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Here's a list of all the blurry text from the translator, both with the original image and enhanced contrast.

A note about grammar:

  • The punctuation appears to be borrowed from the translator's native language.
  • The ring diacritic indicates a question mark.
  • A single line above a letter is a full stop.
  • A double line above a letter is an exclamation mark (or probably a comma).

This might help in determining the native language a bit better.

Original Enhanced contrast Text Notes/corrections
translator-1.png translator-contrast-1.png


translator-2.png translator-contrast-2.png

"Whence have you traveled here"

translator-3.png translator-contrast-3.png

"You arose here from the desert below? Nobody [unclear-1] there"

Unclear-1: Survives?

translator-4.png translator-contrast-4.png

"I am sorry. Your language is like those spoken by the [unclear-1] difficult [unclear-2] but I learned it."

Unclear-1: ???

Unclear-2: ???

translator-5.png translator-contrast-5.png

"Please be patient/have patience"

translator-6.png translator-contrast-6.png

"They understand nothing[,] so they will tend to matters."

translator-7.png translator-contrast-7.png

"Your bags"

translator-8.png translator-contrast-8.png

"They are heavy."

translator-9.png translator-contrast-9.png

"(You're) welcome"

translator-10.png translator-contrast-10.png

"Tell me where your home is."

translator-11.png translator-contrast-11.png

"What river?"

translator-12.png translator-contrast-12.png

"How many people strong are you?"

translator-13.png translator-contrast-13.png

"[unclear-1] forty? All my numbers are too small.

"Yes! Good."

Unclear-1: "What is forty?"/"How much is forty?"/"What means forty?" possibly

translator-14.png translator-contrast-14.png

"Do you carry these people with you?"

Possibly meaning, "Did you bring any of those people with you?"

translator-15.png translator-contrast-15.png

"Oh." [both times]

translator-16.png translator-contrast-16.png

"You do not know. [Unclear-1]"

translator-17.png translator-contrast-17.png

"Your sea does not stand alone, there is another sea [Unclear-1] beyond the shore. It has become [Unclear-2] to yours [Unclear-3] levels differ and thus water flows"

Unclear-1: "next to it"?

Unclear-2: "tied"

Unclear-3: "because the"/"but their"


"In time even the hills change. When people first [Unclear-1] and first built [Unclear-2] cities the seas were joined. But there was a great [Unclear-3] and the passage was closed. Your sea [Unclear-4] with too few rivers. Under the sun shrank and the water fell. Now the sea has found a way back in."

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