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Drainage Basins
After a pail of water was thrown on the Wicked Witch of the West outside Salt Lake City, Utah's Great Salt Lake was measured to be 7 parts per trillion witch by volume.
Title text: After a pail of water was thrown on the Wicked Witch of the West outside Salt Lake City, Utah's Great Salt Lake was measured to be 7 parts per trillion witch by volume.


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Alex Mack, the main character in the Nickelodeon show The Secret World of Alex Mack [1], developed superpowers after being drenched by an experimental substance. One of these is the ability to turn into a puddle of liquid.

A drainage basin is an area of land where all flowing water converges by one or more outlets to the same body of water. The comic shows a watershed map for the United States by depicting its drainage basins.

When Randall sees a map of the US's major drainage basins, he thinks of Alex turning into liquid and flowing as part of the basin she happens to be in at the time.

The title text refers to the Wicked Witch of the West, a character from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, wherein a bucket of water is thrown on her, causing her to dissolve into a puddle. If this happens near Salt Lake City she'll flow into Utah's Great Salt Lake. If its dissolved particles are measured, a tiny fraction will be witch. Seven trillionths of its 18.93 cubic km volume is about 130 liters, which is approximately twice the volume of a typical human being — Randall may be including the Witch's sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, as well. The Land of Oz is described to be somewhere else entirely, surrounded by desert, and thus perhaps has its own salt-lake basin(s); but famously it is not in Kansas, from which any witch-water would have ultimately flowed down to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi. It is possible that Randall's choice of Salt Lake City is referencing the Surrender Dorothy meme that LDS temples look like Oz.


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[Title, scribbled out in red:] US Drainage Basins
[New title, in red, added below:] Where Alex Mack Will End Up
[Map of the United States, the state borders in light pen; the national borders, seaboards and major lakes in black pen, plus additional boundaries as appropriate between the following labeled drainage basins:]
[Much or all of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Arizona and about half of Utah:] Pacific Ocean
[Hawaiian islands, in typical US map repositioning:] Pacific Ocean
[Alaska, in typical map repositioning, below a line approximately the three quarters up from the south:] Pacific Ocean
[Remainder of Alaska:] Arctic Ocean
[Most of Nevada, the western half of Utah (including the Great Salt Lake, outlined) and about a third of California (with the Salton Sea outlined):] Great Basin
[A small patch of Wyoming, a triangle of New Mexico lying on the Mexican border and a separate thin swathe through parts of New Mexico and Texas:] Various Basins
[About half of North Dakota and a small section of northern Minnesota:] Hudson Bay
[From northeast Minnesota across two thirds of Wisconsin, Michigan, a bit of northern Indiana, northern half of Ohio, and most of the eastern seaboard states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia (not West Virginia), North and South Carolinas, half of Georgia and half of Florida (Lake Okeechobee visible):] Atlantic Ocean
[All remaining states or parts of states:] Gulf of Mexico

[Caption below the panel:]
How I still think of these maps, deep down

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