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There's a compromise bill to keep the notification bar but at least charge the battery.
Title text: There's a compromise bill to keep the notification bar but at least charge the battery.


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Needs more detail on how flags and images, in general, are designed/edited using computers, and why what Randall did was wrong.

Randall was hired to propose a new flag for an unspecified new country. The process of him editing the flag into its final draft was done on a phone and involved taking a screenshot of the product (possibly a shortcut to avoid actually exporting it) which produced the notification bar at the top of the flag. He did not catch his error and sent it to the committee with the notification bar intact. The design committee also missed the phone bar and approved the design. Although not said, it is implied that the committee then ordered actual flags from the manufacturer. Once the problem was pointed out, the design committee placed the blame on Randall.

The elements of the flag's intended design, the colors red white and blue, the stripes, and the stars, are present in several existing flags for real countries (America, the UK, North Korea, etc.) Flags are often minimalist and involve geometric shapes and solid colors. A notification bar at the top of the flag would clash with these design elements as well as looking unprofessional.

The title text mentions a compromise bill that will change the flag, not removing the notification bar at the top to create the originally intended flag, but instead keeping the notification bar and changing the amount of battery displayed (39%) to 100%. The low battery status might imply that the country is low on resources. Randall has mentioned before that he cannot take screenshots seriously if the battery of the device is low in 1373: Screenshot.

This comic is a joke on "vexillology". The comic incorrectly refers to a status bar as "notification bar".


[A picture is shown of a flag for a currently nonexistent country. The left and rightmost parts of the flag are dark blue, and the center is red. These parts of the flag are separated by white vertical stripes. In the center of each colored section of the flag is a large, white star. At the top of the flag, there is a conspicuous off-white notification bar like one you would find at the top of a laptop or phone. On the left it is displaying the strength of a 3G connection (3/5 dots), in the center it is displaying the time (5:43 PM) and on the right, it is displaying battery charge (39%)]
The design committee fired me once they realized that my editing process involved a screenshot, but it was too late.
Until they change it, our new country has the only national flag to include a phone notification bar.

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