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Welcome to the wiki

Hi there, and welcome to the wiki. Your first pages have been good, but I have a few notes, if you don't mind, that will help you.

  • We use MediaWiki, which means that you can use standard wiki syntax instead of needing to use HTML, and it will all get parsed out in the end.
  • Please fill in the date in the comic template. The date that each comic was released is in the far right column of the List of all comics. Please change the format to Month day, year, so where Monday's comic would be written as 2012-12-10, it's written as December 10, 2012.
  • We have the {{w}} template to make creating links to wikipedia much easier. To use it you simply type {{w|Wikipedia article title}} and it will create the link. Alternately, you can change the displayed text by using {{w|Wikipedia article title|displayed text}}. We also have the {{Wiktionary}} template which operates the same way.
  • For several comics the blog that was here before the wiki had a full explanation. I usually find them by googling "explainxkcd <comic title>" and it will usually be the first link. This way we don't duplicate effort of making explanations twice, and wasted effort only pushes the universe further into entropy.
  • When you copy over the title text and the transcript, if you wouldn't mind changing all the &#39; to apostrophes, and the &quot; to quotation marks that would be wonderful.
  • Finally, as you create each page, if you would mind adding Categories to the page, it would save the need for someone else to come in later and add in as many as they can remember. The full list of categories is at Special:Categories, but mainly focus on the ones in Category:Comics by featured characters and Category:Comics by topic.

Thanks, and I hope you keep contributing! lcarsos_a (talk) 19:23, 12 December 2012 (UTC)