1446: Landing/Frame by Frame Breakdown

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  • The table below belongs to 1446: Landing
    • It gives the number of 5 minutes intervals, then the number of the picture on xkcd, then the time of the interval first in EST then in UTC (starting with interval zero at 00:00 EST) and finally the timestamps as given on xkcd with links to the pictures.
  • When this table was first compiled there where eight of the 143 pictures now to be found on xkcd that were missing.
    • These pictures are now included and are marked with a * after the time stamp.
    • Since the first picture was given the number 0, the last of the 143 pictures has the number 142!
  • There are still five time intervals where there was no picture even on xkcd.
    • For these five the number is given as N/A and there is written Missing picture instead of a time stamp.
    • After the initial series of 143 images, the time intervals between images becomes stretched as Randall updates the comic over the course of months. As such, interval numbers and timestamps are omitted past the images numbered 143 onwards.
  • Click this link to see all the pictures.