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The goal is to present timelines of the walks along the river and on to the mountains. This page combines the scenery, action, and representative dialogue into a smooth timeline.

Additional tables with hidden animals and wind scenes follow the Composite Pictures table.

Composite Pictures[edit]

Warning - Big Pictures, see pixel sizes

Composite Pictures, Select Small (displayed) or Full Size (below thumbnail)

River Merge images 1097-1121 (549 × 750 px, 21.6 KB)

River Merge 1097-1121-th.png
full size image: File:River Merge 1097-1121.png

River Bank walk 1a images 1150-1232 (17674 × 650 px, 115 KB)

River Bank 1a 1150-1232-th.png
full size image: File:River Bank 1a 1150-1232.png

River Bank walk 1b images 1233-1409 (17549 × 650 px, 138 KB)

River Bank 1b 1233-1409-th.png
File:River Bank 1b 1233-1409.png

Cueball Walk images 1360-1378 (2745 x 650 px, 26.5 KB)

Cueball Walk 1360-1378-th.png
full size image: File:Cueball Walk 1360-1378.png

River Bank 2 1424-1608 (13682 x 1000 px, 259 KB)

River Bank 2 1424-1608-th.png
full size image: File:River Bank 2 1424-1608.png

Mountain Walk 1667-1844 (11529 x 1200 px, 158 KB)

Mountain Walk 1667-1844-th.png
full size image: File:Mountain Walk 1667-1844.png

Composite of Megan with Squirrel (549 x 391 px, 28.3 KB)

Megan with Squirrel-th.png
full size image: File:Megan with Squirrel.png

Hidden Animals[edit]

Hidden Animals
hidden-chick in grass 1375.png Chick in grass 1375
hidden-plant appears mid scene 1426.png Plant appears mid scene 1426
hidden-animals on ground 1429.png Animals on ground 1429
hidden-frog in grass 1433.png Frog in grass 1433
hidden-bird in tree 1543.png bird in tree 1543
hidden-squirrel or bird in tree 1583.png Squirrel or bird in tree 1583
hidden-squirrel or snake in grass 1649.png Squirrel or snake in grass 1649
hidden-squirrel behind bush 1658.png Squirrel behind bush 1658
hidden-snake 1738.png Snake 1738
hidden-chick in grass 1826.png Chick in grass 1826
hidden-Megan in tree 1884.png Megan in tree 1884
hidden-chick in grass 2180.png Chick in grass 2180
hidden-bugs in bush & grass 2215.png hidden-Big Cat (looks like bugs) in bush & grass 2215

Scenes with Wind[edit]

Scenes with Wind
wind-movement in grass 1315.png wind-movement in grass 1315
wind-bush & grass 1321.png wind-bush & grass 1321
wind-movement in grass 1336.png wind-movement in grass 1336
wind-movement in grass 1387.png wind-movement in grass 1387

Misc Images[edit]

xkcd Time-0970-retouch.png Image 0970 - Beret Girl - Retouched