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We had gathered that raw information, but had yet to put it all together.
Title text: We had gathered that raw information, but had yet to put it all together.


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This comic plays on the fact that some organization appears to be spending obscene amounts of money on their "cyber intelligence" budget, yet all that research appears not to have informed then that the prefix "cyber-" fell out of fashion years ago. The prefix "cyber" is derived from "Cybernetic," which comes from the Greek word κυβερνητικός meaning skilled in steering or governing. Cyber intelligence is spying in the digital world. If cyber intelligence departments were given names today, they would likely be called Internet Intelligence, Virtual Intelligence or Online Intelligence departments.

This may be due to the fact that government organisations are typically named by middle-aged or senior officials who are generally less likely to be familiar with the current trends in technology language. They are more likely to stick to the words that were used when they first learnt about the technology.

The title text continues the joke by implying the organization learned about the demise of "cyber-" yet failed to process or analyze that data. It may also be a reference to the previous comic, which was a link to a survey for xkcd readers.


Ambox notice.png This transcript is incomplete. Please help editing it! Thanks.
[Ponytail, pointing at a chart on her left and talking offscreen to the right.]
Ponytail: Our overall FY2015 cyberintelligence budget was $8.1 billion-
[Interrupted by offscreen]
Offscreen: -Yet it wasn't enough to pick up on the fact that no one else had used the prefix "cyber-" for like a decade?
Ponytail: Shut up.

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