362: Blade Runner

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Blade Runner
Blade Runner: classic, but incredibly slow.
Title text: Blade Runner: classic, but incredibly slow.

[edit] Explanation

Cueball is watching a DVD he got for Christmas (the comic is set on Boxing day). His friend seems intent to ruin it for him.

Blade Runner is a science fiction movie featuring Harrison Ford. One of the principal characters is played by Daryl Hannah. Hannah later became known for acting in light hearted Rom-com films, such as "Splash" (in which she is a mermaid) similar to the type of films that the Olsen twins are known for, and Hannah does look similar to the Olsens. Full House is a TV series and New York Minute is a romantic film featuring the Olsens. Hannah's character in Blade Runner (a homicidal sex robot) is a marked departure from this type of role.

The friend also claims that Blade Runner is a rip-off of the 2004 comedy film New York Minute. Such a comment is completely illogical -- Blade Runner came out 22 years prior, and the two films are completely different genres -- and serves to point out that Cueball's friend is clearly just trolling (doubly so since New York Minute is not very good).

The title text is a common comment on the movie, it's just not like an ordinary Sci-fi movie.

[edit] Transcript

Cueball: What DVD is this?
Friend: Blade Runner. I got it for Christmas.
Cueball: The one with Harrison Ford, right? And the Olsen twins?
Friend: Ye— What? Olsen twins? No, this is the 80's sci-fi classic!
Cueball: Huh. I didn't know the Olsen twins even did sci-fi.
Friend: ...They don't.
Cueball: So is Ashely the replicant, or is Mary-Kate? I can never tell them apart.
Friend: Neither! They're not in this movie!
Cueball: Then who is?
Friend: Daryl Hannah!
Cueball: I liked her in Full House.
Friend: I hate you.
Cueball: Man, this movie is just a New York Minute rip-off.
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In the explanation the DVD-owner is refered to as cueball, however in the transcript they are the friend, is this just a mix-up or...-- 06:10, 6 January 2014 (UTC)
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