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'Meet hot young singles in your mom's basement today'? Man, screw you, GeoIP.
Title text: 'Meet hot young singles in your mom's basement today'? Man, screw you, GeoIP.

[edit] Explanation

GeoIP is a service that converts IP addresses to their respective location on the Earth. This is done by looking up the IP address in a database maintained by various internet service providers. Advertisers often take advantage of the Joneses effect by creating localized ads which misleadingly appear to be specific to your location, but are often simply stock photographs with the name of the nearest town superimposed on top.

The comic satirizes this phenomenon. The International Space Station (ISS) has a high speed data downlink, but no direct connection to the internet. But here, Cueball trolls the advertisers from onboard the ISS, by inserting his actual location on low Earth orbit into the database under that IP address. He proudly present his result to Ponytail where the advertisements claim that there are "local girls" in low Earth orbit; a distance of roughly 420 kilometers above the Earth surface, and thus at least that far away from all other girls in the world if they are not on the space station.

The title text refers to how specific GeoIP can get in this case knowing that you are in your mom's basement, which sets up for yet another Your Mom joke. It indicates that either your mom has hot girls in her basement (does she like hot young single girls herself) or else it is actually your mom that is the hot young single girl that you can meet... Either way this explains why the guy reading this advertisement takes it personally and tells GeoIP: screw you.

[edit] Transcript

[External view of a the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the blue Earth below, shown with white clouds as stripes below and black sky above. Dialog, written in white on the black sky, comes from within the ISS.]
Cueball (inside the ISS): Yes!
Ponytail (inside the ISS): What?
Cueball (inside the ISS): I got our downlink into a GeoIP database.
[Internal view of the satellite, Cueball and Ponytail are floating weightlessly around, Cueball is at a laptop style computer mounted to the wall. They are in a white room, with black around, but due to being weightless in space, the room is turned on edge as to not give any semblance of a given up/down direction.]
Ponytail: Why?
Cueball: To mess with advertisers. Check it out.
[A zoom in on the computer screen is shown, it shows an ad on a pink background. The ad has a heading and then shows two photos of long haired girls in sexy poses each with captions below and a labeled button at the bottom. The location (as messed up by Cueball) is written in gray, the rest of the text is in black, to indicate that this part of the text has been inserted in the ad based on the location.]
Meet local girls in
Low Earth Orbit
Tanya, 18
Amber, 19
Chat live

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The title text is more than hyperbole: In the United States, if someone is "living in their mom's basement", it implies they can not or will not get a job allowing them to move out. i.e.: they are a loser. The resultant weak response "Screw you, GeoIP" seems to push that depiction even further. 23:11, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

I don't get this. The title text goes "Meet hot young singles in your mom's basement today?" Not their. Isn't this another "yo' mama" joke, simply implying that your mama has hot young singles in her basement?Mumiemonstret (talk) 08:02, 20 October 2014 (UTC)
I think it just means that you can do the same trick on *your* IP, just replacing the string "low earth orbit" with "your mom basement". MGitsfullofsheep (talk) 17:12, 24 October 2014 (UTC)
I think this means that your mum is the hot young single in her basement... 12:27, 18 February 2015 (UTC)
Yes nothing hyperbole here. It is just another of Randall's many your mom jokes and can be insulting in almost anyway you think about the sentence. Have tried to change the explanation of the title text according to this. --Kynde (talk) 21:28, 13 February 2016 (UTC)


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