1608: Hoverboard/Images of secret passages

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  • Here are images of secret passages or hidden places in the dynamic comic 1608: Hoverboard.

Full map of secret passages[edit]

  • Here is the whole image with everything that you can pass through changed to red. In this way several hidden/secret passages are revealed. Most noticeable under the volcano and in the Destroyer:

1608 full with secret passages.png

Details of secret passages[edit]

  • Here are zoom-in on the most prominent secret passages and/or hidden areas:
  • The play area where you begin has a secret passage through the floor beneath the two inverted brackets at the top:

1608 secret passage play area.png

  • Overview of the entire destroyer:

1608 Secret passage Destroyer.png

  • Zoom in on the front of the Destroyer where the pool is the most prominent hidden feature, but also the ball-pit is a larger red area. But there is no hidden passages here:

1608 Pool and ball pit in Destroyer.png

  • Zoom in on the room with the cotton trap, and the two rooms that this connect too. Both rooms can be accessed without finding the way through this passage. Notice also the pond in the Cave to the right, where you also sink in, and at the bottom right the hole in the glitch floor in the inverted dome beneath the ship. Here you can fall down to a coin 1.5s drop under the ship:

1608 Secret cotton passage in Destroyer.png

  • The Washington Monument just to the left has both a secret passage through the base, a quick way to the other side, but it also has a hidden (though dark) room in the center. This passage does not lead anywhere.

1608 Secret passage in monument.png

  • Hidden features in, and the secret passage through, the lava of the volcano. Beneath is the only place that is truly hidden behind a secret passage, as there is no other way to the lair below the lava. At least the only place that leads to coins, as there are four below the lava:

1608 Secret passage in the volcano.png