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I was hoping you could do a pocadst about the errors that crop up in the Golden Age Comics.  I can provide you with details about two of them:In CAT-MAN #32, the last Deacon story features a movie director who aims to kill his ailing wife in order to benefit from her estate and to marry his nurse, a former champion swimmer.  On the last page, the Deacon exposes the plot and the director is shot by the nurse, who is then disarmed by the Deacon.  In the last two panels, although it appears that the directors wife has now recovered, her dialogue comes out of the mouth of the nurse!  Apparently, she was originally supposed to have died but the ending was changed at the last minute, and it was too late to change the artwork.In SHEENA #7, in the second story, an African prince named Mogo arrives in his homeland after being educated abroad.  He has brought with him many things from Europe and has been thoroughly contaminated by the Western culture in a very negative way.  Sheena, a white woman raised in the jungle, has to stop him from exploiting the natives for profit, which she does.  It is a good tale, and very well written from start to finish.  However, the Prince is drawn as either a Caucasian or Hispanic and coloured as a Caucasian.  Most likely, he was not intended to be an African prince at all: more probably, he was intended to be either an Axis agent or a greedy tutor corpsman.  However, again at the last minute, this apparently had to be changed due to the ending of the war, and the character became Prince Mogo even though the artwork remained unchanged.
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I'm User:TheHYPO on several Wikimedia projects and I've been commenting on the blog as "TH".

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