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Finish Line
The question with Lucy and the football was always whether, on some level, she believed the things she said.
Title text: The question with Lucy and the football was always whether, on some level, she believed the things she said.

[edit] Explanation

Cueball and Megan are playing Mario Kart, with Cueball's Luigi character ahead of Megan's Mario towards the end of the race. Megan begins waxing philosophically on how she sometimes stops right before the Finish line. Because she know she has already won and then she do not need the machine to tell her so. She says it proves she doesn't act like a rat going through a laboratory maze in pursuit of cheese.

This talk makes Cueball realize that winning a video game isn't really important, and how by speeding through a racing level like the game asks you to do, you sometimes miss the fun of simply exploring the level and enjoying the extraordinary level of detail and work that went into it. He thus exclaims it was a good call and slows down - expecting Megan to join him exploring.

But it was just a ruse by Megan who speeds past him and wins, much to her glee. "It's more fun than a blue shell", she says, referring to the Mario Kart item that, when fired, will inevitably hit the race leader and cause him to crash. Randall has rather adamantly expressed his opinion about blue shells before.

Cueball's response suggests that he has been fooled before by Megan's Be a rebel speach. Something she can pull off against him again and again. This leads to the subject of the title text.

The title text refers to the comic strip Peanuts, and the running gag where fussbudget Lucy would hold the (american) football for lovable loser Charlie Brown and he'd come running at it full speed, only to have Lucy pull the football away at the last moment and send Charlie Brown crashing to the ground. What made it funny was that each time, Lucy would find some way to convince Charlie Brown that this time, she wouldn't pull the football away, and he'd try again — but lo and behold, of course she did.

The title text ask the important question if Lucy belived the things she said - even if she would eventually pull the ball away. If so it would be easier to fool Charlie. Maybe Cueball suggests that Megan believes what she says up to the point where she wins...

[edit] Transcript

[Mario and Luigi in go carts, Luigi in the lead.]
Megan (playing Mario): Sometimes I stop right before the finish line.
Cueball (playing Luigi): Why?
[Cut to Cueball and Megan playing the video game.]
Megan: 'Cause I know I've won.
Megan: It proves I'm playing for fun, on my own terms. That I don't need validation from the machine.
Megan: That I'm not a rat pulling a lever.
Cueball: ...Man. Good Call. Let's stop and explore the course for a-
Player Two wins
Cueball: Hey!
Megan: Ha ha!
Cueball: Dammit, I'm a sucker for your "Be a Rebel" speech.
Megan: It's more fun than a blue shell.
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Is the "rat pulling a lever" phrase a reference to studies with rats where they will self administer opiates and ignore food until death? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_stimulation_reward#Addiction 23:39, 20 March 2014 (UTC)
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