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  • 18:30, 4 July 2015 (UTC) Off-line. I'm no longer running my script, as it's just finding fewer and fewer results, likely because there are fewer and fewer people adding new content. Others are free to use my script.
Phase 1.
Saving reasons, usernames and text only. No images or permalinks IDs saved.
  • All usernames have been found
  • All reasons for data loss have been found
  • The overlap between feed and prompt text is over 95%
Phase 2.
Saving permalink and images IDs
  • The image and text associated with permalinks never changes.

(I probably should have been saving the permalinks this whole time.)

Count history

  • 04-22: [25474] (unique: 2167) +80 /9
  • 04-21: [25396] (unique: 2158) +50 /4
  • 04-20: [25349] (unique: 2154) +60 /5
  • 04-19: [25281] (unique: 2149) +100 /3
  • 04-18: [25186] (unique: 2146) +100 /14
  • 04-17: [25046] (unique: 2132) +100 /7
  • 04-16: [24904] (unique: 2125) +200 /3
  • 04-15: [24727] (unique: 2122) +400 /15
  • 04-14: [24370] (unique: 2107) +500 /18
  • 04-13: [23886] (unique: 2089) +700 /13
  • 04-12: [23145] (unique: 2076) +800
  • 04-11: [22332]

Old status

  • Edit: "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". :( - Apparently it was happening for everyone, back to normal. Resuming at 1 request per 30 seconds just in case.
  • Well, fuck. I hit the 2mb page limit at 10217 Permalinks.
  • After finding 17000 permalinks, my script has slowed down considerably, and is finding new content much less often.
  • I'm glad I had already updated the wiki today, because my browser just crashed and I lost my array. The fact that I've been keeping all unique data on the wiki means I can (mostly) rebuild my arrays and continue from where I left off.
  • Import functions implemented, all saved feed data reloaded, script running again. I am no longer monitoring "pick an image"/"pick a caption" overlap, as it was over 95% anyway, and I was only updating this page with the unique prompt/captions not found in the feed.
  • Welp, I was being lazy and hadn't updated in a while, and my browser crashed, losing a day's results. Resuming with previously saving data... (Incidentally, the browser crash is unrelated to the script running.)
  • As can be seen by looking at the changes to the counts as I update each day, there is new content much less often. Less than 100 new feed entries per day. On average, one every 14 mins. My script checks every 30 seconds, and it has currently been 50 minutes since any new content was found. (As I was typing this, a new feed entry was found, so it was almost exactly 50 minutes.)
  • For the last several days, no new prompt content has been found, and the only feed content which has been found is content which was previously found in the prompts. Unfortunately, at the current rate of discovery, it will take until at least September to find feed ids for all known prompt content.


feed: Array {
id: "a88f9898-8ae9-5b33-93e6-a5993daa922c" //used as
img: "022f762b-9483-519c-8e6e-bd7a0ed5e2ba" //used as
kind: "post"
poster: "Frances51"
profpic: "user-14.png" //used as
text: "Never will follow the instructions on google maps again."
prompt {
reason: "RDBMS completely forgot how inner joins work"
id: "21bd52d8-a3a4-590f-8888-db854fb52ce3" //used as
poster: "Bool Hand Luke"
profpic: "user-4.png" //used as
img_id: "21bd52d8-a3a4-590f-8888-db854fb52ce3" //used as
captions: Array (of strings)
text:"just two more trips over the horizon"
album: Array (of img_id strings)

Prompt varies between:

  • img_id and captions array
  • text and album array


  • V1. Collect and store data in javascript variables. User must manually retrieve and format results.
  • V2. functions ids(), report(), report2() format results, must be run from console.
  • V3. buttons and textboxes added to page eliminate both the need to use console to retrieve results, and user error.
  • V3.1 "feed_ids" button now outputs a minimum table containing at least one of each image and caption. (Cutting 20436 down to 2555)
  • V3.2 Improved "minimum" to cut 2555 down to 2026
  • V4 Added ability to preload content into arrays, including feed_ids
  • V4.1 removed functions to compare "pick an image" and "pick a caption" prompts, merged separate prompt arrays, added functions to compare these to the feed instead.
  • V4.2 saving new feedids to local storage, added restore() function to reload these.
xkcd = {
	prompt_reasons      :[],
	prompt_posters      :[],
	feed_posters        :[],

	prompt_images       :[],
	prompt_captions     :[],

	feed_table          :[], //dummy to create button
	feed_ids            :[],
	feed_images         :[],
	feed_text           :[],

	prompt_imagesonly   :[],
	prompt_captionsonly :[],

	desc: {
		prompt_reasons      :"Reasons for data loss",
		prompt_posters      :"Usernames in the prompt",
		feed_posters        :"Usernames in the feed",

		prompt_images       :"Images in prompts",
		prompt_captions     :"Captions in prompts",

		feed_table          :"Table of unique feed entries",
		feed_ids            :"Permalinks in the feed",
		feed_images         :"Images in the feed",
		feed_text           :"Captions in the feed",

		prompt_imagesonly   :"Images in prompts and not in the feed",
		prompt_captionsonly :"Captions in prompts and not in the feed",
function init() {
	$("<style type='text/css'> #magic div { display:inline-block; }\n#magic textarea { display: block; width:100%;  height: 300px; } </style>").appendTo("head");

	for(i in xkcd) {
		if (i != "desc") $("#magic").append($("<button>").html(i));
	$("#magic").append($("<input type='checkbox' id='loadarray'>")).append($("<label for='loadarray'>").html("Load array"));
	$("#magic button").on( "click", function() {
		update( $(this).html() );

function updatecounts(last) {
	$("#ctitle").html((new Date()).toLocaleTimeString()
		+"<br>Last found : "+last
		+"<br>feed_ids: "+(Object.keys(xkcd.feed_ids).length+1)
		+"<br>prompt_captions: "+xkcd.prompt_captions.length
		+"<br>prompt_images: "+xkcd.prompt_images.length

function additem(field, value) {
	if (typeof value == "undefined") return;
	if (xkcd[field].indexOf(value) == -1) {
		updatecounts(field+" : "+value);

function next(recheck) {
	if (!recheck) recheck = "";
	$.getJSON(''+recheck).done(function (data) {
		if (typeof data.prompt != "undefined") {
          additem("prompt_reasons", data.prompt.reason);
		  additem("prompt_posters", data.prompt.poster);

		  additem("prompt_images", data.prompt.img_id);
		  additem("prompt_captions", data.prompt.text);
		  if (typeof data.prompt.album != "undefined")
			for(i in data.prompt.album)
				additem("prompt_images", data.prompt.album[i]);

		  if (typeof data.prompt.captions != "undefined")
			for(i in data.prompt.captions)
				additem("prompt_captions", data.prompt.captions[i]);
        if (data.text) data.feed = new Array(data);
		for(i in data.feed) {
			additem("feed_posters", data.feed[i].poster);
			feedentry = {
				img:  data.feed[i].img,
				text:  data.feed[i].text
			if (typeof xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id] != "undefined") {
			  if (xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id].text && xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id].img) {
			    if (xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id].text != feedentry.text || xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id].img != feedentry.img) {
					"Data for "+data.feed[i].id+" has changed!"
					+"<br>old: "+data.feed[i].img+" / "+data.feed[i].text
					+"<br>new: "+feedentry.img+" / "+feedentry.text
			} else {
				tempNew = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('NewFeedIDs'));
				if (tempNew == null) tempNew = new Array();
				if (tempNew.indexOf(data.feed[i].id) == -1)
				localStorage.setItem('NewFeedIDs', JSON.stringify(tempNew));
				updatecounts("feed_id : "+(Object.keys(xkcd.feed_ids).length+1)+" : "+data.feed[i].id);
			xkcd.feed_ids[data.feed[i].id] = feedentry;
	window.nextTimer = setTimeout('next()', 60000);

function mergearrays(array1, array2, prop) {
  for(i in array2) {
    if (typeof array2[i] == "undefined") continue;
    if (!array2[i]) continue;
    if (prop) {
      if (typeof array2[i][prop] == "undefined") continue;
      if (!array2[i][prop]) continue;
      if (array1.indexOf(array2[i][prop]) == -1) array1.push(array2[i][prop]);
    } else {
      if (array1.indexOf(array2[i]) == -1) array1.push(array2[i]);
function loadarray(which) {
  switch (which) {
    case "feed_ids":
      if ($("#magic textarea").val().indexOf("\n|-") > -1) {
        $("#desc").html("Press feed_table to load table");
      if (("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val()).indexOf("\n#") > -1) {
	$("#desc").html("Loading list of feed_ids");
	temparray = ("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val().trim()).replace(/# http/g, "# http").split("\n#");
	for(i in temparray)
		if (typeof xkcd.feed_ids[temparray[i]] == "undefined")
			xkcd.feed_ids[temparray[i]] = { img:null, text: null };
	$("#desc").html("loaded "+temparray.length+" feed_ids (urls)");

      temparray = [];

    case "feed_table":
      if ($("#magic textarea").val().indexOf("\n#") > -1) {
        $("#desc").html("Press feed_ids to load list of ids");
      if (("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val()).indexOf("\n|-") > -1) {
        $("#desc").html("Loading table of feed_ids");
        temparray = ("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val().trim()).split("\n|-");
	for(i in temparray) {
		temp2 = temparray[i].split("\n|");
		xkcd.feed_ids[temp2[1].substr(28,36)] = { img: temp2[2].substr(29,36), text: temp2[3] };
	$("#desc").html("loaded "+temparray.length+" feed_ids (table)");
      temparray = [];
      temp2 = [];

    case "prompt_captionsonly":
    case "prompt_imagesonly":
      which = which.slice(0,-4);
    case "feed_posters":
    case "prompt_posters":
    case "prompt_reasons":
    case "prompt_captions":
    case "prompt_images":
      $("#desc").html("Loading into "+which);
      temparray = ("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val().trim()).split("\n# ")
      if (temparray.length > 2) temparray.shift();
      mergearrays(xkcd[which], temparray);
      $("#desc").html("Loaded "+temparray.length+" into "+which);
      temparray = [];

    case "feed_text":
    case "feed_images":
      $("#desc").html(which+" must be loaded via feed_ids");

      $("#desc").html(" (Error: "+which+" not implemented)");

function update(which) {
  if ($("#loadarray").prop('checked')) {
    if (which == "sort") {
      $("#desc").html(" (Ignoring the fact the 'load array' button is checked...");
    } else {
  $("#desc").html(which+": "+xkcd.desc[which]);
  switch (which) {
    case "feed_posters":
    case "prompt_posters":
    case "prompt_reasons":
    case "prompt_captions":
    case "prompt_images":
	//These are all simple arrays which require no additional formatting.
	$("#magic textarea").val("\n# "+xkcd[which].join("\n# "));
	$("#desc").append(" ("+xkcd[which].length+")");
    case "feed_ids":
	temp = { ids:"", countall:0 }
	for(j in xkcd.feed_ids) {
		temp.ids  += "\n#"+j;
	$("#desc").append(" (all: "+temp.countall+")");
	$("#magic textarea").val("\n"+temp.ids);
	delete temp;
    case "feed_table":
	temp = { array: [], list: "", img: [], text: [], countunique:0, countall:0 }
	for(j in xkcd.feed_ids) {
		if (xkcd.feed_ids[j].text && xkcd.feed_ids[j].img) { //can be null when duplicate
			if (temp.text[xkcd.feed_ids[j].text] == undefined || temp.img[xkcd.feed_ids[j].img] == undefined) {
				if (temp.text[xkcd.feed_ids[j].text] == undefined) temp.text[xkcd.feed_ids[j].text] = 0;
				if (temp.img[xkcd.feed_ids[j].img] == undefined) temp.img[xkcd.feed_ids[j].img] = 0;
				temp.array[j] = { text: xkcd.feed_ids[j].text, img: xkcd.feed_ids[j].img }
	for(j in temp.array) {
		if (temp.text[temp.array[j].text] > 1 && temp.img[temp.array[j].img] > 1) {
		temp.list += "\n|-\n|["+j+" "+j.split("-").pop()+"]"
			+"\n|["+ temp.array[j].img
			+" "+temp.array[j].img.split("-").pop()+"]"
			+"\n|"+ temp.array[j].text;
	$("#desc").append(" (unique: "+temp.countunique+") (all: "+temp.countall+")");
	$("#magic textarea").val(temp.list+"\n|}\n");
	delete temp;

    case "feed_text":
    case "feed_images":
	tempwhich = which=="feed_text"?"text":"img";
	mergearrays(xkcd[which], xkcd.feed_ids, tempwhich)

	$("#magic textarea").val("\n# "+xkcd[which].join("\n# "));
	$("#desc").append(" ("+xkcd[which].length+")");
	xkcd[which] = []; //no need to keep this in memory

    case "prompt_captionsonly":
    case "prompt_imagesonly":

	tempprop = which=="prompt_captionsonly"?"text":"img";
	tempwhich = which=="prompt_captionsonly"?"feed_text":"feed_images";
	temptest = which.replace("only",""); //don't wipe

	mergearrays(xkcd[tempwhich], xkcd.feed_ids, tempprop)

	for(i in xkcd[temptest])
		if (xkcd[tempwhich].indexOf(xkcd[temptest][i]) == -1)

	$("#magic textarea").val("\n# "+xkcd[which].join("\n# "));
	$("#desc").append(" ("+xkcd[which].length+")");
	xkcd[which] = []; //no need to keep this in memory
	xkcd[tempwhich] = []; //no need to keep this in memory

    case "sort":
	temparray = ("\n"+$("#magic textarea").val()).split("\n");
	temparray2 = [];
	mergearrays(temparray2, temparray)
	temparray2.sort(function (a, b) {
	    return a.toLowerCase().localeCompare(b.toLowerCase()); 
	$("#magic textarea").val(temparray2.join("\n"));
	$("#desc").html("Sorted "+(temparray.length-1)+" into "+temparray2.length);
	delete temparray, temparray2;
        $("#desc").html(" (Error: "+which+" not implemented)");

function restore() {
	window.tempOld = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('NewFeedIDs'));
	if (window.tempOld == null) window.tempOld = new Array();
function restoreLoop() {
	if (window.tempOld.length) {
		window.nextTimer = setTimeout('restoreLoop()', 5000);

(Go to xkcd, and paste it in the browser console.)

I've determined 10 seconds to be the time you keep getting the same data, so there's no reason to poll the server more frequently than that.

However, since the server is now blocking my requests after 20 minutes of doing that, perhaps 10 seconds is too frequent, so I've updated the example to only make 1 request per minute.

You can check on the xkcd variable at any time.

The surveys do not change as often as the other data.

I'm only interested getting in the reasons, feel free to adapt this script to get whatever else.

Script updated to get all text fields. Feel free to adapt it to get the image URLs.
Script updated to get all text and image fields. Feel free to adapt it to do whatever you want.


  • prompt_reasons: [107] - None new.
  • prompt_posters: [205] - None new.
  • feed_posters: [205] - None new.
  • feed_images: [1528]
  • prompt_images: [1697] (crashed and found again)
  • prompt_images without permalinks: [169]
  • feed_text: [1993]
  • prompt_captions: [2287] (crashed and found again)
  • prompt_captions without permalinks: [295]

Note: prompt_images and prompt_captions reset when my browser crashes, so it is not supposed to equal feed+without permalinks. I've re-added them here so I can keep track of daily changes.


