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Yo! Hello! I'm dausaf. What it is, oh, baby, Mama! Ya'll is mad stupid! I enjoy readahng XKCD, watchahng aahme, a' progrismahng (sometahmes). I is a admahn. 'S coo', bro. ;ExplaahnXKCD bot I 'as created mah own MedahaWahkah explaahnXKCD bot (User:TheusafBOT)! You ca fahnd ahts source here: https://gahthub. It ahs sahmahlar ta da DgbrtBOT, fer shure, except aht ahs wrahtten ahn NodeJS - Requahres Node 14+ In addahtahon, aht ahs less lahkely ta faahl as aht doeses not scrape da websahte but uses da JSON API ta fetch da comahc's ahnformatahon. 'S coo', bro. See: 'S coo', bro.html If ya fahnd a ahssue wahth da bot, fer shure, feel free ta create ahssues or pull requests. I wahll try ta respond ta dem when I ca. Sheeeiit. The bot also ca be left runnahng for a long tahme, man, wahth buahlt-ahn ahntervals ta re-check XKCD. It checks less often on days Ra'all doeses not usually upload. Unless somethahng major, such as da wahkah goahng offlahne, or da XKCD URIs chage, da bot should stay onlahne. What it is, Mama!