511: Sleet

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I mean, I can barely hear myself complaining about Battlestar Galactica.
Title text: I mean, I can barely hear myself complaining about Battlestar Galactica.

[edit] Explanation

Megan is seen leaving an apartment, trudging through freezing temperatures and foul weather, when she could be in a warm, cozy bed. The dialog is likely her thoughts, rather than speech. She is fed up with the second person's endless discussion of Digital rights management (DRM). She probably agrees with his position, but would rather face the weather than his endless rehashing of the issue.

In the last panel, Free Culture refers to a book by Lawrence Lessig, who advocates for fewer restrictions in many areas.

In the title text, it is revealed that Megan herself is also guilty of droning on about 'boring' subjects, likely to the annoyance of those around her. In this case complaining about science-fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica which tends to produces strong reactions among geeks. She has gone outside to avoid the boring rant, however given the opportunity, it is her that would be doing the ranting.

[edit] Transcript

[Rainy, cold, windy street; Megan is walking along street; narration is from Megan's point-of-view.]
The weather outside is frightful.
I hate trudging through the icy slush and biting sleet.
But it beats lying in our warm, cozy bed
Listening to you talk about DRM for hours on end.
Offscreen: Come back! Just listen to this one quote from Free Culture!
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What is sleet in Randall's dialect? Ice pellets or a mixture of rain and snow? 18:05, 17 August 2014 (UTC)

What does this matter? I would call it frozen rain. --Dgbrt (talk) 21:09, 17 August 2014 (UTC)
I removed the requirement of a definition of sleet from the incomplete tag. Sleet is understood to be cold horrible weather to be out in, whichever regional definition is used. I dont believe that the explanation would improve in quality by guessing the interpretation that Randall would subscribe to.--Pudder (talk) 14:07, 1 September 2014 (UTC)
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