213: Ghostbusters Marathon

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Ghostbusters Marathon
If you walk out that door you'll be crossing the Rubicon with me, and that's one stream I'm not ready to cross.
Title text: If you walk out that door you'll be crossing the Rubicon with me, and that's one stream I'm not ready to cross.

[edit] Explanation

Ghostbusters is a 1984 supernatural comedy film that spawned a sequel and two animated television series (the latter of which lasted less than a season, didn't feature the same cast of titular Ghostbusters, and therefore is probably being pointedly ignored). The box, a "Muon Containment Trap," is a device used in the film to capture ghosts. It is connected to a footswitch by a cable. The man trying to leave is about to be pulled into the box and held there indefinitely (against his will, of course).

The title text refers to Julius Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon, a river (or very large stream) that marked a border Caesar was ordered not to cross. He did so anyway, and the phrase "crossing the Rubicon" now means making a move with gigantic consequences that cannot be undone. In the film Ghostbusters, the protagonists use "proton packs" that fire "streams" of energy. The inventor of the device warns that these streams should not be crossed against each other, as doing so could destroy the world.

[edit] Transcript

[Two people are in a room. One is standing up. There is litter around them.]
Cueball: Okay, that's all the Ghostbusters marathon I can handle. Later!
Friend: You can't leave! We just started the animated series!
Cueball: I've had my fill. I'm going home.
Friend: I can't let you do that.
[Cueball walks along a cord, and past a box. The friend clicks a switch.]
[Cueball is bathed in some kind of aura emitted by the box.]

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