223: Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
One of these days me and Joey Comeau will get around to subverting the hetero-normative paradigm and fixing all this.
Title text: One of these days me and Joey Comeau will get around to subverting the hetero-normative paradigm and fixing all this.


Love is already pretty complicated. Valentine's day makes it more complicated by introducing all kinds of questions. Is our relationship such that it should be acknowledged on Valentine's Day? If so, how? If by a card, what kind of card would be best? If by something more than a card, what? Candy? Flowers? A Date? What does the Valentine I received really mean? Friendship? Love? A covert request for sex? As an example of the kinds of dilemmas that can arise, see 1016: Valentine Dilemma.

Joey Comeau is the author of the webcomic A Softer World. He is a queer comic whose work also discusses love in various forms, so between them Randall Munroe and he are a good team to consider working on "subverting the hetero-normative paradigm". Heteronormativity is the body of lifestyle norms holding that people fall into two distinct genders with natural and complementary roles in life. Whether or not anything that cartoons can do would fix the Valentine's day problem is another issue. Among other things, ditching the hetero-normative paradigm presumably complicates things in terms of potential love relationships, which now include more possibilities than male-female. All of these might face the Valentine's day issues in various ways.


Valentine's Day
[There is a large, shaded, red heart.]
Because love isn't quite complicated enough as it is.

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Should we remove the "incomplete" tag? I don't see how this could be improved or fleshed out any more. 13:56, 16 May 2015 (UTC)

I removed the "incomplete" tag because the reason for it was stated as "References to previous comics?", and the explanation includes reference(s) to other comics. Caeleste Alarum (talk)

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