90: Jacket

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We have this conversation at least once a day in my apartment
Title text: We have this conversation at least once a day in my apartment


In the comic, one Cueball angrily asks "Where's my fucking jacket?". He clearly means to use "fucking" as an intensifier. However, the second Cueball character has (most likely intentionally in response to the unnecessary swearing) takes "fucking" to be an identifier of which jacket is being discussed (his fucking jacket as opposed to his winter jacket, or in this case his regular jacket). He gives a smart-aleck response that the "fucking jacket" is next to his "regular jacket". Having confused his counterpart who does not understand Cueballs sarcastic response, second Cueball dismisses the topic.

The title text suggests that this event transpired frequently in Randall's (real life) apartment.


[Two men stand and talk to one another.]

First man: Where's my fucking jacket?

[Second man indicates something behind him.]

Second man: Over there, next to your regular one.

First man: My what?

Second man: Never mind.


  • This comic is the first to use an all-caps lettering.

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