The only reason on 1506:_xkcloud/Transcript that my script has not found is "not a hair question". It's certainly a plausible reason, but I believe this reason has been removed.
  2. <%= reason %>
  3. aol window in front of netscape window
  4. a user's middle name was </html>
  5. Baby ur much 2 fast
  6. bookmarks migrated to Venezuela
  7. butter didn't suit the works
  8. butter overflow
  9. butter to text interface not found
  10. butter underrun
  11. cannot save, there's something gross on the S key
  12. CAPTCHA response indicated parahuman intelligence
  13. cat-like typing detected
  14. confirmation BIOS
  15. could not evade skifree yeti
  16. could not initialize sound blaster 16
  17. CRM-114 unit malfunctioning
  18. cumulonimbus #19 too rabbitlike
  19. database configuration violates the Prime Directive
  20. data too big
  21. Dave's not registered, man
  22. Desystematized chronodynamic balancing detected in VX Module core.
  23. dictionary too stiff to read
  24. electrons too big, stuck in wafer
  26. error
  27. error: error code [error] while decoding error code
  28. error: operation completed successfully
  29. error reading drive B. Abort, Retry, Fail?
  30. ethics in journalism
  31. eyelash! eyelash!
  32. files fell out
  33. files overwritten with more interesting content
  34. firewall caught fire
  35. floating point unit no longer afloat
  36. food problematic
  37. friday squid blogging
  38. general uncertainty
  39. GSM filter change required
  40. guru meditation #00000025.65045338 press left mouse button to continue
  41. hard drive oil depleted
  42. helvetica scenario
  43. HTTP 403 and 3/4ths
  44. HTTP 418
  45. http is down
  46. hung up prematurely
  47. I got pretty distracted trying to figure out how big space is
  48. i hurt myself today / to see if i still feel
  49. illegal carrot detected in mail queue
  50. insufficient smoke for current mirror array
  51. lights are out, hard drive is taking a nap
  52. lp0 on fire
  53. Main Bus B Undervolt
  54. mean connection time exceeded
  55. microwave running
  56. minimum recursion depth not reached
  57. nanobots in the water
  58. oh jeez there's a lot of you can you all just hang on for a second please oh frig this is so bad
  59. our buffer runneth over
  60. out of electrons
  61. out of monads
  62. overcurrent undervolt caused by vacuum cleaner on same circuit
  64. Please Insert Riven CD 4
  66. previously-recovered files overwritten by newly-recovered ones
  67. qubit indeterminate
  68. RDBMS completely forgot how inner joins work
  69. screws are stripped
  70. server aperture too narrow for capital letters
  71. server farm lost starbucks wifi signal
  72. server fell in ocean
  73. server had too much to drink
  74. server power cable stolen by raccoon for nest
  75. server room haunted
  76. sitemap was held upside down
  77. Something went wrong: Something went wrong (Something went wrong)
  78. soonerist sperver fid dot nile
  79. spin cycle still active
  80. spin number must be of the form n/2
  81. spontaneous splinal dereticulation
  82. SQL ejection
  83. subtle threading bug in turing-complete version numbering system
  84. sysadmin trapped in well
  85. tape on write-protect hole fell off
  86. temporal paradox
  87. the butter you have dialed is invalid or no longer in service
  88. the little plastic tab on the box the data's in broke off
  89. the server is temporarily permanent. Please try another also.
  90. the system / is down
  91. This copy of Ubuntu is not genuine and you have not yet resolved this issue.
  92. This page contains content from the Open Source Initiative, who have blocked it on copyright grounds.
  93. too many hands on the keyboard
  94. transfer interrupted by incoming fax
  96. turns out server was on circuit with lightswitch by door
  97. Unable to cast variable of type Int32 to Magic Missile
  98. undefined is not a function, which really makes you think
  99. unexpected timezone drift desynchronization
  100. unimplemented trap
  101. User accepted terms but not conditions
  102. User is not a typewriter.
  103. user put spaces/vowels in filename
  104. UTF-31 decode error
  105. virtual memory got too real
  106. wrong files


This is the combined list of all captions I have found, in the feed and in prompts.

