1029: Drawing Stars

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Drawing Stars
Screw these 36-degree angles. I'm converting to Judaism.
Title text: Screw these 36-degree angles. I'm converting to Judaism.


In this comic, Randall attempts to draw a 5 pointed star, which is one of the toughest things to draw for whatever reason. The image text references the fact that a 5 pointed star has all 36 degree angles. Also, it references that one of the symbols of Judaism is a 6 pointed star, which is infinitely easier to draw because it is composed of two equilateral triangles.



[A slightly curved line is drawn, starting with a point near the top center of the panel, and going downward and to the left at approximately a 23-degree angle, with an arrow at the end.]

[Another slightly curved line goes up and to the right, creating a 34-degree angle with the first line.]
So far so good...
[A third line goes up and to the left, creating a 58-degree angle with the last line. The drawing now sort of resembles a tent being blown over in the wind.]
Steady as she goes...
[The fourth line goes down and to the right, creating an approximately 47-degree angle with the last line, and our star is beginning to look a bit askew.]
...uh oh.
[The fifth line comes up at a 48-degree angle, completely missing the first point by a mile, and our star has failed spectacularly.]

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They are however, incredibly easy to sew[1] (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

The nice thing about knowing lots of geometric stars is that I could have easily salvaged that to make a slightly squashed 8-pointed star polygon (a.k.a. octagram, Schläfli symbol {8/3}). --Quicksilver (talk) 06:11, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

Same here lol. I tried right after I read it and I actually got a tridecagram {13/5} thing. 16:54, 7 March 2015 (UTC)

The cursor and the drawing looks a bit like [turtle mode], that would explain the "Abort abort" reaction as the user would like to stop the script where it is. 12:01, 17 July 2015 (UTC)