111: Firefox and Witchcraft - The Connection?

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Firefox and Witchcraft - The Connection?
ThisadpaidforbythecounciltopromoteMicrosoftandChristianity. Remember, The Bible is Closed Source.
Title text: ThisadpaidforbythecounciltopromoteMicrosoftandChristianity. Remember, The Bible is Closed Source.

[edit] Explanation

The comic shows a chart between the number of members of the pagan religion Wicca and the number of times Firefox web browser was downloaded, the implication being that Firefox is related to Wicca. The page lists Internet Explorer, a rival web browser, and the cross, representing Christianity, on the bottom, implying that it is an attempt at discouraging Firefox by both Microsoft (creators of Internet Explorer) and a Christian source.

The title text is reminiscent of political commercials, which tell you who paid for them, generally said very fast, hence why all the words are strung together. The last sentence is a play on the term of Closed source software, which Internet Explorer is, as opposed to Firefox, which is open source in development. Similar in that vein, the Bible can be considered "closed source" due to God's prohibition on altering its contents.

This type of statistical ploy is used again in a few other comics, like 523: Decline, 552: Correlation, and 925: Cell Phones.

[edit] Transcript

[Y axis]: Membership in Wicca
[X axis]: Total Firefox Downloads
[Positive slope graph.]
[Internet Explorer icon.]
Keep the Faith
[Outline of a cross.]
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Correlation does not equal causation.... I think that's one of the underlying points of this. That, and people who use IE don't understand that. ‎ (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)
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