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Chess Enlightenment
You know that 'sweep the pieces off the board and see it in your mind' thing? Doesn't work.
Title text: You know that 'sweep the pieces off the board and see it in your mind' thing? Doesn't work.

[edit] Explanation

In this comic, Cueball finds his game of chess against Megan to be too difficult, and he attempts to tap his subconscious to find his next move. The rules of chess are not ingrained into his subconscious, however, and so his subconscious ends up feeding him invalid moves and beginner questions concerning movement rules.

Chess is a board game in which two players take turns to move a variety of different pieces representing units on a battlefield to try to capture the other player's king. Chess has a lively tournament scene and takes much practice to attain a competent level of skill in the game. Different units can move and capture in different ways; pawns can only move forward by one square unless it's their first move, in which case they can move up two squares, but they can only capture by moving diagonally unless they perform an en passant, in which they move around an opposing pawn that had moved forward two squares on the previous turn. Other pieces have different rules.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a character from the movie series Star Wars who played the mentor figure to the protagonist, Luke Skywalker. One of his pieces of advice to his mentee was to relax and listen to his subconscious in strenuous times.

The title text refers to a scene in the chess movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, in which Sir Ben Kingsley's character dramatically sweeps the pieces off the board and instructs his student to see the pieces in his mind, which the child proceeds to do, but which Randall considers impractical, saying "Doesn't work."

[edit] Transcript

[Cueball and Megan are playing chess; Cueball is leaning forward over the chessboard.]
Cueball (thinking): Why is chess so hard? Maybe the answers lie within me. Maybe I just need to let go, relax, and let my instincts and subconscious speak.
[Cueball leans back and places his hands to his head.]
Cueball's subconscious: Knight to G-4
[Beat panel.]
Cueball: That's not even a legal move.
Cueball's subconscious: Okay, hold on. How do the pawns capture, again?
Cueball: Man, Obi-Wan was full of crap.

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I actually think that the title-text is a reference to the movie "Searching for Bobby Ficher, where Ficher's coach teaches him to play chess by sweeping all the pieces onto the floor. 20:43, 21 August 2013 (UTC)PassiveDemoralizer

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