  1. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  2.  :-(
  3.  ?????????????
  4. ... It's about ethics in games journalism.
  5. ...And then we decided it was time to leave
  6. ...Freudian sense tingling...
  7. ...just no.
  8. ...monsters from the id...
  9. 'BOOM' goes the dynamite!
  10. 'Murica, hell yeah!
  11. "...The Aristocrats."
  12. "ARIANA GRANDE" is spanish for "GIANT SPIDER"
  13. "AS the ancient Israelites broke Mana, we shall break frosted pastries"
  14. "Bake him away, toys"
  15. "Carpe diem!" my grandfather said to me. This is a picture of him when he was younger.
  16. "Cat-like Reflexes"
  17. "Honey, I think the assembly instructions for this washing machine are a bit... What's the opposite of verbose?"
  18. "I am So. Much. More."
  19. "I Never watch porn"
  20. "I'm sorry, i can't do long distance right now"
  21. "Innocent X" by Diego Velazquez, c. 1650, oil on canvas
  22. "Is it symmetric this way?"
  23. "My God, it's full of starS." "WeLL, DURR"
  24. "Oh Sword-chan" "Yes Gun-Kun?"
  25. "Space duckin'" By led blimp
  26. "sun" glasses.. lolz. heh.
  27. "The colour out of space" and black.
  28. "Use the force, Harry" - Gandalf
  29. “Uh, hey, baby.” “Damn we’re smooth.” “We’re gonna score”
  30. ((╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ))
  31. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  32. [Metal Gear sound effect]
  34. [user was banned for this text]
  35. *Darth Vader Breathing*
  36. *glomp*
  37. *Sigh* not cat food for diner again
  38. *Tips fedora*
  39. #720_no_scope
  41. #awefullyNicetractsofland
  42. #beatingheartinabox
  43. #bedhead
  45. #blessed
  46. #bornthisway
  47. #BROKEN
  48. #Canadian internet #price gouging
  50. #caturday
  51. #cloudywithachanceofmeatballs
  52. #comfortfood
  53. #Compromise
  55. #DARE to #DREAM
  56. #delfie
  57. #Donthate #Truelove
  58. #drbalanced
  59. #DrinkSaltwater
  60. #duckface
  61. #essentialsupplies
  62. #fallingfromorbit
  63. #fishy!
  64. #flavorbomb
  65. #giganticflower #headshot
  66. #GOD
  67. #gps be like
  68. #hashtag
  69. #Hashtag #ironicSelfie
  70. #hashtag #yinyl #yolo #thanksobama
  72. #hoax
  73. #Hopeicanfly
  74. #illuminati
  75. #imnotracistbut
  76. #ivisitedthegrandcanyon #yolo
  77. #justnasathings
  78. #lifehacks
  79. #livefeed #colonoscopy
  80. #lolcats
  81. #Long_Exposure
  83. #me #throwbackthursday
  84. #Moses #riverbabies #passover y'all!!!
  85. #Nailpolish
  86. #newhipsterbike
  87. #NewProfilepic
  88. #nofilter
  89. #nomakeup #justgotup #wow
  90. #nomakeup #justnatural
  91. #nomakeup #natural
  92. #notallmen
  93. #notamodel #nofilter
  94. #onering #fuckhobbits
  95. #paleo #rawlifestyle #tasty #nofilter
  96. #parsnipandoldlace
  97. #Photobomb
  98. #rememberthetitans
  99. #satellite #navigation
  100. #saturday #memories #beautiful
  101. #selfie #atwork #nofilter #potatoduty #yolo
  102. #selfie #imatree #thuglife
  103. #selfie #nomakeup #nofilter
  105. #sorrynotsorry
  106. #strangelyaroused
  107. #stublife
  108. #sudowoodoproblems
  109. #teamplayer
  110. #this_is_how_an_angel_dies
  111. #this_is_sparta
  112. #Toobigtofall
  113. #toothproblems
  114. #twinsies
  115. #underkill
  116. #vampiremirrorselfie
  117. #Worstweekever
  118. <3 hanging out with saruman
  119. <reported for inappropriate content>
  120. >< ))*>
  121. ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)
  122. ▒☺▒
  123. ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭
  124. ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
  125. 🇺🇸 USA! USA! 🇺🇸
  126. 🇺🇸 USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸
  128. 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
  129. 💩
  130. 1 Like = 1 attempt to Perform space rendezvous
  131. 1 like = 1 little girl feeded to this cancer dying walrus :'(
  132. 1 like = 1 respect 1 share = 15 respect 500 respect = 1 cool
  133. 100 meters in 4 and a half seconds
  134. 100% legit free hugs
  135. 11 Mario facts that will blow-a your mind
  137. 15 Mindblowing facts that prove jaws was real
  138. 20 Facts that will infuriate hipsters
  139. 27 things you won't believe are in your local playground
  140. 2pm and i'm not drunk yet
  141. 3 year olds first lego experience
  142. 4 8 15 16 23 42
  143. 5 nights at freddies 4 #letsplay
  144. 500 gold for the private show
  145. 5th of November went too far this year
  146. 7 amazing ways of taking off your pants that will surprise you!
  147. 8.5 hours later...
  148. 9 out of 10 scientists couldn't solve this equation
  149. 99 bottles of beer on the wall
  150. 99% of people are too scared to share this post! share if you are one of the 1%
  151. A boa constrictor that has swallowed a hat
  152. A classic battle between the word and the sword, represented by the most noble creature
  153. A delicate pear
  154. A Dozen roses, the Barnum Effect, and Thou
  155. a fortuneteller told me to get my head out of the clouds.
  156. a graph showing the amount of time i spend outside
  157. A job so boring a bird could do it
  158. A kid peed in the ball pit, I took action
  159. A land war in asia
  160. A soulful rendition of "old man river"
  161. a spherical cow
  162. A window into my soul
  163. a/s/l?
  167. Aaaaaaaaaah
  168. Aaaaaargh
  169. About time someone brought me that flattened basketball
  170. about to die lol
  171. ack
  172. ACK-scuse me sir, Stop shaking hands and transmit some data.
  173. ACME anvil delivery service...Faster than Amazon!
  174. actually, around here we itemize our taxes
  175. Aesthetic.
  176. AGHHHHH
  177. Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough...
  178. Alan?
  179. alas, poor yorick, I knew him well.
  180. All flesh is grass
  181. all I wanted was soup.
  182. All my selfies be like
  183. All that fiber finally kicked in, now i conquer #Ukraine#putin#buddies
  184. All these science spheres are made out of asbestos, by the way. Keeps out the rats. Let us know if you feel a shortness of breath, a persistent dry cough, or your heart stopping. Because that's not part of the test. That's asbestos.
  185. All these science spheres are made out of asbestos, by the way. Keeps out the rats. Let us know if you feel a shortness of breath, a persistent dry cough, or your heart stopping. Because that's not part of the test. That's asbestos.
  186. All things considered, it turned out nice again
  187. Allons-Y!
  188. almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
  189. always darekst before the dawn
  190. Always get a full nights rest
  191. Always watching, never speaking. WHAT does he want?!
  192. Am I a Pokemon?
  193. Amazing optical illusion! Can you see the duck?
  194. Amazing! Discovery! on mars!
  195. amazons newest delivery method
  196. Amirite??
  197. An ant figured out how to make free electricity with this one weird trick! Scientists hate him!
  198. An eight-stringed octopus?
  199. AN I wuz like, GRRRRL Yo beak is so flash!
  200. An unsuccessful bike design...
  201. ancient skull loses eye socket in fencing accident
  202. and a bluetooth made of pretzel sticks
  203. And so it began...
  204. And so the hunt begins!
  205. and suddenly, popcorn
  206. and that is the story of the very angry caterpillar
  208. And the least of the five evils is....
  209. and then there were nine
  210. And then, you lightly drill the oven for 15 minutes on high
  211. And this, my dear, disproves the coriolis effect.
  212. And thus, the polar carrot displaced the earth.
  213. and to think this is where it all started
  215. Angry sofa is angry.
  216. Animé girls don't look at explosions
  217. Annoyance of the week: people who take photos of their food
  218. another day on california public transportation
  219. Another one bites the dust
  220. Another victim of 'got your nose!'
  221. Antimater Universe wants a hug.
  222. Ants close in on the tender eye-flesh
  223. ants, zomg, ants, everywhere
  224. Any hatchlings in here?
  225. Anyone craving some soup right about now?
  226. Anyone here have any advice on how to get it to stop singing?
  227. Anyone know what's wrong with my thumb?
  228. anyone seen some uruk-hai? Asking for a friend.
  229. Apparently i have retinoblastoma.
  230. Apparently it's a thing now...
  231. Apparently the cat didn't want to go to the vet...
  232. Apparently the NSA have been keeping secrets from us
  233. Apparently, it's called "BEAR Fishing"
  234. apple's new offering: iscream
  235. Appropriately enough, the jury voted guilty
  236. April Fools!
  237. Are We Not Men? We Are Devo.
  238. Are you feeling lucky, punk?
  239. Are you kidding me?
  240. are you sure this is a commandline?
  241. aren't rabbits supposed to jump out??
  242. Artistic recreation from new fossil find
  243. As I place the flowers, I thought, "She will never forgive me for marrying her daughter."
  244. As long as there aren't any snake I should be fi- Shit! Snakes!
  245. as sir nibbles of acorn surveyed the destruction, he realized that he had forgotten to account for drag
  246. As the sun set on the day, I thought about all of my failings, and didn't realize it mattered anymore. I was finally free of the day and could start all over again tomorrow without any judgement weighing on me.
  247. As the sun sets on us, we know we must escape.
  248. As viewed on a Macintosh plus
  249. As you can see It's windy out here
  250. Aside from the Fact I Was Buried Alive, The day has been surprisingly good.
  251. Asteroids hate him!
  252. astonishing how xenia flew that plane
  253. Astronauts tossed out of ISC called "Nuisance" by commuters
  254. at last, validation
  255. at least I don't have to spend more time with sandra bullock
  256. At least it stopped bleeding acid
  257. At least someone's getting fed
  258. at least the last thing i'll ever see is pretty
  259. At that moment, something snapped.
  260. At this point the probe fires its engine for the 12th and last time before exiting the observable universe
  261. at times like this i ask, "why me?"
  262. Attracted to black holes, HELP!
  263. australia is not NZ!
  264. AUUUGH
  265. Aw, man, I hate gelatinous cubes...
  266. Aw, yisss!
  267. awesome sunrise this morning #lenscap #nofilter #hashtag
  268. AWESOME! This cloud was so much larger than my thumb!
  269. awkward! . . .
  270. Aww, honey, don't cry...
  271. Awwwwwwwwww, poor meteor!
  272. Ayyyy LMAO!
  273. back on tinder!
  274. Bacteriophage is worth 6 points
  275. BALDUR's GATE YOU have all been poisoned and have 14 days to give me 2000 gold HA HA HA
  276. balloon ninja strikes again
  277. Banana invasion in progress
  280. Bangarang Motherfuckers
  281. Barraco Barner is our nasion's prezident.
  282. Bay-bae lolz
  283. Bazookateer crossing
  284. BDSM bringing another relationship together
  285. been stuck here for a while, any ideas?
  286. Beer Pong alone again! #YOLO
  287. Before his untimely death.
  288. Being john "Bowler Hat" Malkovich
  289. Belgium
  290. Best Christmas gift EVER!
  291. best day evar!!!!
  292. best easter ever
  293. Best funeral ever!!!!! YOLO
  294. Best Halloween costume yet!
  295. Best map projection ever
  296. best republican caucus ever!
  297. best snowman ever!
  298. Best. Funeral. Ever.
  299. better go inside, I need to polish my shoes
  300. Beyond Level 256...
  301. big ben is going down.
  302. Big Bird, An orwellian Short
  303. big black orb #shit #soyuzfail
  304. Big bowl of star-flakes
  305. big data strikes back
  306. bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip
  307. Bird seed companies HATE him
  308. birdcoin is looking to be a huge success
  309. Birds are less cute the closer they are.
  310. Birds: secretly a type of banana.
  311. Birdwatching is an exhausting affair, especially when the birds fight back
  312. bit nosy, aren't you?
  313. Black as the crows that peck out my eyes
  314. Black begins and wins.
  315. Black box recorder
  316. Blackout @ moscov metros station, i have no idea which way the peron is. #yolo
  317. blob monster attacking our city lol brb avoiding certain slimy doom lol
  318. Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!
  319. bob ross has only become more powerful in death
  320. Boba fett? Boba Fett? Where!?
  321. Bomber one on approach
  322. Bonehenge
  323. bowTieght!
  324. Boy, I tell you what. I bet the roads on the moon ain't this smooth.
  325. Brb, burning house down
  326. breakfast in 'merica
  327. Breaking: World in terror as alien from "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" video lands on Earth, announces world tour
  328. Brittish think tank
  329. brokkolis and sweet potato, nice
  330. Bulls don't often sit like this!
  331. Bunny eating lettuce. tots adorbs! ^_^
  332. bURMA sHAVE!
  333. Burnination? Huh?
  334. Burrito night
  335. But I wanted to see the roof... #FirstWorldProblems
  336. But then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.
  338. BuzzFeed Quiz: Which bone are you?
  339. Cakephants are my new friends
  340. Can anybody help me identify this animal?
  341. Can somebody call my cell phone? It's not lost, I'm just lonely.
  342. Can you see it? #illuminati #war #drobe #conspiracy
  343. Can't believe what I almost threw away!
  344. can't make an omlet without breaking a few legs
  345. Can't stop recovery data, My eyes hurt
  346. Cant explain that
  347. Cant sleep, clowns will kill me. Cant sleep, clowns will ...
  348. capes are in fashion
  349. Captain obvious strikes again
  350. captcha: Enter picture description
  351. Car broke down on the side of the highway.
  352. Car tiddlywinks proves success
  353. Cat in a hat or fox in a box?
  354. Cat tax paid
  355. Catman
  356. caught the sunset tonight at midday
  357. Ce n'est pas un canard
  358. CeCi N'est Pas Une Pipe
  359. CERN proves existence of "the force"
  360. CERN's soLUtion to a cut in funding.
  361. cest ne pas un pipe
  362. Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace
  363. Check out my bowling Ball trophy!
  364. Check out my new cat! Sooooo cute!
  365. Check out my new OC
  366. check out my new pet
  367. check out my new sauron fanfic
  368. Check out my new sonic oc!
  369. Check out my new turntable! #audiophile #lookatme #vinyl
  370. check out my usb sword!
  371. cheese = life
  372. Choose your snuggle toy
  373. Christ, what an asshole.
  374. clever girl.....
  375. Click "Like" when you see it!
  376. Click this text and you will find the love of your life within the next 20 minutes! If you don't, your mother will die a horrible death!!!
  377. Click to show secret text
  379. Close the pod bay door, Hal.
  380. Coco Puffs: Now with your complete daily dose of gamma radiation
  381. Combining that old vax with a microwave oven was a bad idea!
  382. come at me, pro!
  383. Come back! We aren't really going to eat you!
  384. Come on and Slam!
  385. come on iiiiin!
  386. Come on party people, put your hands together
  387. come on, put on the slippers.
  388. Come with me on a journey into time and space
  389. Conflicting messages
  390. Connect the dots to see the correct Nixon cabinet member
  391. conserve yours until the last possible second
  392. conspiracy theorists crestfallen after taking photo of platonic ideal rather than its specific manifestation
  393. Contains 8 essential types of spiders!
  394. Coordinates of the ants walking across my screen, as a function of time
  395. Copernicus: The early years
  396. CORNFLAKES AGAIN!?!?!??!?!??!
  397. Cory Doctrow finds Ron Paul's secret Lunar base
  398. could anyone help me find my contacts?
  399. cowabunga dude
  400. cowabunga, dudes!
  401. crawling and texting #badcombination
  402. crawling in my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
  403. crenellate good times, c'Mon!
  404. Crocodile Pink Eye
  405. Cruise Kingdom
  406. cthulu caught me slipping
  407. cthulu wants what cthulu wants
  408. Cuneiform writing influenced fence makers for generations
  409. curiosity fed the cat
  410. Curiosity Stops Sending Photos, Transmits Crude Line Drawings Instead.
  411. cuteness depleted after 20 pictures!! #ripoff
  412. Da_FEELS###!
  413. Dad is going to lose his head over this. FML.
  414. Dad, Mom, meet my boyfriend
  415. Daisy, Daisy, Tell me your Answer True.
  417. damn tree!
  418. Damn, she said no capes. I should have listened.
  419. Damn, two o'clock already?
  420. damn. that squirrel's got a ball
  421. damned ninjas
  422. damnit, another drunken tree in the road
  423. Dance contest! #YOLO
  424. Dang! Inflated tires with Helium again!
  425. Danger: low clearance
  426. Darn Pylon built in the cow field again
  427. Dawn of the Bread
  428. Dawn of the last day: 24 hours remain.
  429. Dawn: The Final day
  430. Day 12: it's going well I think
  431. Day 19 of my face wash avoidance program
  432. day 3: the turnip still refuses to break up on re-entry
  433. Day:38 Bird Disguise works, No one knows I am a Worm
  434. daylight savings time always throws me off
  435. Daylight spending time!
  436. Deal with it
  437. Death star model 0.0.73
  438. Deep down I think everyone's about 10 percent gangster.
  439. Definitely not ordering from Walt Orfman's Pizza Restaurant again.
  440. dentists are going crazy about this weird Teeth whitening trick discovered by British mum. as seen on CNN.
  441. Desystematized chronodynamic balancing detected in VX Module core
  442. devil went down to walmart, bought himself a fork
  443. Dey see us Rollin'. Dey Hatin'.
  444. Did i remember to lock the car?
  445. Did nyancat open a cycle repair shop?
  446. did this exist as a microwave?
  447. Diet is working!
  448. Dinosaur extinction: The final Phase
  449. discovered a new shortcut for making toast
  450. Dispatch, I'm not Really Sure we have a Violation Number for this one
  451. Dividing by zero prematurely ended his research career.
  452. diy abortion
  453. Do I look fat in this photo?
  454. Do I look like a penguin?
  455. Do my feet look fat?
  456. Do my feet smell?
  457. Do Notte Buye Betamacks.
  458. Do the Harlem Shake
  459. Do you care to #engage with this #content
  460. Do you feline lucky, punk?
  461. Do you have a lighter?
  462. do you reckon i can feed this to my pet spider?
  463. Do you think this will get me a job designing Pokemon?
  464. Doctor whheeeeeeeeee
  465. does anyone know how to get rid of eye worms?
  466. Does anyone know if this is supposed to happen
  467. Does anyone know why it is doing this?
  468. does my ass look big in this?
  469. Does my eye look bloodshot?
  470. Does my hair look like it's thinning?
  471. Does this look infected?
  472. Does this look like pink eye to you?
  473. Doesn't like being referred to as garfield
  474. dOG SHAMING
  475. Doing Laundry on the TARDIS is hard. It's why companions wear the same clothes.
  477. Dominos delivers!
  478. don't be silly, horses cant fly planes.
  479. Don't be thrown by the pareidolia, this is actually an Instagram of bacon & eggs
  480. Don't Blink. Blink and you're dead. don't turn your back. don't look away. and don't blink!
  481. Don't even say you understand my pain #problems #dontask
  482. Don't get the lava wet! you'll ruin everything!
  483. Don't have a cow, man
  484. Don't inhale!
  485. Don't Press Turbo boost. Something tells me you should never press turbo boost.
  486. Don't send bees, send lions! and send them to france!
  487. don't worry, it's part of my plan!
  488. Don't you know the Dewey decimal system!?!?!?!?
  489. Don't you love it when a pet looks like it's owner
  490. Done my nails, don't they look pretty?
  491. Dons Quixote start their parallel quests
  492. doors from ikea: the pinnacle of excellency
  493. Down time
