wonderful works on an "infinite auction" model, where you bid a daily price for a particular slot and you keep that price until you are out-bid, your funds run out, or your campaign ends.

  • Ads must be acceptable for general audiences or generally "safe for work". Ads that contain any sort of potentially objectionable material—nudity, sexual content, profanity, excessive violence, substance use/abuse (including alcohol and tobacco), hatred or intolerance to any group of individuals, gambling, etc.—will be immediately rejected.
  • Ads must not lead to content that may likewise be considered potentially objectionable or "not safe for work". If an ad leads to a site containing such material but the landing page itself does not contain objectionable content, we will make a subjective judgement call on whether or not to allow the ad. If we do permit the ad, any links from the landing page to subsequent pages containing objectionable material should be clearly marked to indicate that objectionable content may be found elsewhere on the site.
  • Bidders who repeatedly submit objectionable ads or sites may be permanently banned, meaning all future bids will be immediately rejected.
  • Annoyance banners (rapidly flashing animations, ads than masquerade as operating system dialog boxes, sound ads, ads that launch pop-ups or pop-unders, etc.) will be rejected.
  • For various reasons, we refuse to permit advertising from the following categories of sites and all bids for these types of sites will be immediately rejected and the bidder potentially banned:
    • Scam sites: "get rich quick" schemes, "work from home" scams, pyramid schemes, diet scams, "debt relief" affiliate schemes, "freebie" sites that front for e-mail harvesters, etc.;
    • Online dating services and "hook up" sites, especially those with open comments, profiles, or forums with little or no content restrictions;
    • Online or offline gambling in any form, including "meta" sites about gambling but not offering gambling services themselves;
    • Sites dedicated to endorsing or promoting political views or endorsing political candidates, or sites where the majority of content is political;
    • "Warez" or download sites hosting or promoting the illegal distribution of copyrighted content;
    • Sites containing viruses, exploits, and other malware or promoting, encouraging, or enabling the use of such exploits.
  • Webcomics, blogs, and podcasts looking to advertise here should have a minimum of 30 updates (i.e one month of daily updates, 2-3 months of tri-weekly updates, seven months of weekly updates, etc.) in their archives before bidding.
  • Make sure your site actually works. If we attempt to walk through your archives to review your content and we can't get to your 2000-update archive because the navigation links don't work, don't expect your bid to be approved.
  • We reserve the right to reject any ad from any advertiser at our sole discretion. However, if you ask us politely and agree to respect our reasons, we'll probably tell you why you were rejected.

We only sell 160x600 skyscraper ads, embedded in the left sidebar below the fold. Due to the layout of our explanation pages, our advertisements are placed next to the explanation for the vast majority of all comics, providing your brand with high visibility for your money.

Queries can be posted in this page's discussion page.