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Engineer Syllogism
The less common, even worse outcome: "3: [everyone in the financial system] WOW, where did all my money just go?"
Title text: The less common, even worse outcome: "3: [everyone in the financial system] WOW, where did all my money just go?"


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In this comic, there is an engineer, who is good at math (most engineers are), so tries his hand at the stock market, thinking that his skill at math will help him beat the stock market. Little does he know that the system can be rather...unpredictable, so he ends up losing money as the stock he's invested in crashes. This outcome is foreshadowed in the title text of 592.

A syllogism is a logical argument where two or more propositions lead to a conclusion through deductive reasoning. In this case the propositions "I am good at understanding numbers" and "The stock market is made of numbers" could (wrongfully) lead to the conclusion that "I am good at understanding the stock market". This however would be a fallacy of the undistributed middle.

The title text is a reference to the recent 2015 Chinese stock market crash or to economic depressions in general.


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Title: An Engineer Syllogism.
Cueball is at a desk, thinking things.
1: I am good at understanding numbers.
2: The stock market is made of numbers.
3: Therefore I-- WOW, where did all my money just go?

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