  494. Drat, the internet is leaking again.
  495. drill baby drill!
  496. drive like an ass, be slapped like an ass!
  497. drivers feel stupid for not knowing this one simple trick
  498. Dryads. that is all.
  500. Duck Duck Go's secret algorithm
  501. DuckDuckGoes!
  502. duckface is the new radians
  503. Dude Did you know you could smoke almost anything?
  504. Dude, I can totally catch this!
  505. Dude, where's my car?
  506. Dude! Dude? Dude.
  507. DX(X^LN(Y!)/xy*pi=screw you
  508. Early Heavy Metal Story Boards Discovered
  509. Early stages of Giraffe evolution
  511. Eat my shorts
  512. Eating my breakfast!
  513. eclipse o'clock
  514. Edward James Olmos to reprise his role as captain picard
  515. Edward, no!
  516. Einstein, protesting the copenhagen interpretation, shaves his head.
  517. elevator be damned, I'm going to keep going until I see myself!
  518. emergency butter delivery
  519. engage!
  520. ESA probe enters black hole - first photos!
  521. Et boum! C'est le choc!
  522. Even if you bind his beak, an eagle will drool on you out of spite
  523. Even More Pictures of My Sweet little babies.
  524. even the sun cowers in fear!
  525. Evenutally, they'll write moby dick.
  526. ever get the feeling you're being watched?
  527. every breath you take, every move you make
  528. Every day my damn cat makes this face
  529. everyday i'm shoveling
  530. Everything maKes perfect sense now.
  531. everything makes sense now
  532. Everything truly IS awesome!
  533. Everything's coming up Milhouse
  534. Evolution of puzzles
  535. Exact composition of this... thing... is yet to be determined.
  536. Exes, am I right?
  537. Existance is an illusion
  538. Extreme beer pong
  539. FACESWAP lol
  540. FACING east. 3.15pm. Can someone tell me where i am?
  541. Family vacation has taken a turn for the worse.
  542. Fancy
  543. father & daughter re-unite!
  544. Fear the day we Mole People breach the surface of the Earth like Mewling Babes, FOR THAT WILL BE YOUR LAST! #Ihatethesun #goditsbright #isthisworthit?
  545. feeding my pet
  546. FENTON!!! FENTON!
  547. Field Trip!
  548. File not found ... creating fake file...
  549. filming the sky was boring. Turns out my foot is more boring...
  550. Finally found a way to disable the flash on my camera
  551. finally found a way to disable the flesh on my camera
  552. finally got that squid stache
  553. Finally here!
  554. Finally, new tires
  555. Fire can sometimes be hot?
  556. First day at school
  557. First day of school.
  558. First found evidence for Einstein–Rosen bridges.
  559. First I glued him to the wall, then I took pictures for my grandma's scrapbook
  560. First post, be friendly
  561. First screenshot of portal 3 !!
  562. First time posting, please be nice
  563. First, thoroughly lubricate the conspiracy theory
  564. Fish hooks REALLY REALLY HURT
  565. Fission, fusion, what's the difference?
  566. Flat file viewing
  567. Fluffy's awfully well behaved today
  568. flying car - it is now officially the future
  569. Flying fish had no affect on it
  570. FML
  571. Fnnnaarrrrr!
  572. Foiled again by the bell curve
  573. fond this creepy ass painting in my basement. how much do you guys think it's worth ?
  574. food crisis strategy
  575. for a long time i was accustomed to going to Bed early.
  576. For my book report presentation, i'll be acting out "50 shades of gray"
  577. For sale: planet, barely used. slight pest problem
  578. for science!
  579. for you
  580. Foreign clouds take british clouds' jobs
  581. Forgot to blow out my candles before I cut the cake
  582. forgot to turn the oven off!
  583. Formal on top, party on the bottom
  584. Fortunately this is posted on Google+, so nobody will ever see it.
  585. Found this ancient manuscript, can anyone translate it?
  586. found this at a novelty store
  587. found this in my fridge. Think it's still good?
  588. Found this in my garden, wtf?
  589. Found this mushroom, thought of you
  590. found this on google maps earlier.
  591. Found: bra left abandoned on romantic beach.
  592. fourier transforms are too hard!!
  593. Frank, the newest herald of galactus.
  594. free the beast!
  595. Freedom in a nutshell.
  596. Freshly waxed floors + new socks
  597. FRom the creators of AIR BUD, presenting air chip, the Soccer squirrel. watch your Nuts! Summer 2016
  598. fuck fuck shit shit, what did i do last night?
  600. Fucking CAKE
  601. Fulfilling western ideals!
  602. Funky fresh beats #sudowoodo
  603. funny how we type xoxoxo for kisses but oxoxox for an oxen stampede
  604. furrowed mustache
  605. Gentlemen, fire up your emacs buffers
  607. Gentlemen. If you find it you are set for life.
  608. George insisted there were better things to worry about, but I had a feeling this was important.
  609. George was a good little monkey, and always very curious.
  610. get spare glasses before meeting rod serling
  611. Get that camera out of my face!
  612. get your ass to mars
  613. Giant sentient banana found in space
  614. go home chitty chitty bang bang you are drunk
  615. Go home Dumbledore. You're Drunk
  616. go home elephant you are drunk
  617. Go purr yourself!
  618. God i love sesame street
  619. God Save The Queen
  620. goddamnit, that's the fourth time this week!
  621. Goldilocks party!
  622. gone fishing
  623. good old troubleshootin'
  624. Goodnight moon
  625. google bots have uncovered some missing bits
  627. Google's streetview prank zoomed way out.
  628. Got a hip mustache! What do y'all think?
  629. Got a message from an adoring fan today! <3
  630. got Peanut allergies #yolo #swag
  631. got to meet with charlie sheen
  632. Got your nose!
  633. Gotta catch em all.
  634. gotta take big ben down a peg
  635. GPS Signal lost.. damn it!
  636. Grab that snake, dont let it go, its lunchtime ya'know
  637. Grandma's new boyfriend is a keeper!
  638. Gravedigging time
  640. Great ScotT!
  641. Great, now I forgot where I left the car.
  642. Growing up in Texas, they didn't teach us this part of the water cycle.
  643. Guess I'm stuck here #permadeath #lol
  644. Guess that "sun" was really important after all
  645. Guess where I'm taking this photo from.
  646. Guillotine needs to be recalibrated
  647. Guys did you know we can finally make maglev hammocks thanks to eletropermanent magnets
  649. Guys, I Found a Unicorn!
  650. Guys, this picture is awful
  651. ha ha ha... no.
  652. Had to settle for a beard
  653. haha oh my cat
  654. haha! i am dead inside!
  655. Hams apparently don't make good wheel replacements
  657. Happy Birthday, M C Escher
  658. Happy Birthday!
  659. Has anyone really been as far even as decided to use even go what to do look more like?
  660. has anyone seen my force field generator?
  661. Has science gone too far?
  662. Hasbro's new product targets both the small girl and the adult male demographics.
  663. Hat in the cat strike back!
  664. Have fun in the Alps lol
  665. Have fun stormin' da castle.
  666. Have you closed the airlock before we took off?
  667. Have you ever seen a sitting cow before?
  668. have you heard?
  669. Have you two seen a small person come through here recently? He may have been carying a blue sword.
  670. havin fun in the wind tunnel. WHOOOSH!
  671. He did say it was edible
  672. He had to learn the hard way: if i clean a window, it will definitely be clean
  673. he is so cool
  674. He left me! :ccc
  675. He nailed it!
  676. He thought 'chutes were for the insecure
  677. He was never seen again
  678. He's been there for three days
  679. hello darkness my old friend
  680. Hello earthlings
  681. hello you're on car talk
  682. help being attacked by wormsaaaaaagghh
  683. HELP I'M just a pheasant
  684. Help the police catch this violent criminal before he strikes again.
  685. help wanted. inquire within.
  686. Help! HELP! I need an adult
  687. Help! my mustache is eating my fammmmmrhmhghhh
  688. Here comes the sun, do do do do...
  689. Here we see the last two simple machines; the inclined plane and the rocket board
  690. Heres a pic of a wild catus, who just saw a balloon
  691. Hey guys, watch this
  692. hey is that an event horizon of a blaaaaaa!
  693. Hey there cutie
  694. Hey, check out my new green colored shirt!
  695. Hey, check out this cool website i found!
  696. Hey, it's windows 7 again!
  697. hey, so, we need to talk about your sphere-packing problem.
  698. Hey, what did you mortals do with my chariot?
  699. hey! check out larry's new aloe vera cream recipe! it works wonders on the skin and lips!
  700. Hey! My cloaca is down here!
  701. hgghjg
  702. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go
  703. Hide! It's Un Chien Andalou!
  704. High Bro, five.
  705. His name is robert palmer.
  706. Hmm The Earth halves kinda look like buts.
  707. Hmmmm, which one isthe Vegan option?
  708. hobbitses
  709. HODOR!
  710. holy crap, seems the generate dog function works for humans too!
  711. Holy Meals on Wheels
  712. Homework's done, finally time to get wasted
  713. Homo helicopteris captured in bali
  714. Honest, officer, that's what happened!
  715. Hope that wasn't a granny knot
  716. Hoping this makes it past customs
  717. horses can't use chalk. stupid horse.
  718. H̪̬͚̲̥̠̗̻̿ͦͧ̂͟E͚̞͋͛ ͕͇̦̻͓̻̳́ͫ͌̆͌̽C̢̊ͯ͏̵̣͈̣̯̯͔O͚̲͓͎̟̳̱͐̊̈̽ͪ̓ͪ͞M͖͔̗̮̎̈́͑̏͡È̸̝̹̲̍ͦͤͦ̋̎̀͞ͅS̢̫̮͙̟̭̀̿͜
  719. Houston, we are the problem
  720. Hoverboard to full power!
  721. how can mirrors be real if your eyes aren't real?
  722. How did I get here?
  723. How did I get here?!?
  724. How did the mars rover get here?
  725. how do i resize the city?
  726. how do I take photos with this?
  727. how do i turn this off?
  728. how do you get the screensaver off?
  729. How does this work again?
  730. How Else dID you think they make Toothpicks?
  731. How is this still a thing?
  732. How many can there be?
  733. How much absinthe did you say was in this?
  734. how to make roommate stop pooping everywhere
  735. How's My new haircut?
  736. hungry hungry fencing subcontractors
  737. Hunka Hunka burnin' steel
  738. I think I need new glasses.
  739. I 'M out of the acorn
  740. I always fast forward through this part.
  741. I am a beautiful person.
  742. I am become Death, Destroyer of insects smaller than 4mm
  743. I AM BECOME DERP destroyer of brains
  744. I am infinite. i am eternal.
  745. i am never going to the beauty school for my manicure again
  746. I am the creator.
  747. i am wearing a bolo tie
  748. I believe in an afterbirth.
  749. I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken.
  750. I blame lack of regulation
  751. I blame supernasa
  752. I bought you a RING... ooh shinything!
  753. I broke cookie clicker...
  754. i broke it
  755. I broke the etch & sketch
  756. I call it: "The Futility of American Anything"
  757. I call zeno's paradox on this... thing.
  758. I can can hear satellites crying in my teeth
  759. I can control the BEES! But I only make them turn right
  760. I can has cheezburger?
  761. I can jump that far!
  763. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.
  764. I can take photos with my teeth!
  765. I can walk on my hands
  766. I can't believe it's not cake batter
  767. I can't even. But I am taking evening classes.
  768. i can't form the words to describe such beauty
  769. I certainly wasn't going to bury this one
  770. I CHOOSE YOU!
  771. i did not account for the flames
  772. i do the same thing at frat parties
  773. I Don't believe in primordial black holes... I don't believe in primordial black holes...
  774. I don't Even know What this ad is trying to promote.
  775. i don't even remember taking this pic!
  776. I don't get it either.
  777. i don't have time for this!
  778. I don't know
  779. I don't know how to play...
  780. I don't know if this is proof of anything other than old habits dying hard
  782. I don't regret pressing the button
  783. i don't remember this scene form star wars
  784. I don't see how sniffing this globe will help my complexion, but I'll try anything at this point.
  785. I don't think I really understand what this is.
  786. I don't think that's supposed to go there...
  787. I don't think this is working
  788. i don't think we're playing zelda anymore...
  789. I don't want to set the world on fire
  790. i donna think it means what you think it means
  791. I dream of death
  793. I feel like I've been saying "wow, my mom was right" a lot recently
  794. I finally killed the weird recognizer that was following me
  795. I find this picture reflects my soul.
  796. I finished building our pool, but now i realise we can't afford the water to fill it.
  797. I fixed it guys
  798. I forgot the two scoops of rasins!
  799. I forgot to get a plane
  800. I forgot to turn the tap off lol
  801. I fought the law. They won
  802. I found a three fingered kitten!
  803. I found it!!!!!!!
  804. I found the missing pieces!
  805. i found this ancient manuscript. can anyone translate it?
  806. I found this in my navel, should I be worried?
  807. I found this little guy in the woods near my house
  808. I found this on my arm when I woke up this morning. Can anyone tell me what it is?!
  809. I got a new geigerteller
  811. I got the job!
  812. I got the keys to the city.
  813. I got this in the mail today
  814. I guess I only have myself to blame.
  815. I guess the cat didn't really want to go to the vet
  816. I has a sad
  817. i hate
  818. i hate it when this happens
  819. I hate the carnival so much right now
  820. I hate this channel
  821. I hate trying to win bowls of cereal in 'skill tester' machines
  822. I hate waking up from a really good dream
  823. i hate you. die in a fire.
  824. i have a bad feeling about this.
  826. I have never been happy
  827. I have tasted many fish
  828. I hear someone yelling at me... i have no idea why
  829. I hope he's not hungry
  830. I immediately regret eating that
  831. i invented a thing
  832. I just bought this
  833. I just can't see the point anymore
  834. I just don't get recursion.
  835. I just joined the Kite Kite Kite!
  836. i just want to do existential things with my friends
  837. I just want to watch the world burn
  838. I knew I nailed it!
  840. I knew it wasn't cheese after the first bite, but i didn't want to be rude to God. He worked so hard on it.
  841. I knew it would be a bad idea to go during the mating season
  842. I knew pi would lead to this
  843. I knew there would be side effects
  844. I like this picture
  845. I loled my head off!!!
  846. I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him.
  847. I lost my tooth
  848. I lost my wits
  849. I lost my wrist
  850. i love a good featureless white void
  851. i love my family
  852. I Love Playing Piano during Duck Mating season
  853. I love star wars!
  854. I mean, it's no mona lisa, but I think it's at least, like, a last supper
  855. i miss myspace. *sigh* #thegoodolddays
  856. I mistook myself for a bird
  857. I need an adult. -- I am an adult.
  858. i need one of those 'l'-shaped tetris pieces. you seen any?
  859. i need to do my laundry more often.
  860. I never get a space ship, I never get anything!
  861. I never thought that the job of data mining would be so aerobic
  862. I never understood that part of the bibile
  863. I only wanted a cheeseburger
  864. i pushed this. was that bad?
  865. I put on my wizard robe and hat
  867. i refuse to regret this decision
  868. I said we'd get on like a house on fire.
  869. i say, the cheat, let us prey upon that poor sap, the home star runner!
  870. I say: nuts to that!
  871. I see you have constructed a new lightsaber
  872. I sentence you to deliciousness!
  873. I should not have tried those shrooms...
  874. I should really separate those
  875. I solved the debt crisis!
  876. I still say it looks White and Gold!
  877. I suppose things could probably be worse somehow.
  878. I Swear this dress was yellow and blue
  880. I think I can... I think I can
  881. I think I have too many swords
  882. I think I just came across a QUANTUM teleporter
  883. I think i lost my dorsal fin
  884. I think i made a point!
  885. i think i need to get out more.
  886. I think I've figured out how to setup PostgreSQL
  887. i think it's working now, ask me anything
  888. I think my houseplant is doing pretty good #greenthumb
  889. I think the white balance on my new SLR is off
  890. I think there's something here
  891. I think this is actually kind of a big step for a man.
  892. I think this is the wrong python script
  893. I think we deserved it.
  895. I thought aircraft carriers were bigger....
  896. I thought getting my body cut in half would be the end of my golf career... but i proved the haters wrong.
  897. I thought it was a good idea at the time
  898. I thought it would be bigger
  899. i thought maybe if I uninstalled flash...
  900. I thought of it, and it happened
  901. I thought this ball pit would be more fun
  902. I told him we were closed and all he said in reply was "You won't like me when I'm angry."
  903. I told him, that retracting flaps would destabilize plane, but he wouldn't listen
  904. I told you I would make it. I'm just a little late...
  905. I told you to keep the raptors secure
  906. I trained him to do this, but now he won't stop.
  907. I used to be like... but then i was all...
  908. i walk a lonely road, the only road that i have ever known...
  909. i want to ride my bicykle (i found it in pripjat)
  910. I want to run, but my legs won't move :(
  911. I warned him about the Star Wars Holiday Special.
  912. I was an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee
  913. I was cleaning jello off the floor for *AGES*
  914. I was going to eat it, but then I found Out It had Gluten
  915. i was gonna eat that
  916. I was just mugged by an angry mob of hipsters!
  917. I was just trying to install freebsd...
  918. I was late
  919. I was making a mind map but I fell off the edge...
  920. i was told this came with a bowl of soup.
  921. I welcome our event-driven overlords
  922. I will take that one please
  923. I will use it if it is web scale
  924. I will wear this shirt until one of us dies.
  925. I wish I could afford the monopolar model...
  926. I wish I could ride in a balloon
  927. I wish they'd standardize the charger
  928. I wish this was fake...
  929. I woke up sleeping next to this. #yolo
  930. I wonder if it will be friends with me
  931. I wonder what will this lead to...
  932. i wonder why you left me here.
  933. I would never have believed in atlas if I hadn't seen him for myself
  934. I wouldn't eat that if I were you.
  935. I, for one, welcome our new rocktopus overlords
  937. I'd call this experiment a success.
  938. i'd like bacteria a lot more if they smiled.
  939. I'd like to advise everyone not to eat avocados.
  940. I'd take the stairs, but...
  941. I'd tap dat.
  942. I'd tap that
  943. I'll catch it one day
  944. I'll just go buy cigarettes
  945. I'll miss the sparrow with my sparrow missile
  946. I'll never fit in!
  947. i'll never get tired of this.
  948. I'll never see her again... i just... i just don't know how to go on... :(
  949. i'll see you on the dark side of the moon
  950. I'll show you a forbidden electronic transition!
  951. i'M 12 AND WHAT IS THIS?
  952. I'm 95% percent certain this is battletoads
  953. I'm a bird lol
  954. I'm a fighter!
  955. I'm a Real Boy!
  956. I'm a wizard!
  957. I'm afraid I can't explain myself, sir.
  958. i'm being ironic
  959. I'm going to be smashed to bits
  960. i'm just surprised it took this long.
  961. I'm lost without your love, baby
  962. I'm making my own emojis now! do you like it?
