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The title-text refers to one of the issues I've had as an interviewer - the applicant sometimes doesn't understand the job they're trying to get.  Of course in this case Black Hat can be excused, since he now has the interviewer's job, not the one he applied for.
Taking the ovevreiw, this post is first class
Normally when I get offered a briefcase it contains a monetary bribe, a factor missed out in the explanation. I too would be surprised to find a portal in a briefcase.
The title-text also sounds like it contains a dig at interviewers, who seem to exist solely to block and stall candidates.
The hovertext might also reference the fact that the original interviewer doesn't know what else is different in this universe, and therefore doesn't know what his qualifications are or what else has happened thus far.
The briefcase technique should be mentioned in this article. Is a form of causing a good impression in an interview.
Hovertext probably is a saying of Black Hat as interviewer, not other way round.
I agree, the hovertext is Black Hat asking the other guy, whose job he now has, what exactly IS that job.  "Before you leave" is the clue: Black Hat isn't leaving, he has a job here now.  [[User:Johngardner|Johngardner]] ([[User talk:Johngardner|talk]]) 20:42, 31 August 2012 (UTC)

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Taking the ovevreiw, this post is first class