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Security Question
Let's invite him to a party and play 'I never'. Okay, I never hid any bodies SOUTH of Main Street. ...he's taking a drink!
Title text: Let's invite him to a party and play 'I never'. Okay, I never hid any bodies SOUTH of Main Street. ...he's taking a drink!

[edit] Explanation

Security questions are sensitive questions that allow a user to retrieve or reset his password if the password is lost or stolen. Because of this powerful function, security questions are treated much more seriously than passwords. Typical security questions include "What's your mother's maiden name?" or "What's your secondary school?" and are intended to be easy for the user to answer but hard for anyone else to answer.

In this comic, however, the security question is deployed in a strange way, as the question "Where are the bodies buried?" assumes that one had buried bodies, hence had killed someone. And it turns out the police was trying to use this to trick him into catching the bait, and telling where the bodies are.

"I never" is a drinking game that somebody says "I never did something" to the others. If you never did it, you don't need to drink, otherwise, drink. Since he takes a drink for "I never hid any bodies south of Main Street", he has done it.

[edit] Transcript

[Cueball sits at a computer.]
Computer Screen: -Email Account Setup- To verify your identity, we need to ask you a question nobody else could answer.
Computer Screen: Q: Where are the bodies buried? A:
[A text field is shown with "Behind the" typed.]
[Three stick figures, two wearing police hats and one wearing headphones, watch another computer.]
[The same text field is shown with "Behind the ... nice try." typed.]
Figure in Headphones: Damn.
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The explanation says "security questions are treated much more seriously than passwords." I completely disagree. People generally understand that a password should be complicated but just pick something easily memorable for the security question. The security question is often easier to crack as they can be looked up and the user might tell you the answer inadvertently. For example, in Now You See Me, they trick their rich benefactor into giving up his bank account security answers. 02:35, 15 May 2014 (UTC)
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