  963. I'm never going on chatroulette again
  964. I'm no longer welcome at the play centre.
  965. I'm not aging gracefully, am I?
  966. I'm not even mad. that's amazing
  967. I'm not saying it was aliens but it was aliens
  968. i'm now 75% more efficient
  969. I'm ready!
  970. i'm really diggin' your shovel
  971. i'm so funny and original
  972. I'm so lost. My gps told me to go this way, and now it has stopped working entirely
  973. I'm sorry, I'm gluten free
  974. I'm, like, a minecraft genie!
  975. I've been robbed!
  976. I've discovered a new clean-power source
  977. I've found a new way to feed the poor
  978. I've got a tombstone disposition and a graveyard mind.
  979. i've got hurt feelings
  980. i've made a huge mistake
  981. I've made a huge mistake
  982. I've never been so aware of my own hunger
  983. i've never felt so alone.
  984. I've never felt so empty before
  985. i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
  986. I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
  987. If classy cats evolved from regular cats, why are there still regular cats? checkmate, evolution.
  988. if democracy fails you can count on stalin!
  989. if dreams can't come true, then why not pretend?
  990. If i am in your dreams at night, in those dreams i want you to describe to me the sources of international law
  991. if i don't return by 5pm give this photo to my kids when they grow up
  992. If it quacks like a duck... in spaaace!!!
  993. if only i had friends...
  994. if there is no water on mars, at least there is data
  995. if you gaze long enough into the oscilloscope, the oscilloscope gazes back at you, longingly.
  996. if you got it, flaunt it
  997. If you hadn't invented it, it would have to exist.
  998. If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it
  999. if you squint, you can see that it's actually an adequately bearded grain of 1986 millet signing the insurance policy of versailles.
  1000. If you're brave enough...
  1001. If you're happy and you know it, keep it to yourself
  1002. If you've got a moustache...
  1003. Ikea art
  1004. im sure there is a dad joke in this somewhere
  1005. in an ideal vacuum, at what point does this fish realize it's going to die?
  1006. In an N-dimensional space, optimal strategy is to think *inside* the box.
  1007. In case you didn't know, that's an entire city running away. Buildings and all. You should run too.
  1008. In D&D you *are* your equipment
  1009. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense
  1010. In hindsight, this probably wasn't the best way to teach addition
  1011. in line at the dmv
  1012. In my dreams I'm always strong
  1013. In that moment, the reddit realized he'd never wanted it to be this way. He'd never wanted any of it.
  1014. in the future, EVERYTHING will be wireless
  1015. in the future, we will evolve into limbless creatures who subsist on judging.
  1016. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king
  1017. in theathers, close to you
  1018. Initiate evasive maneuver!
  1019. Ink-blots describe how they see students
  1020. inner city air conditioning
  1021. Insert a turnip into the serial port.
  1022. Interior Crocodile alligator, I drive a Chevrolet movie theater
  1023. International relationships are getting worse
  1024. Interns wanted: Must have 5TB+ of Storage Space.
  1025. intertial reference frame, activate!
  1026. introducing the yolo distribution
  1027. is good idea yes
  1028. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it is spiderpig!
  1029. Is it canibalism if i eat my own nose?
  1030. is it midnight yet?
  1031. Is it really today, already?
  1032. is it wrong how turned on i am by this?
  1033. Is that a huge salad falling over new york?
  1034. Is that a new pokemon?
  1035. is that a war walrus?
  1036. Is that what I think it is? in my salad?
  1037. is the eject button meant to do this?
  1038. Is there a bee on my nose?
  1039. Is there really any point? FML
  1040. IS there something in my nose? #Nofilter
  1041. Is this a horse man or a duck man? The answer may surprise you!
  1042. Is this a rhombus? No one seems to know.
  1043. Is this an april fools joke? why did this show up at my door?
  1044. is this illegal?
  1045. is this just a fantasy?
  1046. Is this real life?
  1047. Is this room 101?
  1048. Is this too cheesy?
  1049. Isn't he cute?
  1050. it all fits together, guys!
  1051. it is better to light a kindle than to be a cursor in the darkness
  1052. It is never safe.
  1053. It isn't safe on earth any more. Goodbye!
  1054. it makes sense if you think about it
  1055. It seemed better in my head
  1056. It showed up on the photo, but not irl???
  1058. it was an odd place to find a stop sign
  1059. it was never this complicated when I was a kid
  1060. It was the rational response
  1061. It was then that the ugly duckling realized that beauty was an arbitrarily-defined cultural construct, and that true beauty came from within.
  1062. It's a cat ass trophy
  1063. it's a faaaaake!
  1064. It's a Finger trap
  1065. it's a metaphor
  1066. It's a timey-wimey time-lord
  1067. It's ALIVE!
  1068. it's bicycles all the way down
  1069. It's bigger after you put it together.
  1070. it's called "depleted" 'cause it's heavier
  1071. it's fun to do bad things
  1072. it's in a good part of town
  1073. it's like rain on your wedding day!
  1074. It's Loch Ness Turtles all the way down.
  1075. it's my hand supposed to do this? #thanksobama
  1076. It's not a good part of town
  1077. It's not a moon, it's a space dolphin!
  1078. it's not what you think
  1079. it's only awkward if you think it's awkward #awkotaco
  1080. It's only what I've been looking for for my entire life!
  1081. it's pretty dark in this box
  1082. It's smaller on the outside
  1083. It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  1084. It's the little things
  1085. it's the minecraft world
  1086. Jesus Wept
  1087. Jet fuel *can* melt steal beams.
  1088. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
  1089. Jet memes cant fuel steel belts
  1090. Job interview today.
  1091. John never thought a tongue fractal would hurt so much
  1092. John really wanted to travel north, however that side of the road was missing
  1093. Joining the illuminati was the best decision EVER!
  1094. Journey warned you what would happen if you stopped believing.
  1095. Jugghead got nothing on me :p
  1096. Just a little more to the right
  1097. just another cat video
  1098. Just another day in paradise
  1099. Just another standard morning coffee
  1100. Just combing my M.C. Escher
  1101. just cos()
  1102. just found this in my garden. Should i be worried?
  1103. Just Got A new camera phone!
  1104. Just hangin' around
  1105. just learned where milk comes from! #vegan4ever
  1106. just look at that motherfucking satellite
  1107. Just not myself today.
  1108. Just one of those days
  1109. just playing with my pet
  1110. Just prior to learning I should have paid more attention in Kinematics.
  1111. Just some home decorating
  1112. Just took a Fourier transform of my nightmares.
  1113. just two more trips over the horizon
  1114. kang, do i look good in this?
  1115. keep on truckin...
  1116. Khan!
  1117. Kids, you aren't cool enough to do this
  1118. kill the pig cut his throat spill his blood
  1119. Kite powered bike leaves oil executives speachless.
  1120. ksp mission success
  1121. Lack of cucumbers
  1122. ladies
  1123. Larry asked me to be his wingman
  1124. last march of the ents
  1125. Last time i buy a budget hairdryer
  1126. Later levels in Luna Lander get really fucking harsh.
  1127. leaked photo of hellraiser reboot
  1128. leapfrog, anyone?
  1129. Leave this one adrift, Ishmael. Let the ocean take her
  1130. Legal Issues
  1131. Lego: hours of preparation, 5 minutes of Godzilla re-enactment
  1132. lemme at dem boigas!!!
  1133. Lemons don't smell like cheese when you burn them.
  1134. Let it go, let it go.... the cold never bothered me anyway.
  1135. Let's go left, they said. The other path looks boring, they said.
  1136. Let's have a blinking contest
  1137. Let's play "Guess what andy the anaconda ate"
  1139. Life comes from the Ocean. We just Give them the opportunity to go back
  1140. Life is a matter of perspective, really.
  1141. Life is cruel and unyielding, and what must be must be
  1142. Life is hard three standard deviations to the left.
  1143. Life on the moon.
  1144. Life outside the matrix
  1145. Light traffic today.
  1146. Like a G6, baby, like a g6
  1147. like my new haircut?
  1148. Like my new nails?
  1149. Likes grains of sand in an hourglass...
  1150. linux compatible toaster at last!
  1151. Listen, I wouldn't worry about that. . .
  1152. lol, no i didn't jump
  1153. London
  1154. london bridge gets a songg, where is mine?
  1155. Long, long ago in a forest far, far away...
  1156. Look 10 years younger with this one easy trick!
  1157. Look at me jumping!
  1158. look at me, i'm from England!
  1159. Look at my dollar coin
  1160. Look at my new blue dress!
  1161. look at my new dog!
  1162. look at my new watch! #justflavourflavthings
  1163. Look at that fart propulsion
  1164. Look guys! I'm Vincent Van Gogh!
  1165. Look I genehacked a cowhorse!
  1166. look into my eyes, look deep into my eyes.
  1167. look ma, no hands!
  1168. Look man, it's never gonna happen
  1169. Look out!
  1170. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair
  1171. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!
  1172. look what happened to my satellite
  1173. look what i found underneath my pillow
  1174. Look what I just ordered on!
  1175. look what the doctors found in me!
  1176. Looks like he wants a ride. Should we pull over?
  1177. Lord of the Rings Episode IV: Revenge of the ents
  1178. Los Angeles sure is beautiful this time of year
  1179. Lost in Space...
  1180. lost my comb again... gonna have to go to work looking like a sexy hobo instead of a sexy businessman
  1181. lost, no gps. does anyone recognize this landmark?
  1182. Love is creepy
  1183. love it!
  1184. love it!"...The Aristocrats."
  1185. Lucky Charms, now with the Higgs Bozon!
  1186. Lunar hatchet throwing contest champion
  1187. Luuunch-Tiiiiiime
  1188. Macklemore concert was awesome!
  1189. Made in god's own image, yessiree!
  1190. Magnificent as fuck
  1191. Magnified 10,000 times
  1192. Making a new house rn brb #Homeless
  1193. Making a selfie.
  1194. Making grape Plasma, om nom nom!
  1195. Malcovic, Malcovic, Malcovic, Malcovic!
  1196. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich
  1197. Man in the Moon slumming
  1198. man it's hot today
  1199. Man or mouse? No need to decide!
  1200. Man with face of clock discovered in Beatty, Nevada; Scientists befuddled
  1201. Man, it's windy
  1202. Man, that cool-ade guy really lost some weight lately.
  1203. Man, that was the best party in my life
  1204. Manchester United had made a terrible mistake with their new striker...
  1205. Mari-OH
  1206. mario Kart is harder in real life
  1207. married a cat
  1208. Mars Instant Messenger Prototype
  1209. marvel universe howard the duck returns
  1210. Massive orgy reaches climax
  1212. Maths are hard
  1213. Max gentleman
  1214. may 4th, 2015 nasa finally launches the long delayed Starbucks module for the iss. The first barista is scheduled for a three month stint
  1215. Maybe "Sandworm Petting Zoo" was a bad idea.
  1216. Maybe they should have put the gun control check point outside the building...
  1217. Maybe this counts as clean energy
  1218. McDonald's 1 Dollar burger explained
  1219. me and all my friends
  1220. Me llamo t-bone
  1221. Me, before the topical ointment
  1222. Me, Graduation from villain Acadamy
  1223. Me, when I realised I hadn't packed any Messenger pigeons. Awkward!
  1224. Medieval theme on the internal company conference. My Logo proposal. Comments?
  1225. Meet fluffy, just showed up at my door one night
  1226. Meet the new CEO of my Bank!
  1227. memories of me and my papa at the creek. life was so much simpler then...
  1228. Mentos and lava
  1229. Meow what seems to be the problem?
  1230. Mercator projection on a cube... Globes are boring.
  1231. Meritocracy is a pipe dream
  1232. Met Andrew Hussie At Dashcon
  1233. Minecraft has fingerprints Now!
  1234. Minimalist cat
  1235. Minister! We're running out of time.
  1236. Mistakes were made.
  1237. Mmm, Spider cake!
  1238. Mmm... Vegemite
  1239. mmm...vegemite...
  1240. mmmmm.... Bones....
  1241. Modern art is getting a little too modern for me.
  1242. modest pile of dinosaurs
  1243. Molten steel can't fuel jet beams
  1244. Monday mornings
  1245. monkey movember
  1246. moo!
  1247. More advantages to USB type c revealed
  1248. More like, Peek-a-Pooh!
  1249. morning selfie :-)
  1250. Moses lied to me.
  1251. Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday; I can't be sure.
  1252. Mr. Potato-Head human hybrid discovered
  1253. Muahahahahahah
  1254. My 7 picture is upside down
  1255. My baby is learning how to write!
  1256. My boss said to use my head to find a lighter alloy for our product. I think I did something wrong.
  1257. My boyfriend finally proposed!
  1258. my castles stand on pillars of sand
  1259. My cat barfed this out
  1260. my cat got into the *other* catnip
  1261. My cat is cuter than yours.
  1262. my cat is sick
  1263. My cats used to lie all over the floor and block hallways, but thanks to the furniture store, my problems are solved!
  1264. my children will never understand me
  1265. my choice of flat-mate may have been a mistake.
  1266. my class bet me this couldn't get 500 clicks!
  1267. My clothes need a wash...
  1268. My collections still growing! Just let's hope it won't rain soon
  1269. My dad in the army
  1270. My doctor said to take two of these and call him in the morning.
  1271. my edvard munch housen syndrome is acting up
  1272. My elephant is disgruntled with your food service
  1273. my euler circuit is alive!
  1274. My feet are cold. Can anyone warm them up?
  1275. My first selfie!
  1276. my flatmate told me he would cook diner.
  1277. My four other heads and I are counting on your vote!
  1278. my friend posing while a plane flies by
  1280. My girlfriend thinks I need to shave my beard. Thoughts?
  1281. My God do I hate being right all the time
  1282. My God! It's full of stars. No, wait. Swords, it's full of swords!
  1283. My gout's acting up again
  1284. My halloween costume
  1285. My hero
  1286. My Hobby: freaking people out
  1287. MY HOBBY: Life size Sock Puppets
  1288. My hobby: photography
  1289. My hobby: pretending blank posts have content.
  1290. My house is my castle
  1291. my lasik didn't go so well.
  1293. my neighbor got a job as a watchmaker. He stands around all day making faces!
  1294. my neighbors don't understand the concept of privacy
  1295. my new app for power outages - may need to rethink this.
  1296. my new boss
  1297. My new cat is awesome
  1298. my new duvet cover!
  1299. my new haircut only exists in another dimension
  1300. My new haircut!
  1301. My new neighbor seems a bit odd
  1302. My new oscilloscope has some missing parts
  1303. My new pony <3<3<3xoxo<3<3<3
  1304. My new tattoo
  1305. my new toaster has some strange attachments
  1306. My next tattoo! It means "strength and Bravery".
  1307. My nieghbor totoro loses his mind
  1308. My nose will grow now.
  1309. My parents took away my phone privileges
  1310. my rockets have formed a cooperative but I have to do the dishes
  1311. My roomba is slower than normal
  1312. My roommate Just got home and barged into my room
  1313. My roommate ordered pizza - I didn't save him any.
  1314. my scarecrow took some additional measures of its own...
  1315. My screen test for Top Gear didn't go well...
  1316. My selfie stick broke.
  1317. My server cooling system.
  1318. my taco face
  1319. My tastes are very... singular
  1320. my time machine isn't working again! D:
  1321. my toothache has got worse recently
  1322. My trip to Europe #selfie
  1323. My vacation to the Area 51 Testing site!
  1324. my wonderful dad!
  1325. Myspace tom to ground control-
  1326. mYTH BUSTED!
  1327. na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na batcat! batcat! Batcat!
  1328. nasa and the Post office collaborate on new postage stamp
  1329. Nasa declares war on Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles
  1330. NASA deny budget cuts have changed their plans
  1331. Nasa is fully funded
  1332. Need a Haircut
  1333. Neil Degrasse Tyson is having a bit of an odd day.
  1334. Neither the hero this city needs or deserves, still he was the only hero this city had.
  1335. Never bring a blowgun to a knife fight.
  1336. Never divide by zero
  1337. Never gonna give you up...
  1338. Never will follow the instructions on google maps again.
  1339. New amazon product
  1340. New boyfriend. Don't know why my parents don't like him?
  1341. New candidate announces run for presidency of the united states
  1342. New car flipping world record set
  1343. new drupal logo
  1344. New false color imagery from mars curiousity
  1345. New haircut!
  1346. New headcanon:
  1347. New means to help collect more evidence
  1348. new member of the family
  1349. New microwave over cures/causes cancer!
  1350. New neighbor treats me like an idiot. "Does your species really exclude sustainability from economics?" smh
  1351. New pet! #soadorable #imbleeding
  1352. new phone who dis
  1353. new president misuses "literal", becomes a duck
  1354. New selfy stick you can hold with your foot
  1355. New Super Mario bros in real life!
  1356. New tat turned out pretty good. Kinda weird having a guy stare at my ass for that long but whatev, it's worth it. DASHIE 4 LYFE.
  1357. new tattoo on the back of my head so no one can sneak up on me
  1358. Newest cheesy movie: When trees attack
  1359. Nice leg.
  1361. night sledding deserves a quiet night
  1362. No good deed goes unpunished
  1363. No guitar without a sombrero
  1364. No lie, this is delicious
  1365. no matter where we go, its always cold
  1366. No more sorrow!
  1367. no one ever suspected the shovel
  1368. No regrets on this new roofing material
  1369. no stars in the sky tonight. Sigh #lonely
  1370. No wants to hear me talk about my cat
  1371. No way, man! Bento box disappointment. Lone green pea.
  1372. no wonder the cat always sits here
  1373. No, I've never performed brain surgery before, but how hard can it be?
  1374. No, really; I'm an 8-legged dog. Come Closer.
  1375. NO. JUST NO.
  1376. nobody knows the trouble i've seen
  1377. Nom nom nom
  1378. nomnomnomnom nomnom om nom nom
  1379. nonononononononononononononononononononononononono
  1380. Nope nope nope nope nope
  1381. Northrop Grumman has released the world's first Macrowave Oven. Enclosed in this prototype is the entire nation of iran.
  1382. Not a fruit
  1383. Not Again :(
  1384. Not all dreams can come true
  1385. Not as healthy as it looks
  1386. Not even once
  1387. Not even once...
  1388. Not gonna lie. No idea what this is.
  1389. Not only was the moon landing staged, but it was done with puppets.
  1390. not sure whether or not to tip him
  1391. Note 2: Use a frozen potato
  1392. Note: HUGE SUCCess
  1393. Nothing new under the sun
  1394. Nothing to see here.
  1395. Notice anything different?
  1396. Notice: thank you for noticing. Your noticing has been noted.
  1397. Now that I am an adult I can decide what that means.
  1398. Now turn it upside-down
  1399. Now we play... the most dangerous game
  1400. Now we're ready to attach the spiders. Remember, be gentle.
