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Air Handler
It maintains odor levels in a normal familiar range, so if you open the windows and the air gets too fresh, it filters it through some dirty laundry samples to compensate.
Title text: It maintains odor levels in a normal familiar range, so if you open the windows and the air gets too fresh, it filters it through some dirty laundry samples to compensate.


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Black Hat is demonstrating an air-conditioning unit that covers a wide-variety of air qualities, as opposed to a heater that just warms air, a filter that just removes dust or a dehumidifier with the main purpose of removing moisture from the air.

In many devices that manage certain atmospheric conditions in a building using one device, an operational range is usually defined, and not one number. For example, when using a heat pump, if the interior temperature drops below a preset lower limit, then the heating function would be activated. If the interior temperature rises above another preset upper limit, the cooling function would be activated. This kind of ranged function is common with humidifier/dehumidifier units as well, to create a comfortable condition not too dry nor damp for comfort. By specifying upper and lower limits for the operation of the device in question, minor variations of the controlled value will not cause the device to be rapidly turning on and off, even working against itself, improving efficiency and reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the device and the building contents.

Devices that manage temperature and humidity are often installed in buildings to improve occupant comfort. Beyond that, the listed qualities become increasingly problematic and even dangerous.

Changing the pressure of the air could lead to unintended effects like large winds blowing through any cracks in the building.

The air handler also attempts to force the parameters of dust, smoke, odors, and number of bees into an "ideal" range. However, as opposed to being in a certain range, most people who live indoors prefer that these be minimized.[citation needed]

It is not particularly usual to directly monitor the number of bees in an air-stream (usually, insect-screens are the main way to filter out any pesky creatures that might find themselves likely to be caught up in that way), and one might imagine that the upper limit should be zero, for use indoors in standard living/working spaces, but it might be technically feasible to accurately count bees (with or without distinguishing from wasps and other flying insects) and be able to allow some. But, unlike temperature or humidity, it would be rare (outside of a location used for agriculture) to have a non-zero minimum desirable quantity of bees. Even more so to then be directly equipped to upwardly correct the current value. For any minimum value that is not zero, this machine would be equipped to deal with it by, presumably, releasing bees (it seems to have at least one trapped inside it ready to be released, judging by the buzzing sound), or by generating smoke, dust and odors – something one would typically not miss if lacking.

As the title text elaborates, the machine analyses and adjusts the 'freshness' of the air. A smart system in charge of odor-control (by spraying smell-suppressing chemicals and/or more desirable and dominant scents) could be made less wasteful by only trying to 'freshen' the air when it detects enough necessity. But, of course, this machine also has an opposing limit. And, when the air is considered too fresh, it has a way of adding staleness/stinkiness, to meet expectations.


[Black Hat is standing to the right of an "air handler", talking to Cueball and Megan on the left side, probably presenting the sales pitch for the air handler in between them.]
Black Hat: Our device monitors your home's air and keeps every variable between a lower and upper limit.
[Zoom in on Black Hat]
Black Hat: Temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, smoke, odors, number of bees...
[Zoom out similar to Frame #1]
Megan: Wait.
Megan: What's the lower limit for "number of bees"?
Black Hat: A normal amount.
Air Handler: Bzzzzzz

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