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Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is actually an elaborate ruse, concocted by a shadowy group in the mid sixties for this purpose. The "watch it for the ads" addition was a master stroke
Title text: The Super Bowl is actually an elaborate ruse, concocted by a shadowy group in the mid sixties for this purpose. The "watch it for the ads" addition was a master stroke


The third in the "My Hobby" series. In this one, Randall tells us that he steals cars during the SuperBowl. The SuperBowl is the championship (American) football game of the National Football League which is usually played each February. As it is one of the most watched television broadcasts in North America, advertising during the game became increasingly expensive (among the most expensive advertising rates of any broadcast) to the point where corporations would produce their best, most expensive advertisements to air during the game to ensure they would get value out of the expensive spots. The SuperBowl has thus become notorious for the "best" commercials, with some viewers purportedly tuning in strictly to see the commercials. News reports the next day often highlight the best and worst SuperBowl commercials, as do websites devoted to SuperBowl commercials.

Apparently realizing that the SuperBowl is viewed by a large percentage of the population, Randall is implying that it is a good time to steal cars without fear of being caught. The title text suggests that the SuperBowl was invented strictly for that purpose: as a distraction for car thieves, and that the addition of "SuperBowl commercials" was a genius move to ensure that viewers stayed in front of the TV during commercials as well.


[A green car with text next to it]
My hobby:
While everyone is watching the Super Bowl, feeling smugly superior because they're "Only watching for the ads," I steal cars.

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I'm gonna say this is a 1970's chevelle coupe. Or inspired by it. ‎ (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

I actually never realized how true the stealing part actually is until the 2014 FIFA World Cup (Soccer) because whenever the German team played there was so much stuff stolen here in Germany. I know somebody who worked at a gas station during the finals. She was robbed, she pressed "the button" and like 20 minutes later, during half-time-break, the security people rang her up and asked if something was wrong... On the other hand I know one security guy who takes his job very seriously and explicitly works the shifts during major games so he can makes extra rounds when the games is ongoing. Well about the World Cup I remember it was later assumed by the police that during the finals (Germany playing) the majority of the vehicles on the roads were either transporting stolen stuff and such or where actually being stolen themselves... 08:20, 6 August 2015 (UTC)

"Randall may have chosen to use a car as a reference to the obscene amount of car commercials that play during the super bowl." does not seem to be the most likely reason. Many people watch games in their homes. A home burglary would be more difficult at such time. Stealing a car on the street would be much simpler since there would be less people on the street. A car also happens to be one of the more valuable items that can be stolen on a street. -- Flewk (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

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