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Well, she's pretty hot.
Title text: Well, she's pretty hot.


In the first three panels of this comic, Cueball is expressing poetic romantic notions towards someone (presumably off-panel), typical of being newly in love, when one is afraid of actually expressing it.

In the last panel, Cueball totally contrasts his previous poetic statements, as he crassly states that he wishes to have sex with his paramour's sister, something one usually doesn't say.


Cueball: I want to be brave enough to tell you how I feel.
Cueball: I want to say "I love you" _before_ I hang up the phone for once.
Cueball: I want to drive all night with you, listening to mix tapes, not caring where we end up.
Cueball: Oh, and I also really want to get with your sister.
Cueball: I mean, DAMN.


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I feel as though this comic also expresses the difference between romantic and sexual attraction. 17:45, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

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