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I have been a loyal, happy customer of Rimuhosting for a relaly long time -- maybe even from the first year (2001?), in NY and Dallas. I still am  I think you handled everything so well -- especially communicating with your customers over so many channels with real information instead of some standard corporate talk -- I appreciate that. I have always appreciated the amazing level of personal customer care you provide. The power outage event relaly shows what your company/our hosting company is made of, and I am still a happy loyal customer. I don't know how I would deal with (my) customers (eek!) but actually I think your responses are a good model, and I hope that my future customers (for one site newly re-launched and another one soon) will be understanding too!Some things moving forward that would be helpful:1. How do I know or check some services are running ok, even if they are back up? For example, if mysql and postgres just restarts, is it ok or do I have to check further?2. I run/help with 4 servers on Rimuhosting. How do we make things more robust without spending a lot of money on duplicating service around the world?  For example your temporary page -- it would be good for any site to have a fallback in case the main server is not up. -- a howto on throwing a couple switches and creating a temporary host site would be good (like change your DNS setting and post the page on the temp site). 3. I am not so confident of the Dallas facility as I am of Rimuhosting...maybe have a second basket for all your eggs?Thank you Peter, Carl, Glenn, Liz, Elton, Felicisimo and everyone!All the Best,Daniel
Now I feel sptuid. That's cleared it up for me

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Now I feel sptuid. That's cleared it up for me

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