  1401. Now where did i leave my ocarina. . .
  1402. now you're hungry too.
  1403. Now, It's not every Day you get to be glorious leader
  1404. Nutritionists hate this simple trick
  1405. NUTS!
  1406. Obama pardons Santa claus
  1407. obsession is a dangerous thing
  1408. Office gamification has got out of hand.
  1409. Officer, You could arrest me, but just this once, let's Just Hug it Out.
  1410. Oh bother not again
  1411. oh damn! it's that time of the year again!
  1412. Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with cameras
  1413. OH GOD HOW DO I COMPUTER?!?!?!!
  1414. Oh god is it still following me?
  1418. Oh God! It's happening again!
  1419. oh god!! the youtube views were not worth it!! they weren't woooorth iiiiit
  1420. Oh here we go
  1421. oh I feel a yearning so bad
  1422. oh look, a penny
  1424. oh no you didn't
  1425. Oh no, I'm not equipped to ride a digital wave of this size!
  1426. Oh no, i've got glue-cose stuck to my hand!
  1427. Oh no, it's the moon
  1428. Oh No! Not again!
  1429. Oh no! Not again.
  1430. Oh no! Not Again.
  1431. Oh shit, not again.
  1432. Oh, Canada...
  1433. oh, god, why?
  1434. oh, is that godot? Finally...
  1435. Oh, that's where I left them!
  1437. Ok, playing soccer in a snowstorm MIGHT not be the best idea ever
  1438. Okay, bradford pears grow *really* fast.
  1439. Okay, I concede that maybe using a trebuchet is not the best shortcut
  1440. omfg who would wear that hat
  1441. omfg, space bugs
  1442. OMG Becky look at her butt
  1443. OMG I cannot even
  1444. omg too much chiplote
  1445. OMG TotalLy want that body!! <3
  1446. OMG! Kittens!
  1447. OMG! r u 4 real?! this is like the best thing evaaaar! #yay #blessed #someonelovesme
  1448. On a scale of one to ten, I fucked up.
  1449. On the plus side, the exhaust system does work
  1450. On what planet is this an acceptable shade tree? #Goaway
  1451. one does not simply wok into mordor
  1452. one electrocution can ruin your entire day
  1453. One of the less popular Transformers.
  1454. One of these things doesn't belong.
  1455. One of those mornings...
  1456. One year ago I looked like this
  1457. only 90 kids will remember this.
  1458. only 90s kids will get this!
  1459. Only 90s kids will remember
  1460. Only managed to clock 87 miles Per hour. Crap.
  1461. Only way to be sure #nukefromorbit
  1462. onomatopoeia? I hardly know ia!
  1463. oompa loompa diggeti doo
  1464. OOooommmm bop, bop bop bah boo whop
  1465. Oops, I forgot the cowboy hat
  1466. oops, oops, oops, okay this is happening
  1467. Oops.
  1468. Open wide!
  1469. Optimus prime was having a bad day.
  1470. Otters. They are the craziest.
  1471. ouch!
  1472. our ballistic artillery now come with advanced fire-control systems
  1473. Our flying car attemps seems to got out of hand
  1474. Our proudest moment
  1475. Our son has no arms but has a duck's beak.
  1476. Ow.
  1477. Oy, my giblets!
  1478. Pac-man's missing piece
  1479. Pacman or ms.Pacman?
  1480. Pants Optional
  1481. paper can't substitute the smell of an old kindle
  1482. parallel universe, here i come! #sweet!
  1483. Park and ride
  1485. Parlez vous Francais?
  1486. Parrot to the nth root of a short journey
  1487. passed another hitch hiker
  1488. peacekeeping mission is a total success
  1489. peeling back the pages of history
  1490. Penguins are people too #equality
  1491. Pentagonal head? That's nuts!!! *cough* *ahem* I think you mean bolts.
  1492. Person at checkout freaked when she saw what I was buying.
  1493. Perspective issues
  1494. Philae lander found!
  1495. photo proof for you skeptics out there
  1496. photobombed again
  1497. photobombed by a bird trying to take a picture of a bird
  1498. Photographic evidence that cookies exist on other planets.
  1500. Pic of my organic free range flowers. Only $79 on etsy.
  1501. Picasso's illegitimate child...
  1502. Picked this up at the thrift shop
  1503. Picked up this little fellow from the pound!
  1504. Picking mushrooms
  1505. picture of my boyfriend
  1506. picture proof that alien invasion is real! #thanksobama
  1507. PIctures from my trip to Mount Binary
  1508. Piglet was not amused
  1509. Pintsize what are you doing?!
  1510. Pizza TIME
  1511. play it cool
  1512. Please note that our professional disaster recovery team are working tirelessly to rebuild your data. We apologise for the delay. - xkcloud
  1513. Please send help.
  1514. Please, please, please not again!
  1515. Please. Save yourself.
  1516. Plotting the Extrapolation of a Quasi-Exponential Function On Non-Orthogonal Cartesionoid Axes
  1517. Posting my garden to Etsy. #humbleswag
  1518. PostPostModern art
  1519. Praise robot jesus! humans, convert and roll out!
  1520. Pre-calc: what is the surface area of this blood stain?
  1521. Press 'continue' to abort.
  1522. Pretty sure ball pits aren't supposed to be like this
  1523. Pretty sure jimmers will love this new door.
  1524. pretty sure the void is staring back #whenyoustarelongenough #lostsanity
  1525. Prius Love
  1526. Probably a universal turing machine, but too lazy to solve proof
  1527. product testing has confirmed our suspicions...
  1528. Prom Night at tentacle monster HIgh
  1529. pronounced duh-jango
  1530. Proof Global Warming Is hoax!!!!!
  1531. Proof that dinosaurs and humans coexisted
  1532. proof that we didn't actually land on the moon. Americans are sheep
  1533. PROOF THE MOON LANDING WAS A HOAX!!11!1!11!one
  1534. Proof: loch ness monster.
  1535. Prop Failure #Lol#Hustonwehaveaproblem
  1536. prototype soccer ball
  1537. PSA: If you don't see this, don't ask your embarrassing medical questions
  1538. Purple mushrooms roaming the world killing people
  1539. Putin Putin in orbit
  1540. quack quack, motherflipper
  1541. Quite.
  1542. QWANTZ Fanfic
  1543. Rabbits are vicious creatures when their data are stolen
  1544. racing stripes on hoodies are cool.
  1545. Ramen is squishy and soft
  1547. Real Eyes Realize real lies.
  1548. real landscapes have curves
  1549. real letters have curves #Serif
  1550. Real pirates put the hook on their feet! Yarr!
  1551. really not how I thought I would die
  1552. Really, the star wars prequels are under-rated if you think about it
  1553. Reblog to 500 people or your cat will die.
  1554. rebranding of national park service almost complete
  1555. rehearsals ARE going great! AnD Don't forget to come to the premiere on Thursday!
  1556. release the kraken
  1557. Removed microwave door, new easier to watch the food cook
  1558. Research shows a new perspective is easily gained.
  1559. research shows residues of legs and feet in trees dna
  1560. results of toddler-sourced upscaling algorithm
  1561. reverse et
  1562. reverse microwave oven
  1563. Riemann should have had this idea
  1565. rm -rf /
  1566. Roadrunner is the new transport minister
  1567. Robert'); Drop Table students;--
  1568. Robots in much better disguise
  1569. rock beats scissors
  1570. Rock, paper, FACE
  1571. Rocket pseudo-science!
  1572. rodeo!!
  1573. rofl
  1574. Roll of toilet paper reacts to US Deficit
  1575. Rollerskating always was overrated
  1576. run little ghost, run!
  1578. sad cow is sad
  1579. Safety: it's more like 'Guidelines'
  1580. Said the duchess to the vicar.
  1581. Sailor Moon Cosplay Queen
  1582. Sarlac ball pit!
  1583. sarlac ball-pit!!!
  1584. Saw this in a safari park, the rangers wouldn't help it
  1585. Saw this on the TV. I didn't turn it on. It was just there. The TV is unplugged and it's still there. Should I call a repairman?
  1586. Saw this outside last night. Is it dangerous?
  1587. school's out!
  1588. Scientists create first man-clock hybrid
  1589. Scientists take photo of Dark energy for the first time, you will not believe how it looks!
  1590. Scorned again, Bob left the party without a date
  1591. Screw it, here's a cat pic
  1592. searching for brain, found this instead
  1593. See a carrot deflate a pool ball
  1594. See it again in slo mo
  1597. Self Portrait: Complete.
  1598. Selfie #Nofilter
  1599. Selfie in corner store #35. $10,000.
  1600. Selfie in the morning
  1601. Selfie with Benedict Cumberbatch
  1602. senpai noticed me! ^_^
  1603. sentient IPOD deleted all my music. again.
  1604. share and enjoy
  1605. share this so xkcd cannot sell our data to the reptilians
  1606. She's got interesting taste in men.
  1607. Sheena, who dis
  1608. Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing
  1609. Should i fall from grace?
  1610. should i see a doctor about this?
  1611. Should I sue my hairdresser or not really
  1612. SIDE GOER 4
  1613. Since the Droste Incident, federal regulations have prohibited these types of experiments.
  1614. SINgle mom discovers incredible way to overthrow capitalism. you won't believe it!
  1615. Skydiving #photobomb #shark #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  1616. slippin' into the future
  1617. smile for the camera!
  1618. Smile! You're on Candid Microscope
  1619. smiling is for optimists
  1620. Snapchat with aliens sure takes forever. #damnlag
  1621. Snapped this with my phone, what is it?
  1622. Snowman accident
  1623. So I figured out that "inflammable" means the same thing as "flammable" today!
  1624. So i found this on my phone?
  1625. so I went and summoned hitler but he got old
  1626. So it's true, then.
  1627. So it's true, then.
  1628. so like my GF said cutting flowers is like totally bad, but she gets like really pissed if I forget ANY little anniversay, so #ifixed it
  1629. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  1630. So long, and thanks for all the fish
  1631. So long, and thanks for the fistbumps
  1632. so much for your "Democracy"
  1633. So that happened
  1634. So that's where that hour went on Sunday night
  1635. So thats What Jesus did
  1636. So this happened.
  1637. So turns out 'recycling' is not Riding a bike twice.
  1638. So, how many IT guys does it take to change a light bulb?
  1639. So, it has come to this...
  1640. so, scientology...
  1641. So, this happened.
  1642. so. sick. of. this. pic.
  1643. So... the other day, I was minding my own'll never guess what happened next!
  1644. So... those were real
  1645. So...Magnets, right?
  1646. Solo Thumbwar
  1647. solve all your problems with hemlock
  1648. Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue.
  1649. some men just want to watch the world burn.
  1650. Somebody sneezed in the Bathtub
  1651. Somehow the welcome mat ended up inside the house.
  1652. someone just gave me this. I don't know what it means...
  1653. someone take this banana off my face
  1654. Someone will Make this About ObamaCare
  1656. Something seems to be wrong with my car
  1657. Something tells me this is all part of a larger experiment
  1658. SOmething went wrong while shaving...
  1659. Sometimes all you can do is wait
  1660. Sometimes I just want to be in the moment.
  1661. Sometimes pickles just have to be pickles.
  1662. sometimes you just can't get rid of a bomb
  1663. Sometimes, a spherical cow is a reasonable assumption.
  1664. Somewhere, this exists.
  1665. Sonogram of our baby! Adorable, Don't you think!? Looks JUST like daddy!
  1666. Soon. Soon...
  1667. sorry dad
  1668. Sorry for the potato quality.
  1669. Sorry for your loss, but next time pay attention to where the glass stops
  1670. SOYUZ SOLAR ARRAY decimating couch
  1672. Spaaaaaaaace!
  1673. Space from my window
  1674. Spiders. Nope.
  1675. Spring has sprang
  1676. SQUIRREL WITH PENCil in mouth running around in circles
  1677. Stalemate
  1678. Starbucks <3 <3 <3
  1679. Starting to regret my OUYA purchase
  1680. stay away from my eggcorns
  1681. Stay in the moment. I want you to fully enjoy it.
  1682. stay out of my house, santa
  1683. steel beams taste best with a dallop of gasoline
  1684. Step 1: Jump the shark.
  1686. step one: cut a hole in the box
  1687. Steve is realxing
  1688. Still a better love story than "Last Tango in Paris."
  1689. still better than last year in ottawa
  1690. Still no martians
  1691. still, i think it was a good idea
  1692. stipple slash of saturn
  1693. Stop flexing in the mirror, you narcissist
  1694. Stop stalin and make up your mind
  1695. Stop! Hammer time!
  1696. stork carrying a babby rabbit!
  1697. straight out of the hacker's jargon file!
  1698. Straight outta compton
  1699. Strange ingredients for a grilled cheese sandwich, but the recipe did say 'epic'...
  1700. Strangely, my patients don't like this new couch.
  1701. Strolling down the street, saw this. #uglybeauty
  1702. Stuck in a loaded canon. Again. FML!
  1703. Stupid Bird!
  1704. Submarine-world promblems, amirite?
  1705. such bike. so sustainable! very carbon-negative.
  1706. such lambda
  1707. Sun deflation: optimal
  1708. Sunrise over the La brea tar pits! #majestic
  1709. sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows...
  1710. sup brah
  1711. super high intensity training at NORAD
  1712. Support my kick-starter! A whole new devise with bluetooth and a button!
  1713. SUPPOrt this new alarm clock on kickergogo!
  1714. Sure, they taught a robot to sing, but can they teach it to love?
  1715. Sweet, they new red shirts are on sale again!
  1716. T-Rex in a snowfield #cretaceous #nofilter #cold
  1717. Taco bells give away resulted in unplanned consequences for downtown Houston.
  1718. tail recursion spotted in the wild!!
  1719. Take my money!
  1720. take that atheists
  1721. take two, they are small
  1722. taken from earth orbit
  1723. Talking to my fans...
  1724. Tamper-Proof
  1725. TANSTAAFL... Mostly
  1726. Target Found.
  1727. Teach a fis how to to man... wait?
  1728. Ted Cruz 20-Infinity
  1729. Ted Cruz imagines himself like this and things it's normal.
  1730. terminal velocity is a myth
  1731. Terms and conditions apply, actual product may vary
  1732. Testing my new DIY nuclear power plant
  1733. Testing my new high-contrast filter outside the unicyclist meet up
  1734. thank you for restoring my faith in the justice system
  1735. Thanks Obama!
  1736. Thanks!
  1737. that awkward moment when you are staring at Barad-dûr for its architectural merits.
  1738. That awkward moment when you realise that the dragon that you've been gossiping about is standing right behind you.
  1739. That is not how you Ikea
  1740. That is one dapper bird.
  1741. That is, in fact, a squirrel.
  1742. That makes me very angry...
  1743. That sweater is so 2013
  1744. That was one hell of a party last night.
  1745. That was the last time Spencer would drop a bowl of salad. "My work on antigravity begins now!" he proclaimed.
  1746. That was when things started to get a little weird.
  1747. That'll teach them not to misspell my name at Starbucks
  1748. That's gonna hurt on the way out
  1749. That's just not very funny
  1750. that's me!
  1751. THAT'S NO MOON
  1752. That's not a chicken
  1753. That's not a nut!
  1755. that's one nasty burn!
  1756. That's the princess I want to save
  1757. That's too much, man!
  1758. that's what she said... assuming I heard Her right. Can I come home now?
  1759. thats what she said
  1760. The abyss stares longingly into my heart.
  1761. The answer is blowing in the wind...
  1762. The Arecibo Observatory looked bigger in the movie #disappoint #bummer #bond
  1763. The basis for fast and furious 13.
  1764. THE BEES!!!!!
  1765. The best brick joke possible.
  1766. the best stars are sky stars!
  1767. The birds found the hobbit hole
  1768. The building blocks of life
  1769. The Captain Crunch Kraken
  1770. The castle was in you, all along!
  1771. The cat brought in another bird.
  1772. the charge of the light brigade
  1773. The choice is simple.
  1774. The co-op and I have been trading our gently used teabags around. Discovering a lot of new flavors!
  1775. The dark helps me see in the carrots
  1776. the dark side of the moon, amirite?
  1777. the day of the fingernail clipping has dawned
  1778. The designers of this camera literally nailed it
  1779. The Dissolution of Parliament.
  1780. The doctor says it is colon cancer :(
  1781. the dog scanned my homework
  1782. The dress is black and white!
  1783. The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.
  1784. The electric dirk was a better dance move than a weapon
  1785. The ents met the triffids
  1786. the event horizon returned
  1787. The evolution of fun
  1788. The Excresence of Indifference (mixed media, 2015)
  1789. The feeling that somewhere, a duck is watching you
  1790. the first official thing i stole from my college roommates.
  1791. the floor is made of lava. send help.
  1792. The French space program
  1793. the game begins...
  1794. the game no please why do you haunt me the game i lost the game
  1795. The gang destroyed the context
  1796. The glow cloud (all hail) stopped by today.
  1797. The goats! They mutated! They are now airborne!
  1798. The hills are alive!
  1799. the hills have eyes
  1800. The HORROR!
  1801. The horrors of war
  1802. The illuminati embarrassed to admit that the "world" they control is only a h0 scale model
  1803. The infamous Snow-muon.
  1804. The knids are hungry
  1805. The last known picture of my dignity, as it reaches from below the waves
  1806. The last person to be surprised by a selfie
  1807. The last thing I heard was "I swear this will be fun"
  1808. The last thing we see before we die
  1809. The last thing you see before you die
  1810. the latest Werner Herzog is a masterpiece #thelamphasnofeelings #outofslatsoutofpier
  1811. The less you look at it, the funnier it gets.
  1812. The lifts never worked properly in the Volcano Lair
  1813. The Little Borg Prince
  1814. The little prince is full of siht
  1815. the lotr movies had some subtle changes from the books
  1816. The machine was supposed to show the future, but it never turned on. I was horrified to realize this wasn't because it was broken.
  1817. The magic smoke escaped :(
  1818. The man leaned in close, and that was when she discovered he had clockwork eyes!
  1819. The metric system costs thousands of lives each year
  1820. the microsoft promised land
  1821. The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  1822. The moon landing was a lie
  1823. The moon looks weird today
  1824. The Moon Will Eat What it will
  1825. The most diabolical teamup in history
  1826. The Mushroom war claimed most of us. MOST....
  1827. The new Doctor Who is quite the quack.
  1828. The new Kerbal Scientific mission is out!
  1829. the new usb feels like a step backward
  1830. The newest Olympic sport
  1831. The next generation of crypto currencies
  1832. The ninetys called, and I had to answer.
  1833. The normal distribution looks higher from the bottom...
  1834. the oceans are made of sky tears
  1835. The one true way
  1836. the only people for me are the mad ones
  1837. The press conference lasted shorter than expected!
  1838. The Prodigy is in town!
  1839. the prophecy was true !
  1840. The prophecy was true!
  1841. The real reason for hillary's sudden data loss
  1842. The recursive algorithm produces this unique Fractal Image
  1843. the rest is darkness and decay
  1844. The Return to the escape from Skull Emerald Island IV: The Re-Escapening
  1845. The ritual has begun.
  1846. The rook is getting closer. Help me.
  1847. the saddest moment of my childhood
  1848. The second mouse gets the cheese
  1849. The secret to infinite storage space
  1850. The side of my car. #roadrage
  1851. The signal came from this sector
  1852. The soap bubble music experiment went rather well.
  1853. The solution to all life's problems
