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  • Here are images of where the coins are located in the dynamic comic 1608: Hoverboard.

Full map with coins[edit]

  • Here is the whole image with the location of the coins shown. The coins are too large, but except where there are several coins in one place (like that starting points and at each end left and right) there is no doubt where the coins are located:

1608 full with coins.png

Coin details[edit]

  • Here are zoom-in on different areas to show the location of the coins:
  • The play area where you begin has a secret passage through the floor beneath the two inverted brackets at the top:

1608 Coins play area.png

  • Overview of the entire destroyer:

1608 Coins Destroyer.png

  • The ground below the Destroyer to the pyramid to the right end:

1608 Right from Pyramid to the end.png

  • Below the Destroyer from the play area and to the right until the wedeing, including the Rebel Blockade Runner and the torpedoes in the sky:

1608 Coins Center to wedding with Runner and torpedoes.png

  • The two coins on the rock floating high in the sky to the left over the Washington monument:

1608 Coins on floating rock in the sky.png

  • Coins along the ground to the left before the volcano:

1608 Coins left from center to before the volcano.png

  • Coins on and in the volcano:

1608 Coins on and in the volcano.png