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Here in this gallery can be added any pictures not yet shown from the interactive comic: 1416: Pixels.

  • There are 79 pictures. A program has been used to get them all.
    • On the talk page for Pixels it has been noted that all 79 images has been isolated (and then uploaded to xkcd).
    • This has been done by more than one user here. The second to mention this has explained how on his blog.
  • The titles of the pictures are the ones used by Randall
  • Some of the pictures are almost identical, but have different titles by Randall. For instance:
  • Here below they are sorted as well as possible according to stories or relations - zoom out (of course) to see it better...

pixels-turtles.png pixels-quiet-turtle.png pixels-i-am-a-turtle.png pixels-blank-figure.png pixels-whatif-trade.png pixels-whatif-king.png pixels-book-launch.png pixels-assembly-1.png pixels-assembly-2.png pixels-assembly-3.png pixels-assembly-4.png pixels-assembly-5.png pixels-assembly-6.png pixels-assembly-7.png pixels-assembly-planet.png pixels-assembly-planet-1.png pixels-assembly-planet-3.png pixels-upgoer.png pixels-upgoer-2.png pixels-upgoer-3.png pixels-upgoer-4.png pixels-upgoer-5.png pixels-upgoer-6.png pixels-upgoer-planet.png pixels-launch-planet.png pixels-upgoer-planet-2.png pixels-upgoer-planet-3.png pixels-upgoer-planet-4.png pixels-upgoer-space.png pixels-sun.png pixels-moon.png pixels-saturn.png pixels-stars-1.png pixels-stars-2.png pixels-sky.png pixels-sky-2.png pixels-sky-3.png pixels-sky-4.png pixels-mario-entry.png pixels-mario-sitting-1.png pixels-mario-sitting-2.png pixels-mario-sitting-3.png pixels-mario-sitting-b.png pixels-mario-n1.png pixels-mario-n2.png pixels-mario-n3.png pixels-server-1.png pixels-clouds-1.png pixels-clouds-2.png pixels-clouds-3.png pixels-clouds-4.png pixels-clouds-5.png pixels-walking.png pixels-stockholm.png pixels-time-turner.png pixels-walking-b.png pixels-fire-hydrant.png pixels-e1.png pixels-e2.png pixels-e3.png pixels-e4.png pixels-e5.png pixels-e6.png pixels-eb.png pixels-evolution.png pixels-rope.png pixels-chess-b.png pixels-chess-w.png pixels-cantor.png pixels-particles.png pixels-atom.png pixels-string.png pixels-mu.png pixels-mu-b.png pixels-holism.png pixels-holism-b.png pixels-reductionism.png pixels-reductionism-b.png pixels-du.png

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