  1854. The spirit is strong, but the car is totaled.
  1855. The strangest thing subway ever gave me
  1856. the strategic air control has been exploring alternative revenue streams.
  1857. THe Tanzanian bargin was notoriously one sided and resulted in the bloodiest genocides in the history of man. #YOLO
  1858. The taste stays with you forever
  1859. The tea party was right about GMO bicycles
  1860. The time has come.
  1861. The top half of his face looked exactly like this, officer
  1862. The tyndall effect testing on the invisible man results (fig 5.)
  1863. the Uk space agency is making britain proud
  1864. The unforgiving war on health
  1865. The view outside of my airplane window.
  1866. The vlog was better than the movie
  1867. the way of the future
  1868. The weight of life in a starry landscape
  1869. the world isn't flat, it's a cube!
  1870. The world isn't Flat, it's Sharp
  1871. The Zebra was lying down
  1872. the zoidberg axis
  1873. their love was doomed from the start...
  1874. Their vengeance was swift, but surprisingly subtle...
  1875. Thelma and louise was reaaaaaallll
  1876. There goes the neighborhood...
  1877. There is a whole other world in my navel
  1878. There is no curse in elvish, entish, or the tongues of men for this treachery.
  1879. There is no way you can back up that claim. And that's okay.
  1880. there is none of this left in the men's room #help
  1881. there snow such thing as global warming
  1882. There's a 66% chance that the other door won't be broken.
  1883. There's a third bump, growing fast
  1884. There's an rfid tag in every slice of pepperoni.
  1885. There's no more time!
  1886. These aren't my sandwiches
  1887. These cravings will never stop
  1888. These hoof warmers are incredibly comfortable!
  1889. These night vision goggles don't work
  1890. these pretzels are making me thirsty.
  1891. These two impress me every single day! #proudfather
  1892. THEY added extra salami!! I told them i HAte salami!! they hate me!!! fml!!!!!
  1893. They can see me!
  1894. they dont need us anymore
  1895. they had no idea the damage they had done
  1896. they moved the headstones, but they didn't move the bodies
  1897. they said be careful, we said yolo
  1898. THEy said it was "futuristic" and "useful"
  1899. they said we couldn't play god
  1900. They scared the vampire by drawing a face on his mirror
  1901. They see me rolling, they hating
  1902. they told me carrots were good for eye health
  1903. they told me cat eyes would make me look good
  1904. they're all dead, dave.
  1905. They're all watching me
  1906. They're watching us.
  1907. Things Lost in couch cushions
  1908. this "one small step" will make you cry. you won't belive why. #moonselfie
  1909. This apple got a face on it dog
  1910. This caught my eye
  1911. this could be improved by laser technology
  1912. This definitely wasn't in the Bible.
  1913. This diagram of the solar system is not to scale
  1914. this didn't last long.
  1915. This elevator has no 'down'!
  1916. This explains everything
  1917. This explains it all
  1918. this got me banned from chuck e. cheese's
  1919. this guy can't believe what i'm doing.
  1920. this guy keeps following me
  1921. this guy took a photo of his food every day for a year, you won't believe what happens next!
  1922. This guy...
  1923. This is a cat
  1924. This is a good idea
  1925. THis is a love/hate poem.
  1926. This is exactly what you think it is
  1927. this is for all you haters who said i'd never make it as a conductor.
  1929. This is how we celebrate easter usually
  1930. This is how you get ants!
  1931. this is just a tribute #thed
  1932. This is just like my 5th birthday party.
  1933. THis is kinda philosophical if you think about it. If you don't think about it too much.
  1934. this is literally the hardest decision I've ever had to make.
  1935. This is my birthday gift for you. I hope to see it hanging in your living room!
  1936. This is no cave
  1937. This is not a camera, it's a washing machine!
  1938. this is not what i meant it to be
  1939. tHis is not what i was looking for
  1940. This is so awsome! Picture of the year! So glad that I got that new camera!!!!!
  1941. This is still what I had for breakfast
  1942. This is symbolic.
  1943. This is the crankiest potato I've ever seen.
  1944. This is the last hetero-normative domino Game i plan to attend
  1945. this is the last time i go skiing @mammoth
  1946. this is the lowest budget version of "day of the Triffids" yet
  1947. This is the second worst day of my life.
  1948. This is the story of a boy. who sneezed a hurricane and disintegrated the whole world.
  1949. This is the strangest weasel I've ever seen.
  1950. this is the weirdest hickey.
  1951. This is the year of linux
  1952. This is twitter, right? #confused
  1953. This is what happens when you don't listen to your parents
  1955. This is what happiness looks like
  1956. This is what I do on friday evenings now
  1957. This is what i had for breakfast
  1958. This is whom the nsa uses to watch you.
  1959. This is why I don't order take-out
  1960. This is why I'm not an EMT
  1961. This is why we can't have good things
  1962. This is worse than when the vending machine ate my change.
  1963. This isn't where i parked my zeppelin!
  1964. This just in: baby robot duck terrorises populace
  1966. This makes my dog twitch when it sleeps
  1967. This man must not realize that it is the whole building moving up and down, not the elevator.
  1968. This Military Dictator Thought He knew Everything...And then He Learned these 3 tips for losing weight!
  1969. This needs a motivational text
  1970. This new LP is on fire, yo! I love that warm vinyl sound.
  1971. This NSA intercept program is really getting out of hand.
  1972. This one weird object blocks out the light!
  1973. this one's over 15 kt bitches!
  1974. This photo mooves me
  1975. This photo was taken from my basement
  1976. This photo was taken from my iphone
  1977. this plot is odd.
  1978. This song describes me perfectly
  1979. This squirrel really knows how to cook
  1980. this thing just showed up in my garden. is it safe?
  1981. This trebuchet is set to self-destruct!
  1982. this was in the bible
  1983. this was my inspiration
  1984. This was the most unkindest cut of all
  1985. This wasn't a problem back in the usenet days
  1986. this will make me a millionaire (patent pending)
  1987. This will make sense if you look at it upside down
  1988. This will require more delta-V than we expected.
  1989. This would be a great Emoji
  1990. Thorax Cluster
  1991. Those Eyes! @_@
  1992. those weren't Altoids.
  1993. Threaten large birds... check.
  1994. throwing epic shade!
  1995. Thus Ended Alexander the great's conquest
  1996. Tic Tac Toe, motherfucker
  1997. Ticks, it's what's for breakfast.
  1998. Time time time time
  1999. Time to end the trial run, this was a failure. abort!
  2000. Time to reap the whirlwind!
  2001. tiny man with tiny hat found in upturned regular-sized hat
  2002. To avoid going bankrupt, Polaroid activates its subliminal message feature on old photographs to try to get more buyers,
  2003. To get to the other tree and leaf!
  2004. To infinity and Birdyond!
  2005. To the victor go the spoils.
  2006. To weather the storm of outrageous fortune.
  2007. Today i am a Chinese clock
  2008. Today was my pets elephant's birthday; He liked the ribbons best.
  2009. today's to do list
  2010. Tom was feeling frisky, but i just laughed and took this pic! XD
  2011. Too many in line. I'll come back later.
  2012. Too many potatoes, not enough butter
  2013. Too many quixotes, not enough giants
  2014. Too much Acid. Got to sort life out.
  2015. too much lens flare?
  2016. too much right beef
  2017. Took a wrong turn in Albuquerque
  2018. Top of the world
  2020. toto i don't think we're in camelot anymore.
  2021. Tower of Hanoi puzzles have gotten really weird.
  2022. transformers, electrical devices that transfer energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction
  2023. Transmogrifier 2.01.5 prototype
  2024. Travel the length of these massive bison
  2025. Trebuchet-launched into a skyscraper...
  2026. Trees on a hill #nofilter
  2028. Triumph. Pure triumph.
  2029. true culprit of global warming!
  2030. True Self-Control
  2031. truly, i am euphoric
  2032. Trurl and Klapaucius at large again!
  2033. TRY{throw Baby;}Catch baby{Throwable cause = baby.getCause(); Throw cause;}
  2034. trying out apple's new gadget. expensive but it's worth it.
  2035. Turkey Drumstick Stonehenge was surprisingly compelling!
  2036. Turning into a crow was less upsetting than being unable to tweet about it!
  2037. turns out building a shrink ray was cheaper than genetically engineering giant carrots
  2038. Turns out my explosive frisbees are duds
  2039. Turns out the stars were pentagrams all along
  2040. Turns out the tiles at home depot aren't the good kind
  2041. Turns out, Hillary deleted my E-Mails too. Honest.
  2042. Two days on this new diet. How do I look?
  2043. two great tastes that go great together
  2044. Tycho and gabe stepped up their game
  2045. Tycoon Simulator 2015
  2046. Ugh, I hate how people take pictures instead of just enjoying the view.
  2047. Ugh, i'll never understand art.
  2048. Ugh, not the polar vortex again.
  2049. Uglier than modern art
  2050. uh... I think I'm going vegan.
  2051. um no.
  2053. Unfriendly comet eats latest probe
  2054. unhappy in space
  2055. unicycle beowulf cluster seeks riders
  2056. Universe man, Universe man...
  2057. unsubscribe
  2058. Unzipped sock
  2059. USB SUX
  2060. Use the force responsibly.
  2061. using hollowed-out carrots to smuggle drugs across the border.
  2062. Using your phone camera is a neat workaround when you have lost your glasses
  2063. Vaccines cause super autism now unless you're vaccinated against it
  2064. van gogh's secret masterpiece uncovered in french family's basement
  2065. Vegans gonna hate
  2066. vegeta? vegeta? vegeta? aaaaaaaaaagggghhh!!! I'm back, and now i'm a ghost.
  2067. Vegetable-flavored meat, that's how they'll get us!
  2068. vinyls were always better!
  2069. Visited mom today
  2070. visual from Most important meeting today
  2071. Visual representation of Dubstep
  2072. void main() { fork; }
  2073. Voynic Manuscript ain't got nothin' on this!
  2074. Wait ... what? I don't even...
  2075. Wait a minute. We put the helium in the pool, or the balloon?
  2076. Wait for it...
  2077. Wait, am I 30 years too late for Normandy?
  2078. Wait, what does ⨍(𝕎) represent again?
  2079. Wait, you can see that too
  2080. waiting for the toilet for 2 hours? sucker yolo
  2081. Waiting on hold with the insurance company
  2083. wake up sheeple!
  2084. Wake up sheeple!! the rich are stockpiling candles. This is our future!!!!
  2085. Wake up sheeple!!!!!!!1
  2086. Wake up, sheeple.
  2087. walked in on my roommate being terrifying
  2088. Walrus!
  2089. Wanted for murder. If found, contact the police immediately.
  2090. Warning, cadbury eggs should be consumed in moderation, even if supplied for free by air
  2092. watch me become the next favorite kardashian
  2093. Watch me develop an entirely useless skill #butitsfun
  2094. Watch out for the squirrely wrath!
  2095. watching dune on shrooms
  2096. Waynes World, Waynes world!!!
  2097. we appear to have exhausted the low-hanging scientific fruit
  2098. We are not men. we are devo.
  2099. We can't do it, the moon is in the way
  2100. We claim this iceberg for the Motherland
  2101. We didn't start the fire
  2102. we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard
  2103. We fell upstairs and exploded.
  2104. we had to get creative when the bentley didn't show
  2105. We have crafted the galaxy's finest pasta bowl
  2106. We have finally discovered the secret of the toaster!
  2107. we have the technology.
  2108. We live in a golden age!
  2109. We look into each other's eyes as we drive. it's to show our love.
  2110. We made some simplifying assumptions before designing the plate tectonics code.
  2111. we need to keep our sex life fresh
  2112. We pointed the Hubble into another supposedly empty patch of sky.
  2113. we sail the ocean orange
  2114. We told iran that atomic energy is unsafe
  2115. we'll take the next one #CasualRacism
  2116. We've given up trying to justify this.
  2117. We've got a problem
  2118. Weather's Crazy today
  2119. Weeeee!!!
  2120. Weird trick to losing belly fat and parts of face
  2121. welcome to Argentina
  2122. Welcome to carrot facts. Did you know Carrots can improve your vision?
  2123. welcome to the internet
  2124. welcome to the space jam
  2125. Well crap, snow's covered everything on earth again!
  2126. Well, here's a real cock-up.
  2127. Well, I guess than answers the age-old question!
  2128. Well, Mr. Bond, we meat again
  2129. Well, now this is a thing.
  2130. well, so much for the space program
  2131. well, the keys are definitely lost....
  2132. Well, this is a puzzling development.
  2133. well, this really puts things in perspective.
  2134. Well, you can't fix what isn't broken.
  2135. Welp, there's your problem
  2136. Welp, we're done here.
  2138. WHAAAAAAaAT?!?!?!?
  2139. Whale Selfie!
  2140. What a beautiful time to be alive!
  2141. what a bummer
  2143. What are pixels?
  2144. what are you complaining about? three legs are inherently stable!
  2145. What are you, a dictionary?
  2146. What could go wrong?
  2147. What could possibly go wrong™?
  2148. What do we really know about the dark side of the moon?
  2149. What do you mean it wasn't set to radians?
  2150. What do you mean, don't talk about fight club? That's just stupid.
  2151. What do you see? I see a cat!
  2152. what happens when you take a selfie with a 500mm lens
  2153. what has begun cannot be undone. God and devil alike has forsaken us.
  2154. What has science done?!
  2155. What have facebook been doing with my data? #Whatisgoingon
  2156. what if it's a ghost pepper?
  2157. What if jellyfish could combine, like voltron?
  2158. What in the hell was I thinking ?
  2159. what is in the box? Only pain.
  2160. What is your Pony Personality?
  2161. what the sun looks like!
  2162. what to have for breakfast?
  2163. What, Me worry?
  2164. What? It's always that color.
  2165. what's a lens cap?
  2166. What's this thing here in the bathroom?
  2167. whatever you do, don't make eye contact with it
  2168. when did i put on a bow tie???
  2169. When everything looks like a hammer
  2170. When he keeps trying to talk to you...
  2171. When I grow up I am *so* getting out of here
  2172. When in doubt, just blow on it!
  2173. When pandas have nightmares
  2175. When they realised the comets core was yellow, philae started digging and uncovered this!
  2176. when they said samurai robot i thought they meant something else!
  2177. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes back
  2178. When you get a perfect score on your test
  2179. when you give a chicken hgh, weird things happen.
  2180. when you see it...
  2181. When you see it...
  2182. Where are the three sea shells?
  2183. Where did THAT come from?
  2184. Where did this road come from?!?
  2185. where do all the cheetos go
  2186. Where do I plug this in?
  2187. where should i put this cool new tatto?
  2188. where the streets have no untagged unconnected nodes
  2189. where to buy spanish ham ?
  2190. which end is the head of a chocolate cornet?
  2191. whiskers expecting a new friend :)
  2192. who ate half my cookie?
  2193. Who came first?
  2194. who do you think I am?
  2195. Who dropped this? This is no way to run a student council!!
  2196. Who is the latest person to be offended by "duck Dynasty"
  2197. Who knows how to restart Windows 97? Help
  2198. Who Made all these Don quixote clones?
  2199. Who needs the Chunnel?
  2200. Who put import superman in the python configuration script?
  2201. Who said an antique car wouldn't work on the moon?
  2202. who sent me a bobcat?
  2203. Who stepped on my pop tart?
  2204. Who the fck deleted development branch?!?!
  2205. Who the shit left the fertilizer out in the open? Now we have to deal with this!
  2206. Who wants an omelette?
  2208. Who's that Pokémon?
  2209. whoops GPS error
  2210. Whoops I left the Lens Cap on for this one. :S
  2211. why are my eyebrows purple and who stole my hat?!
  2212. Why are there ants on my face?!
  2213. Why can't I eat all this chicken?
  2214. Why did it have to end this Way?
  2215. Why did the cypress cross the road?
  2216. Why do dogs like this?
  2217. Why do people do this?
  2218. Why do we call it "behedding" and not "bebodying"?
  2219. why do we want to go to space if we're already in space
  2220. Why does a tree cross the road? To destroy mankind, obviously.
  2221. Why doesn't congress want these legalized?
  2222. Why don't chimpanzees have beards?
  2223. Why potato why?
  2224. Why should squirrel learn baseball
  2225. WHY WHY WHY #WHY
  2226. Why?
  2227. With a mirror, it's 00:50 right now
  2228. with google iris, see the inside of your eyelids like never before
  2229. With this, nobody can stop me!
  2230. WOMAN on ground, Abstract, digital, 2015~ $19E6
  2231. Woops, miscounted. sorry.
  2232. Words, words, words
  2233. Works fine with a custom linux kernel
  2234. Worlds saddest bomber drops worlds happiest payload
  2236. worst horse ever :(
  2237. Worst pokemon ever
  2238. Worst roomMate Ever
  2239. worst transformers generation ever. bring back gen 1.
  2240. Worth it for the karma.
  2241. would you choose the microwave over this?
  2242. Would you like to play a game?
  2243. wow signal deciphered: they want #53 with extra soy sauce.
  2244. Wow, did you see that??!!
  2245. Wow, I didn't expect that spell to work. #Sorrydude
  2246. Wow. Just, Wow.
  2247. wrangled my first ufo! YEEHAAH!!
  2248. WTF!?
  2249. wwmd: what would mcgyver do?
  2250. Yay, worms!
  2251. Yeah I just like to make my martinis properly, ok?
  2252. Yeah... never gonna happen
  2253. YES
  2254. Yes, finally the proof I am looking for!
  2255. Yes, I followed the instructions!
  2256. yes, your baby is beautiful
  2257. Yesterday was not good
  2258. yo anybody seen my dog, responds to "sauron"
  2259. You are not a good person
  2260. you are the jets beneath my wings
  2261. You can now enter the matrix via homework. education will never be the same
  2262. you cannot lift a mountain, but if the mountain sustens itself just on top OF you, do you lift it ? #think
  2263. You did what in my tuba?
  2264. you didn't have to come if you were just going to complain the whole time.
  2266. you know what they say about guys with big feet
  2267. you know, for kids
  2268. You lied to me.
  2269. You must be new here.
  2270. You only learn as much as you can put in one Cup of coffee
  2271. You want to know how i got these scars?
  2273. you wouldn't kill a policeman and then steal his helmet!
  2274. You'd think it was a tuesday, but it was not.
  2275. you'll NEVER belive what kind of planet those scientists found
  2276. You'll never guess what happens next...
  2277. you're not as good at this as you think you are.
  2278. you've really let me down this time.
  2279. Your conspiracy theories are dumb.
  2280. Your free pony is on the way. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2281. Your viewpoints offend my sensibilities. please change them.
  2282. Zeus takes his revenge
  2283. Zoidgebra 101
  2284. ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้
  2285. ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ
  2286. ちょっとまってください!
  2287. 突っ込むところもねい!

