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Tony Hawk
Bad idea #271: Dropping into the half-pipe on a Segway.
Title text: Bad idea #271: Dropping into the half-pipe on a Segway.

[edit] Explanation

Cueball is seen using a PSP, a hand-held game system, while on a skateboard. He is playing one of the many Tony Hawk titles in which you control a skater and perform tricks to gain points and achievements. While playing the game on his PSP, he wants to simultaneously perform the trick in real life both because it is exceptionally difficult to do both and because the game will give him praise when he does a trick successfully.

The title text makes it clear that this is bad idea #270 as the title text adds the next item to the bad idea list: #271 Dropping into the half-pipe on a Segway. Since a Segway uses a gyroscope to keep you balanced, trying to "drop into a half-pipe" while using one will likely violently fling the rider back into the upright position probably hurting them against the side of the half pipe as well as possibly damaging the Segway itself. Since it's being added to the list, it's also likely that Cueball tried this at some point in time (along with his Tony Hawk hobby and 269 other bad ideas).

[edit] Transcript

My Hobby:
Doing skateboard tricks in Tony Hawk while also doing them in real life.
[Cueball moves towards a quarter pipe on his skateboard while manipulating his PSP.]
[Cueball is in mid air having performed a Frontside 360°, both literally and on the PSP.]
♪ Frontside 360°! ♫
Frontside 360°!
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