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[[File:BlackHat_full.png|thumb|[[Black Hat]] is an example of a stick figure character from [[xkcd]] ]]
#REDIRECT [[Stick figure]]
A '''stick figure''' is a style of drawing human beings (or other creatures) in which major portions of the body are simplified into single line segments. A majority of [[xkcd]] is drawn in a stick-figure style.
A typical stick figure has one line each for the torso, each arm and each leg, and a circle for a head. More complexity can be added to stick figures by adding joints (two line segments for each arm or leg, or a neck) as well as adding line segments for feet, circles for hands, line segments for fingers, or facial features for expression. [[xkcd]] typically makes use of these more versitile methods of adding expression or movement to stick figures, although modern xkcd strips rarely use facial features on stick figure characters. [[Cueball]] is the most "typical" stick figure used in today's xkcd, additional joints being the only embellishment on the classic version, and having no distinguishing characteristics.
In most stick figure drawings (including [[xkcd]], typically), most other objects depicted are generally drawn in a similarly simplified style, just as simplified outlines or with line segments or basic shapes in place of more complex figures.
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