114: Computational Linguists

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Computational Linguists
Chomskyists,generative linguists,and Ryan North,your days are numbered.
Title text: Chomskyists,generative linguists,and Ryan North,your days are numbered.


Here Black Hat is criticising computational linguistics,which overlaps between various field like theoritical linguistics,artificial intelligence,etc.And,linguistics itself is still a hotly debated subject,as is seen by the various conflicting theories on the origin of languages like the forms of Proto-Indo-European language. The joke in the comic is that,Black Hat,instead of trying to poke fun at angsty emo kids,which are easy targets for him,he decides to poke fun at computational lingusists for their attempts to model natural languages on computers using the various contradictory theories that are floating around nowadays.THe alt-texts is a reference to some of the people who contributed to language theory.

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