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Hi there! I'm glad you are curious about me. I'm a student of physics, math and logic, and currently taking a first philosophy course. I especially like stuff that falls in the intersection of these subjects, like xkcd, quantum stuff, and set theory.

Speaking of which, I've been working a bit here on categorizing the comics suitably! Other than that I more often polish the existing explanations rather than create new ones. Partly because I find it hard to resist when reading, and see possibilities for improvements.

I'm also active on the English and Swedish Wikipedias, and on the Swedish Wiktionary. You'd bet: I'm from Sweden. (We don't have polar bears, and it's kinda warm because of the Gulf Stream.) Since I'm not native in English, please correct any lingual mistakes or oddities, even on this page!

Feel free to say something on my talk page. Just say hi, disagree with me, teach me something, or ask me anything.

I follow Jesus, and I won't bite you if you challenge me on why.

Some explanations I created or worked much on (latest first):

Some categories I created:

I'mma work a bit on:

Other (meta-)pages that should be created:

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