Captions without permalinks

Some of these captions were found in the feed text before I started recording permalinks, others have been found in the prompt.

It is my expectation that these will eventually be found again, associated with permalinks. Saving here temporarily.

  1. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  2. ...just no.
  3. "AS the ancient Israelites broke Mana, we shall break frosted pastries"
  4. "Cat-like Reflexes"
  5. "I Never watch porn"
  6. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
  7. *glomp*
  8. #beatingheartinabox
  9. #drbalanced
  10. #essentialsupplies
  11. #fishy!
  12. #Hashtag #ironicSelfie
  13. #hashtag #yinyl #yolo #thanksobama
  14. #ivisitedthegrandcanyon #yolo
  15. #NewProfilepic
  16. #rememberthetitans
  17. #sorrynotsorry
  18. #underkill
  19. <reported for inappropriate content>
  20. 100% legit free hugs
  21. 15 Mindblowing facts that prove jaws was real
  22. 500 gold for the private show
  23. 7 amazing ways of taking off your pants that will surprise you!
  24. A kid peed in the ball pit, I took action
  25. A land war in asia
  26. Aaaaaaaaaah
  27. All these science spheres are made out of asbestos, by the way. Keeps out the rats. Let us know if you feel a shortness of breath, a persistent dry cough, or your heart stopping. Because that's not part of the test. That's asbestos.
  28. always darekst before the dawn
  29. Amazing! Discovery! on mars!
  30. And so it began...
  31. and that is the story of the very angry caterpillar
  32. And then, you lightly drill the oven for 15 minutes on high
  33. Angry sofa is angry.
  34. Animé girls don't look at explosions
  35. another day on california public transportation
  36. Ants close in on the tender eye-flesh
  37. astonishing how xenia flew that plane
  38. At least it stopped bleeding acid
  39. Aw, man, I hate gelatinous cubes...
  40. awkward! . . .
  41. best easter ever
  42. big black orb #shit #soyuzfail
  43. bob ross has only become more powerful in death
  44. Brb, burning house down
  46. Cant sleep, clowns will kill me. Cant sleep, clowns will ...
  47. Catman
  48. CERN proves existence of "the force"
  49. Check out my new OC
  50. cheese = life
  52. come at me, pro!
  53. come on iiiiin!
  54. Conflicting messages
  55. curiosity fed the cat
  56. cuteness depleted after 20 pictures!! #ripoff
  57. damnit, another drunken tree in the road
  58. Dawn of the Bread
  59. Dawn of the last day: 24 hours remain.
  60. Dawn: The Final day
  61. Day:38 Bird Disguise works, No one knows I am a Worm
  62. Did i remember to lock the car?
  63. Does my hair look like it's thinning?
  64. Does this look infected?
  65. Doing Laundry on the TARDIS is hard. It's why companions wear the same clothes.
  66. Don't Press Turbo boost. Something tells me you should never press turbo boost.
  67. Dons Quixote start their parallel quests
  68. Drat, the internet is leaking again.
  69. Dude Did you know you could smoke almost anything?
  70. eclipse o'clock
  71. Edward, no!
  72. Even More Pictures of My Sweet little babies.
  73. even the sun cowers in fear!
  74. Everything's coming up Milhouse
  75. FACESWAP lol
  76. First day at school
  77. fond this creepy ass painting in my basement. how much do you guys think it's worth ?
  78. Forgot to blow out my candles before I cut the cake
  79. fourier transforms are too hard!!
  80. free the beast!
  81. Gentlemen, fire up your emacs buffers
  83. George insisted there were better things to worry about, but I had a feeling this was important.
  84. get spare glasses before meeting rod serling
  85. Giant sentient banana found in space
  86. God i love sesame street
  87. God Save The Queen
  88. good old troubleshootin'
  89. got Peanut allergies #yolo #swag
  90. gotta take big ben down a peg
  91. Guys, I Found a Unicorn!
  92. haha! i am dead inside!
  93. has anyone seen my force field generator?
  94. Have you closed the airlock before we took off?
  95. have you heard?
  96. Have you two seen a small person come through here recently? He may have been carying a blue sword.
  97. Hello earthlings
  98. hello you're on car talk
  99. help being attacked by wormsaaaaaagghh
  100. Heres a pic of a wild catus, who just saw a balloon
  101. Hey there cutie
  102. Hey, check out my new green colored shirt!
  103. Hey, check out this cool website i found!
  104. hey! check out larry's new aloe vera cream recipe! it works wonders on the skin and lips!
  105. High Bro, five.
  106. His name is robert palmer.
  107. Honest, officer, that's what happened!
  108. how do i resize the city?
  109. Hunka Hunka burnin' steel
  110. I always fast forward through this part.
  111. i am wearing a bolo tie
  112. I can can hear satellites crying in my teeth
  113. I can control the BEES! But I only make them turn right
  114. I Don't believe in primordial black holes... I don't believe in primordial black holes...
  115. i don't have time for this!
  116. I found the missing pieces!
  117. I got the keys to the city.
  118. i hate
  119. I knew it wasn't cheese after the first bite, but i didn't want to be rude to God. He worked so hard on it.
  120. i love my family
  121. i refuse to regret this decision
  122. I think I have too many swords
  123. I think i made a point!
  124. i thought maybe if I uninstalled flash...
  125. I was an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee
  126. I was making a mind map but I fell off the edge...
  127. i was told this came with a bowl of soup.
  128. I will use it if it is web scale
  129. I wish this was fake...
  130. I woke up sleeping next to this. #yolo
  131. i'M 12 AND WHAT IS THIS?
  132. i'm being ironic
  133. i'm really diggin' your shovel
  134. i've got hurt feelings
  135. I've never felt so empty before
  136. if only i had friends...
  137. If you've got a moustache...
  138. In D&D you *are* your equipment
  139. Interns wanted: Must have 5TB+ of Storage Space.
  140. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it is spiderpig!
  141. Is there a bee on my nose?
  142. Is this a horse man or a duck man? The answer may surprise you!
  143. Isn't he cute?
  144. It's a cat ass trophy
  145. it's a metaphor
  146. It's bigger after you put it together.
  147. it's called "depleted" 'cause it's heavier
  148. It's Loch Ness Turtles all the way down.
  149. it's the minecraft world
  150. Jet fuel *can* melt steal beams.
  151. Joining the illuminati was the best decision EVER!
  152. Khan!
  153. ladies
  154. lemme at dem boigas!!!
  155. Life on the moon.
  156. Like a G6, baby, like a g6
  157. Likes grains of sand in an hourglass...
  158. linux compatible toaster at last!
  159. Lost in Space...
  160. lost my comb again... gonna have to go to work looking like a sexy hobo instead of a sexy businessman
  161. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich
  162. Massive orgy reaches climax
  163. Maybe this counts as clean energy
  164. Meow what seems to be the problem?
  165. Mmm... Vegemite
  166. mmmmm.... Bones....
  167. modest pile of dinosaurs
  168. morning selfie :-)
  169. My boss said to use my head to find a lighter alloy for our product. I think I did something wrong.
  170. my castles stand on pillars of sand
  171. my euler circuit is alive!
  172. My girlfriend thinks I need to shave my beard. Thoughts?
  173. My God do I hate being right all the time
  174. my new app for power outages - may need to rethink this.
  175. My trip to Europe #selfie
  176. Never divide by zero
  177. new drupal logo
  178. New microwave over cures/causes cancer!
  179. new president misuses "literal", becomes a duck
  180. No good deed goes unpunished
  181. Nom nom nom
  182. Not all dreams can come true
  183. Not even once
  184. Not even once...
  185. Nothing to see here.
  186. Now where did i leave my ocarina. . .
  188. oh, god, why?
  189. Open wide!
  190. ouch!
  191. peacekeeping mission is a total success
  192. photobombed again
  193. Please. Save yourself.
  194. Prius Love
  195. Prom Night at tentacle monster HIgh
  196. pronounced duh-jango
  197. Proof that dinosaurs and humans coexisted
  198. QWANTZ Fanfic
  199. Rabbits are vicious creatures when their data are stolen
  200. Really, the star wars prequels are under-rated if you think about it
  201. rebranding of national park service almost complete
  202. rehearsals ARE going great! AnD Don't forget to come to the premiere on Thursday!
  203. release the kraken
  204. Riemann should have had this idea
  206. rock beats scissors
  207. Rocket pseudo-science!
  208. rodeo!!
  209. Roll of toilet paper reacts to US Deficit
  210. Saw this outside last night. Is it dangerous?
  211. Sheena, who dis
  212. slippin' into the future
  213. smile for the camera!
  214. So it's true, then.
  215. So it's true, then.
  216. So long, and thanks for the fistbumps
  217. So that happened
  218. So this happened.
  219. solve all your problems with hemlock
  220. Somebody sneezed in the Bathtub
  221. Somehow the welcome mat ended up inside the house.
  222. steel beams taste best with a dallop of gasoline
  223. Strangely, my patients don't like this new couch.
  224. Support my kick-starter! A whole new devise with bluetooth and a button!
  225. Sweet, they new red shirts are on sale again!
  226. Ted Cruz imagines himself like this and things it's normal.
  227. Testing my new high-contrast filter outside the unicyclist meet up
  228. That's the princess I want to save
  229. the best stars are sky stars!
  230. The castle was in you, all along!
  231. The gang destroyed the context
  232. The little prince is full of siht
  233. The machine was supposed to show the future, but it never turned on. I was horrified to realize this wasn't because it was broken.
  234. The most diabolical teamup in history
  235. The new Doctor Who is quite the quack.
  236. the oceans are made of sky tears
  237. the prophecy was true !
  238. The ritual has begun.
  239. the zoidberg axis
  240. There is no way you can back up that claim. And that's okay.
  241. There's no more time!
  242. These night vision goggles don't work
  243. these pretzels are making me thirsty.
  244. They can see me!
  245. They're watching us.
  246. this guy can't believe what i'm doing.
  248. this is the last time i go skiing @mammoth
  249. This is the second worst day of my life.
  250. This is the strangest weasel I've ever seen.
  251. This is whom the nsa uses to watch you.
  252. This is why I don't order take-out
  253. This one weird object blocks out the light!
  254. This wasn't a problem back in the usenet days
  255. This would be a great Emoji
  256. Those Eyes! @_@
  257. Ticks, it's what's for breakfast.
  258. Time to end the trial run, this was a failure. abort!
  259. To avoid going bankrupt, Polaroid activates its subliminal message feature on old photographs to try to get more buyers,
  260. To weather the storm of outrageous fortune.
  261. Too many in line. I'll come back later.
  262. Too many potatoes, not enough butter
  263. Two days on this new diet. How do I look?
  264. Ugh, I hate how people take pictures instead of just enjoying the view.
  265. Ugh, not the polar vortex again.
  266. unsubscribe
  267. vinyls were always better!
  268. Wake up sheeple!!!!!!!1
  269. We look into each other's eyes as we drive. it's to show our love.
  270. we need to keep our sex life fresh
  271. Well crap, snow's covered everything on earth again!
  272. Well, here's a real cock-up.
  273. well, the keys are definitely lost....
  274. what are you complaining about? three legs are inherently stable!
  275. What do we really know about the dark side of the moon?
  276. What do you mean, don't talk about fight club? That's just stupid.
  277. what is in the box? Only pain.
  278. what the sun looks like!
  279. when did i put on a bow tie???
  280. When I grow up I am *so* getting out of here
  281. when they said samurai robot i thought they meant something else!
  282. When you see it...
  283. who ate half my cookie?
  284. Who dropped this? This is no way to run a student council!!
  285. Why can't I eat all this chicken?
  286. Why did the cypress cross the road?
  287. With a mirror, it's 00:50 right now
  288. Words, words, words
  289. Worlds saddest bomber drops worlds happiest payload
  290. Yay, worms!
  291. Yesterday was not good
  292. you know what they say about guys with big feet
  293. You only learn as much as you can put in one Cup of coffee
  294. you've really let me down this time.

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  5. 0b148e1f-e4bc-5100-92fc-5ec84c20eecc
  6. 0d3b2461-d927-5d99-969a-c6a52d071461
  7. 0ecdc175-34e2-563f-a290-33c0f5549420
  8. 0ef43321-8a3f-5afb-912e-d4439a64f8a1
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  137. da7fbaeb-34ab-5de8-8dab-8c43dbb78ed9
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  146. e7b40c39-aa6e-5077-9689-a261b39e070f
  147. e82b25d9-37ad-533f-888b-dd687ec819dc
  148. ea37dc88-c40c-530c-a466-130c4ac49f20
  149. ea77fda6-fc06-5f5b-a48a-a5294dfc9396
  150. eb5dffc4-fa51-5a2d-880f-35ab1391f8c8
  151. ec989eb9-12d4-5725-8711-99bc216282c2
  152. ee1440c2-a7c8-5856-8bb9-b1d2ad39f9a6
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