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  • A list of comics pertaining to Christmas.
    • Not all of these are released in conjunction with Christmas.
    • Click to expand for a more detailed explanation:

[edit] Explanation

  • True Christmas comics come out just before, on or after Christmas day on the 25th of December.
    • Until 2017 they had all been released between 23rd and 26th of December, but in 2017 both 22nd and 25th where used.
    • There have been two other comics so far released earlier in December.
    • And three more released in different months, that only refereed to Christmas, but was not in themselves Christmas comics.
    • This is listed below in the Not a Christmas comic section.
  • The first Christmas after xkcd began, there were no releases a month around Christmas.
    • But since then there has been at least one Christmas related comic every Christmas.
    • And when the 25th has been an official release day, it has since then always been a Christmas comic.
    • The release date has never been moved, though, to accommodate a release on the 25th.
  • In 2009 both comics around Christmas were Christmas comics.
    • This has happened 6 times up till and including 2017.

[edit] Not a Christmas comic

  • Here is a list of the comics coming out as the one before or after Christmas day without having any relation to Christmas (i.e. 22-26th of December).
    • Until 2017 Christmas comics had only been released on days falling in the interval between 23th and 26th of December.
    • There will always be at least one release day during this interval, and usually two.
      • When the 23rd is a Thursday there will only be one release day on the 24th and when the 23rd falls on a Saturday, there will only be one release day on the 25th.
      • This has so far occurred thrice in 2006 and 2017 (only 25th), and 2010 (only 24th).
        • In 2017 there was a Christmas comic already on Friday the 22nd.
  • It also lists the dates of the actual Christmas comics coming out on one of these days. Only those coming out closest to Christmas Day are counted with number here below (That can range from one to three days before to one day after depending on the weekend around Christmas).
    • A few comics related to Christmas have not been released this close to Christmas, or even in December. They will be mentioned here below as well, but they will not be numbered.
  • Christmas 2005:
    • From December 5th 2005 to December 4th 2006 Randall were taking a break while starting up xkcd so there were no release around Christmas.
    • This was the last comic released before the break:
    • December 5th: 39: Bowl
  • Christmas 2006:
  • Christmas 2007:
  • Christmas 2008:
  • Christmas 2009:
  • Christmas 2010:
    • December 22nd: 837: Coupon Code
    • 6th Christmas comic released on December 24th: 838: Incident
    • In 2010 another Christmas related comic 835: Tree were released already on December 17th. (First Christmas comic not released during the Christmas days.)
    • In 2010 there were also another comic that referred to Christmas, but it had not much to do with Christmas and was not released anywhere near Christmas
  • Christmas 2011:
    • Both where Christmas comics (2nd time this happened)!
    • 7th Christmas comic released on December 23rd: 994: Advent Calendar
    • 8th Christmas comic released on December 26th: 995: Coinstar
    • In 2011 there were also an early Christmas comic 988: Tradition released two weeks before the others on December 9th.
  • Christmas 2012:
    • Both where Christmas comics (3rd time this happened)!
    • 9th Christmas comic released on December 24th: 1151: Tests
    • 10th Christmas comic released on December 26th: 1152: Communion
  • Christmas 2013:
  • Christmas 2014:
  • Christmas 2015:
    • Both where Christmas comics (5th time this happened)!
    • 14th Christmas comic released on December 23rd: 1620: Christmas Settings
    • 15th Christmas comic released on December 25th: 1621: Fixion
    • In 2015 there were also two comics that refereed to Christmas, but neither had much to do with Christmas and they were not released anywhere near Christmas:
      • April 15th: 1512: Horoscopes, just mentions Christmas songs might be playing for one out of 12 zodiac signs.
      • September 14th: 1577: Advent, is not about Christmas advent calendars, although it does mention Christmas trees.
  • Christmas 2016:
  • Christmas 2016:

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