44: Love

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This one makes me wince every time I think about it
Title text: This one makes me wince every time I think about it


It is not uncommon for couples in love to express their love in a chain similar to this comic, except instead of one of them agreeing the other loves them more, they continue to escalate the claims of how much they love each other until they stop, satisfied that they love each other a lot.

In this comic, the man starts the chain, and the woman agrees that, yeah, he does love her more. This puts an abrupt and disconcerting end to the game, as the man ponders the implications of her comment. The awkwardness of this admission is punctuated by the title text.


[A man and a woman stand facing one another]
Man: I love you!
Woman: I love you!
Man: I love you more!
Woman: Yeah.
[A man and a woman stand facing one another - saying nothing.]


  • This is the twenty-first comic posted to livejournal. The previous was 21: Kepler. The next was 40: Light.

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